Thursday, August 19, 2021

Wrong Way Round - Finished!

It's done!

The final stitches went in last night while adjusting to the new double love seats with recliners that have replaced my long time favorite comfy chair.

Isn't it funny how we are such creatures of habit - and want things a certain way!

In actuality - the old comfy chair was aging, the foam seat cushion getting a bit baggy and saggy (not unlike myself!) and looking a bit worse for wear.

The new situation?  Better!

Having finished both Gilmore Girls and Revenge, we have settled in to alternating watches of Scandal and Boston Legal.

New seating arrangements, new shows to watch.

And here I sat to stitch down the hanging sleeve -

The cat fabric is a large print - hard for me to cut small for any patchwork unless I were fussy cutting block centers.

It's also directional, which would make it hard to keep things going all one way if I were to use it as borders.

Luckily, there was not that much of it - it came in a box from my friend Carrie I believe, and it just fits this quilt.

The backing?  Also a blue large scale and directional print.

And there wasn't much of it (It reminds me of vintage wall paper) so I extended it with the cat fabric - which left me just enough of the cat fabric to use as a sleeve.

The label?  As of yet unsigned because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep this quilt named Wrong Way Round.  But it fits!  I'll sign it later today.

If you have followed me here for a while - you'll remember that the "rolling stone" blocks were sewn the Wrong Way Round.  I forgot to reverse the pieces for another quilt that I was making.  The large pile of reject blocks were set aside and I made the RIGHT WAY ROUND ones all over again to complete that quilt.

This is my second time making this quilt to use up the remainder of the WRONG WAY ROUND blocks.  The first quilt was given to my nephew Henry when he was born.

This duplicate top was made a few years ago and then sat as we got busy with Quiltville Inn - it just needed borders.

What I love most about this quilt?  All of the weird oddity fabrics that were rejected from Henry's quilt.

I love the whimsy of Dr. Seuss.  And who doesn't like fabric with fun shoes on it?  I also see some fish bones toward the upper left.

Australian boomerangs next to a USA flag center.

Roll Tide!

And yes - some Millennium Y2K fabric too -

The neutral background in that block is chickens!

Turns out those borders are just what this quilt needed!

Approximately 54'' square.

At this stage of the game I'm holding off on making this pattern available until the new year.  We've got so much coming down the pipeline - mystery season and all - that it is just going to hold place while I enjoy having it here.

Yesterday afternoon - the Naughty Room Quilters of Illinois rolled on up and moved on in to Quiltville Inn!

They are staying until Tuesday - I'm excited to be presenting a Jared Takes a Wife workshop to them while they are here. (Free Patterns tab)

Instead of cramming it all into one 6-hour day, we are breaking it into several 2-hour sessions so they can work, relax, play at their own leisure.

Photos to come!

Cathy Witt has finished her Rivanna quilt!

Isn't it gorgeous?  I just never get tired of blue and neutral quilts.  Always so eye catching!  Do you have another color that just floats your boat when you see it?

You'll find the printable pattern or Rivanna digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.

And while you are there:

Check out my newest PDF pattern: Rocky Road to Grayson!

The response has been so terrific - yellow is another color that I never get tired of seeing.  Especially when it is this scrappy!

This quilt was so much fun to make!

I used the Creative Grids 45 degree ruler to trim my string pieced units.

I printed my block quarter templates on Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper.

Are you excited to dive in??

The printable PDF pattern for Rocky Road to Grayson is available in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.  The introductory price is already marked 25% off - no coupon code required!

The introductory price is good through 8/31/21, and will revert back to full on 9/1/2021.

To sweeten this deal, let's have a Gift-Away!

I will be drawing for one lucky winner to receive a PDF pattern for Rocky Road to Grayson for them AND A FRIEND!


Our winner (And their friend!) will EACH receive a This n' That Fabric Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

And yes, there are other colors available (neutrals too!) so go give them a look-see.  I love the variety they provide.

Fabric prize must be shipped to a USA address. If you are drawn and live outside of the USA, we can ship the fabric prize to a friend inside the USA who can then forward it on to you.

To be entered to win, visit the original post HERE! I will draw for our winner (and their friend) on Friday, 8/27/202. 

What do you have on your to-do plate for Thursday? I hope you are able to get something quilt related into your own line up of must-dos!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

And tell them often!
Vintage bow tie quilt top from my collection. Love the fabrics!
Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!⁣



  1. Yesterday I worked on some Summer Soiree blocks from Pat Sloan. I am waiting on my fabric to do Bats and Boos. On the agenda is adding my final border to Grassy Creek. But today I am meeting my LAQ for lunch and to take her 2 quilts for her to work on. Spending the rest of the day with my 87year old brother who I drive to places he needs to go. Have a blessed day Bonnie. It sounds like y'all got a lot of flooding in NC yesterday.

  2. It's funny that the first thing I thought of when seeing the cat fabric was Bewitched!I'm not sure why. Love the quilt! Violet

  3. Boston Legal is a classic show to watch and rewatch!

  4. Beautiful Wrong Way Quilt. I was there when you realized they were sewn wrong. I remember! My Grandma Quilt Camp was short but the Granddaughters had fun using your Essential Triangle Tool to make Flying Geese. We used pre-cuts and that helped save some cutting. Thanks for a change to Win the Bundle and Pattern. My Quilt Buddy would love this Pattern

  5. Sometimes quilt tops need to age properly before they can get completed. Plus, you get to visit with old fabric friends you forgot you had. Enjoy the new to you sewing chair (and hopefully Zoey will enjoy it too.)

  6. Wrong Way Round is super fun!

    Looking forward to photos from the upcoming Jared Takes a Wife workshop. I’ve had fabric ready for one of those for a long time, but other projects keep jumping ahead of it in line. Some photo inspiration might be just what I need to start cutting!

  7. I bought Rocky Road & am going to make it....someday. I just started on Rockabilly Swing this week & made my first 4 foundations. It's super fun but I can see why it took you a year to make. So maybe next year is when I get to Rocky Road. And Mackinac is calling to me, so who knows what the future holds? Love to see your work! Keep on making the world happy. :)

  8. I had such a fun day today that I have to share. it can be tricky coming up with things that a 15 year old grandson would want to do with his Grandma but I got an idea and went with it. The last time I was at their home he proudly told me he had put their new bar stools together! after complimenting his handiwork told him I would call on him if I ever bought anything that needed to be put together and I would even pay him. :) He said he would help me out anytime. My current sewing chair was not the right height causing back strain, so after texting him to see if he had free time today he said he had time after golf practice and would go with me to get the chair home and assemble it. Of course when I offered lunch first at a place of his choosing he didn't refuse. (Aren't teenage boys always hungry?) I feel like the old MasterCard commercials, Lunch...$20, Sewing chair..$95...Time spent with Grandson..Priceless

  9. Love those blue and neutral color quilts as well! I don’t know why I haven’t made one, one of these days I will.

    I enjoy your posts on IG, Bonnie. And your blog.

  10. I do not know why, but Long Way Round is my absolute quilt so far. Perhaps because I can’t tell where the blocks start and stop, I can’t figure it out! It’s a mystery! I look forward to the pattern. That saying with the bowtie block is lovely - they look like fabrics from orig bow ties.

  11. While cleaning out a three layer basket that once sat next to my favorite chair with current projects but got relayed to a closet when my chair died and the new one is too big for the space, I found a pile of nine patches in pink and white (swap?) and my Y2K swap fabrics! Life is trying to tell me something!


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