Friday, February 12, 2021

Denim Blue & A Sew Pad Special!

Something is being prepped for the weekend ahead!

I moved this big ole tub of denim pieces up with the last big load I retrieved on a trip to the Wallburg house.

The last time I dug into this bin?  When I was adding borders to the denim quilt that my mom made for The Hubster in Boise State colors.  Original post HERE.

The hubster is a tall man at 6' 3'' and wanted the quilt to cover him when he took a couch nap.

We use this quilt nearly every evening - and yes, the hubster still bleeds Boise State blue & orange!

There is a certain little boy (Casden) who is turning FIVE this spring!  He has long loved Jeff's Denim Quilt (Pattern in my book Scraps & Shirttails ) but it is queen sized, and too big for hauling off the bed and dragging to the couch for Saturday morning Scooby Doo cartoons.

While I had the Catching Rainbows quilt going in the long arm, I took some time to press denim pieces and cut them into 5'' squares using the big die on my Accuquilt Studio.

Powering through - 4 layers at a time!

I didn't have the studio when I made denim quilts for both sons as they each graduated high school in turn, their quilts being made with their jeans I had saved as they were growing up.

Now it's time to turn these pieces into a snuggle quilt for Casden!

Stacks of squares, ready to play!

Little boys don't care about the number or size of the pieces.  They don't care about the intricacy of the patchwork design.  

They only care that it is sized "just right!" for them (With a little extra to grow into) and that it has something that they love (maybe spider man?) on the back!

I have a plan to add some pops of color to the front for interest, but it will be VERY SIMPLE.

I will also add a light batting inside so the quilting stitches have something to sink into so you can see the quilting texture - which will be spaced wide.

After all of the weekends I have put into the Jackknife blocks turned Catching Rainbows, I think I have earned a carefree weekend of simple piecing focusing on the little guy.

Quilting continues!

I'd like to say I reached 3/4 of the way done yesterday - or close.

I'd love to finish it today so I can also get the binding on and have something to hand stitch in the evenings for the next bit.

Valentine's SewPad Special!
If you have been wanting a SewPad but were waiting for the next FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING (Within the USA) offer - this is it!

What is a SewPad?

SewPad™ is filled with a thick cushion of proprietary viscoelastic polymer gel– the same stuff used in surgical mats and wheelchair pads.

Unlike foam (memory foam or otherwise) gel doesn’t bottom-out and it provides comfort and support by diffusing and distributing pressure.

Upholstered in a plush layer of AirFlex™ fabric, SewPad™ helps your backside stay cool while the no-slip bottom keeps it from sliding around in your chair. 

SewPad™ was designed for quilters and crafters, but we think you’ll find other uses as well.

Church. Stadium seats, in the car and anywhere else that you might expect to be sitting for a good while.

Being comfortable is a wonderful thing!

Made in the USA! YAY!

This thing is thick and heavy!

In fact, I plopped it right down on my postal scale because I was curious – and it weighs in at 4 1/2 lbs of ultimate seating comfort!

The back side is grippy for no slippy!

Right on top of my sewing chair it goes.

I can sew happily for hours in comfort.  This thing goes where I go, to wherever I sew. It can even go to basketball games with me for bleacher seating (when that opens up again!) or on long car rides.

Our SewPad  Valentine’s Day Sale will kick-off on Friday February 12th and run thru Midnight Monday February 15th with FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING using Coupon Code SEWCOMFY at checkout.

Your hips, your back, and YOU deserve to sew in comfort with a SewPad!

Only a few days remain!

Forever Mine hanging or table topper -

48 1/2" x 48 1/2"

Hearts, Stars & Pinwheels, Oh My!

Forever Mine Table Runner included!

22 1/2'' x 62 1/2''

I love switching out one holiday for the next - The Christmas "stuff" has all been put away, and Valentine's Day is on the way!

You can make this to decorate your own space, or as a gift for a grandchild, a new baby, someone you love!

The projects are not that large - and can be made up in a weekend or two.

Are you game?

Who says reds and pinks can't play nicely together? Throw a bit of aqua to turquoise into the mix and all is right in my world.

The string piecing is done on paper foundations, but you can use any method you like. 

I used my Essential Triangle Tool for the pinwheel triangles and the Simple Folded Corners or Simple Folded Corners Mini for the stitch and flip corners on the hearts.  I love how these tools work hand-in-hand with each other, and I can’t live without either of them.

Optional methods are given if you don’t have access to these rulers. However, the rulers do save me time and fabric, and increase my accuracy!

The introductory price for Forever Mine is marked at 25% off the regular price  ($9.00) and will keep it at 25% off through Valentine's Day (SUNDAY!)  After that, the price reverts to $12.00.

And that brings me to where I am now. With freezing rain outside - and a noon mammogram appointment to keep.  And a quilt to finish quilting, and a new one to start!

What's up for your Friday ahead?

Even Fridays are made for new goals and fresh starts. I've got a certain denim quilt on my agenda.

I'm ready for you, Friday! Let's do this! 



  1. Can’t wait to see what your doing with the demin squares. Your ideas always amaze me.

  2. this Friday is a box of paper..... piece by piece and most of it to go in the trash!!

  3. Can’t wait to try out the SewPad❣️
    You are awesome ❣️

  4. Morning Bonnie, can’t wait to try the SewPad!
    You are an inspiration ❣️

  5. We don't have any ice here but it is extremely cold in the St Louis area. Everyone stay safe and warm this weekend. I finally bit the bullet and ordered the Sewpad. I've just been putting it off. Thank you , Bonnie. Casden will love the quilt. Can't wait to see it finished. pam

  6. Be very careful driving in that freezing rain. It's dangerous on straight stretches and can be deadly on hills and curves.so please be careful.

  7. I love my Sewpad! Bought it to use in my car cause I was having sciatica when driving. It is fabulous! Don’t even use it in my sewing room. But, thinking about snagging another one. Be careful in that weather today Bonnie. I refused to let my hubby go to work until our ice storm passes here in Texas. Monday and Tuesday we are supposed to be in the double digit negatives for wind chill and signal digit temps...🥶🥶. Lived here all my life, and I don’t ever remember it getting this cold!

  8. I love my Sew Pad. It is my second one because my daughter "borrowed" my first one.

  9. Had my yearly mammogram this morning, and I'm currently working on, not one, but four memory quilts made with denims, tees and cotton plaids. So, always looking for ideas to get these done and out of the to do pile. Will have to take another look at your book, Scraps and Shirtales while I wait to see what you come up with on the denim quilt, you are working on now. Thank You for all your inspiration!

  10. Terrible weather for about a week here in Eastern Oregon. Yesterday was our groups weekly get together. Day started out in the dark, not much snow or ice but over the course of my 14 or so hour day... we had a solid sheet of ice. I got the day done, all the way home and fell trying to get out of my rig. Sooo today is prone in the recliner. Catching up on all my email and favorite blogs. You are at the top of the list. :) Thanks for all you share 6 days a week. Helps keep my friends and I inspired! Blessings.

  11. I made some from my husbands Jeans using the back pockets as some of the blocks. My son and granddaughter love to cuddle with their hands in the pockets.

  12. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the denim. I have a stash of jeans that I need to use up.


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