Thursday, August 05, 2021

Quilters Take a Moment 2021! (Gift-Away!)

Our Quilters Take a Moment virtual event is coming up on September 17-18, 2021!

That's SO CLOSE, you guys!

And I am so excited that the folks at Quilt Alliance have given me TWO tickets to give away to you - my readers!

What is Quilters Take a Moment? 

Quilters Take a Moment is a virtual fundraising event for the nonprofit Quilt Alliance, featuring captivating speakers, deep-dive interviews, joyful conversations, a quilt exhibition and moments of community for quilt lovers everywhere. 

Join us live on September 17 and 18 online, or watch the recorded content any time, anywhere!

This is the coolest online event of the year!

And because it is a virtual event - you can participate from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home, wearing whatever you want to wear.  It's so easy to tune in!

For more information visit the Quilters Take a Moment Website HERE.

And don't forget to check out the artists, speakers & presenters HERE.

It's going to be a fabulous weekend!

I've got my ticket, and I'd love to give YOU one too! Drawing to happen 8/13/21.

Ticket includes:

  • Access to QTMo 2021 virtual live event presented on September 17 & 18, 2021 
  • Two days of live content including:
    • QSOS interview with Bisa Butler
    • quilts and memory panel conversation with four amazing quiltmakers
    • virtual museum visits & guided tour of our exhibit
    • conversations and behind-the-scenes with leaders of some of our favorite quilt-industry businesses
  • Admission to our virtual quilt exhibit, Warm Remembrances: Quiltmaking and Memory Making (view the QTM 2020 Exhibition now).
  • Join us for the live event, or watch any time that works for you–all events are recorded!
Whooowhooo!  I can't wait!  And my thanks to the folks at Quilt Alliance for doing this again this year!

And while I have you here - did you know THIS is also in registration?

You know I'm not traveling to teach anymore.  And in-person classes may be on the decline again due to the uptick in the Delta variant of Covid-19.

Did you know you can take my Wanderlust Quilt workshop from Quilting Daily?  Registration is open!

(Quilting Daily is the umbrella company that also includes Quiltmaker Magazine.)

Save $10 with code WANDER10 when you register early – expires 8/6. (That's tomorrow so hurry!)

In this online course, world class scrap quilter Bonnie Hunter takes you step-by-step through the process of creating her Wanderlust quilt. Scrappy Stars explode with color and come together easily in a variety of methods for simple unit construction.

Workshop runs 8/6 – 9/3. Registration closes 8/20.

You will have lifetime access to this class at purchase!

Things were quiet at Quiltville Inn -

For about an hour after housekeeper Susan left, and the August Quiltvillians began arriving!

Yes, the house is full again, and I'm already itching to grab a couple of the ladies to go on a walk down by the river this morning.  It was a foggy drive in, but it should be lifting and it looks like we'll have a beautiful week ahead.


I switched out the foyer quilt to my Traveling Stars. (No pattern) just to enjoy the colors of summer a little bit longer.

No, I  never get tired of string piecing!  I've got some other ideas floating around and oh, I just need to clear the to-do list so I can jump right in.

Things with cell reception are still bad at the cabin, so I'm still coming in to the QPO early to get my desk work done.

This was Zoey in full morning form as I was getting ready to leave the house.  LOL!

Someone asked if she still went upside down.

Yes.  Yes she does! LOL!  And I hope she never stops, because it does my heart a world of good to laugh this much first thing in the morning.  Truly, medicine for my soul!

Okay - time to send this off. I've got ladies ready to go walking -

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

As an instructor I watch so many students struggle over things not being absolutely 100% perfect.
This ridiculous reach for perfection can steal the joy out of so much of our daily lives including our quilting.
Don't go there! Don't do this!
Life is perfectly beautiful because it is not perfect!
Have a lovely Thursday, everyone!⁣



  1. Bonnie! Thank you for the comical pics of Zoey. It was so good to laugh this morning! Karen L. from Florida

  2. for a while, the more i measured, cut, stitched i got "better"-- not perfect, but better, more accurate, a bit quicker... now, i think I've reached "my" perfect. As in lots of other things in life, i think we all have a limit of talent, some people can sing (not me), others run faster (not me either)... i have friends whose points on 1"square stamp quilts ALL meet... while MOST of mine do, but once in a while there exists 'good enough'... it all exists in our level of talent and willingness to keep working toward perfection. In my opinion... not that anyone asked... but we should always do our best and be not discouraged... also, in my opinion... I also love how Bonnie (thanks bon bon) gives us permission to strike out on our own and try different methods, colors and etc... all the while showing how her level of perfection is attained. Enough, happy Thursday, all y'all and again.... Thank you Bonnie Hunter...Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. your inspiring words are making my day. All the best to you. Love from Ursula in Switzerland.

    2. Cats, I agree with you. I try hard to match points and I'm getting better. I just love the results of my sewing-Bonnie does challenge/invite us to strike out with new challenges. Love that! I always love reading your comments, Cats.

  3. Checked on the workshop. Couldn't see how long you would have access to the workshop. Please let me know. Thanks. It looks fabulous

    1. You will have lifetime access to this class at purchase!

  4. I’ve been unable to post to your blog for months. Just trying again. Just love today’s quote. I have a friend who thinks EVERYTHING in life has to be “perfect.” Life is messy. We need to move on from perfection. We only live once, and I want to make the best of it!!

  5. Bonnie, is the wanderlust workshop a live event, or can you go to it anytime once you purchase it?

    1. As stated in the post above, and in previous replies above - you will have lifetime access to this pre-recorded workshop.

  6. Thanks Bonnie! Glad it doesn't have to be perfect, cuz surely it ain't! Love you, Cats, big hugs! ❤

  7. From the words of my favorite motivator, Zip Ziglar. Strive for excellence not perfection because perfection is NOT possible.

    1. Totally agree. I do the best that I can at any given time. It’s not perfect, and never will be “perfect.” But it is not “sloppy,” either. I work to get my points to match, and parts and pieces to nest properly. I just cut as accurately as I can, sew as accurately as I can, and press each section as I go. I am sometimes a harsh critic, at other times, much more lax. Depends on my mood and the project. And it also depends on who the quilt is for. IfI’m off less than 1/4” in a donation project, I don’t stress. If the quilt is for another QUILTER, I might stress a bit more😳😳. But the goal is to have FUN during the construction and finishing. When it’s not fun any longer, I walk away for the time being. Another day may bring totally different results!

  8. Bonnie, can you identify the quilt pattern behind the quote of the day?

  9. I'm interested in the Wanderlust course. Is it a live course? Or is it recorded and available to download?

    1. It is pre-recorded video workshop. You will have access to the course forever once purchased.

  10. Better to be imperfectly completed rather than incomplete but perfect. If you can’t notice it from 10 metres, it’s not worth worrying about

  11. Bonnie, your photos of Zoe always make me laugh outloud! She's such a tonic :-)

  12. I see lifetime access to the workshop once it's purchased. Is this something I need to download, or will I always access it online? I'm not sure my unreliable internet will let me download a lengthy video without problems!

    1. The workshop is streamed,not downloaded.

  13. I'd love to "attend" one of your virtual classes, Bonnie! Unfortunately, I just finished Wanderlust :-)

  14. Can I buy the Wanderlust pattern? I love this pattern. Thank you for all of your posts. I look forward to them. Zoey is a doll baby. Keep posting pictures of her. I would love someday to come to your quilting retreat. Hugs,

    1. Yes, the pattern for Wanderlust is available in my book Addicted to Scraps - you an purchase it at DEEP DISCOUNTS in the Quiltville Store at Quiltville.com/shop.html


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