Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Weekend of Winter Ice & Denim Quilts!

I took a couple of photos of branches in my yard before the rain melted the ice away.

Ice can be SO dangerously treacherous.  And yet, so beautiful!

I've listened to  branches cracking and falling over the past week due to the weight and stress put on the limbs.

Some smaller branches have fallen across the drive - but we've been lucky - the power has stayed on here.

This is one time I'm glad to be in Virginia in February - not Texas!

To all my Texas friends, hunker in, stay safe - this too shall pass (but not nearly fast enough!)

On my lilacs -

Come on, spring! Where are you?!

I spent some time Saturday working on Casden's denim couch quilt.

In true Bonnie fashion, I think this thing will fit him until he is 16 - I always seem to end up bigger than I intend - and the denim bin didn't seem to decrease in volume along the way either!

Having some fun inserting pops of color.

These scraps were already close at hand - leftovers from my Catching Rainbows quilt. (Still in the binding process on that one.)

Playing with a color weave sort of layout.

My denim pieces varied a bit in shades - but I didn't have an equal amount of anything to make any sort of obvious light/dark.  But I kind of like it this way!

And yes, I webbed that sucker!

Denim does make for a heavy quilt, and I'm glad it wasn't any bigger.

And this is where it stands.

I've decided on no borders, just some kind of fun binding. It's roughly 50'' x 60'' at this point. I think it will do for a couch snuggle quilt just fine.

There will be batting, and I will quilt this with a very open design by long arm.

Backing will be in little boy novelties - I'll dig in for something in the next few days.

Today is hair cut day - so that won't happen today.

Tomorrow is mammogram day - being rescheduled after Friday's ice storm prevented me from going anywhere.

Thursday I have an appointment in Winston, which will likely also be rescheduled as more ice is supposed to be on the way.

Will this winter EVER end?!

I am thrilled with the response to the PDF pattern booklet version of Grassy Creek!

I have heard from many of you that you appreciate the "non-scrambled" straight forward approach to making the units and blocks in the quilt, and that all of the optional methods for doing each unit were kept in so you could choose which method best suited the way you liked to work.

I know the booklet is a large one - 27 pages of detailed instruction in full color.  But remember, you don't HAVE to print everything.  You can choose to print just the pages you want. Or you can leave it on your computer/tablet and just refer back to it there.

Please keep sharing your finishes with me! (click the envelope icon beneath my signature below) Oftentimes that is the bright spot in my inbox!

And I love that so many of you are digging into Shattered! as an in-between-project for when you just want to sew but don't want to think so hard, or be super careful with your seam allowance -it's a great way to "clear your brain" in between more intricate projects.  

Did you enter yesterday's gift-away?? Our winner will be receiving:

Shattered! PDF pattern -

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There is always a way to move forward!
Even if you have to take a little side step and cha cha cha along the way!



  1. The couch quilt for casden is awesome..just enough color pops..and a perfect size..hopefully winter extremes are almost done..enjoy Tuesday..thank you for being my inspiration

  2. Ice looks even more cold than the Thermometer here. The Windchill is what gets me. Thank goodness I can layer up with my long johns and keep warm with Quilts. Bless those freezing in Texas and elsewhere. I hear of rolling blackouts in South Omaha, no sewing happening there.

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    I have a question. How do you use the modern thread spools on the vintage Singers? I am having a lot of problems with the thread catching. Do you recommend a thread stand? Or some other option?
    Love your blog and quilts. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you!
    Have a blessed day,

  4. love shattered pattern and string piecing. ordered it and the forever mine pattern thansk

  5. I love how the denim quilt looks so plaid-ish!

  6. What do you mean you “webbed” it?

    1. Check the “tips and tricks” tab. All the way on the bottom you will find link to “webbing”

      Good luck🤗

    2. https://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/webbing-top-or-how-to-chain-stitch.html

  7. LOVE Casden's denim quilt with those colorful inserts, Bonnie!!

  8. The denin quilt is perfect for a young boy. Are all your denim materials recycled jeans or can you buy it by the yard?

    1. Judging by the variety, I'll say they are recycled jeans. They make a great picnic/beach quilt as well. Just cut off the seams and cut out your squares. For a picnic/beach quilt, it is fun to leave the pockets on the plain squares for some "hidden" storage!

  9. The quilts are so electric. Just right to brighten gray days. That denim quilt is so good just the right size for a growing boy.hoping I have the short green to get the shattered quilt pattern. Utility bills will be somewhere in the stratosphere this next couple of months. Oh well I'm warm and have what I need on hand. Thankful for friends and family.

  10. I really love your pop of color on the denim quilt. Casden is going to love it. Funny that he loves the denim quilt huh. Maybe it's the weight thing? We are getting snow, rain, and freezing rain here in Maine. Yucky weather.

  11. The denim quilt is super fun! Many years of use and comfort ahead for that one.

    Our temp was -25 this morning - the real temp, not the wind chill. Yeah, spring can come ANYtime.

  12. Hi Bonnie! What do you mean when you say that you "webbed" that quilt? It's super cute and easy! Thank you!

    1. https://quiltville.blogspot.com/2005/06/webbing-top-or-how-to-chain-stitch.html Bonnie will show you how to do that!

  13. Stay safe during the ice storms, we've been without power since Friday night here in Independence Or due to ice/freezing rain. We have a generator for the fridge, freezer and lights and a wood burning stove in the basement but no hot water except what I can heat on the gas stove top. But we will be out of propane soon if we don't get a delivery today. The joys of living out in the country, I still wouldn't trade it for a house in town or the suburbs. Today I will continue trying to learn to sew on my 1917 Singer 66 treadle. Thank you for your daily blogposts I start my day off with a cup of coffee and Bonnie.

  14. I made one a couple years back and after I quilted it I ran a couple of seams around the outside, then cut it (like a rag quilt) frayed nicely.
    Thanks Bonnie

    1. What a great way to finish a denim quilt!!! Binding is one of my least favorite parts of quilting so this would work great!!!

  15. Your quilt for Casden has inspired me to make one similar for our guild's community service group. Mine won't be denim, but I will find a beautiful shade of denim blue - maybe grunge and had strips from my colorful scrap bin. We woke to 6 inches of snow this morning (desperately needed here, as we're in severe drought). I'll be rescheduling my two appointments this week, too. I have family & friends in Texas - hoping & praying they all stay safe, warm, and get their power back to normal soon. Gonna be a rough week for Texas. Take Good Care

  16. I recently read one of your posts that mentioned the Simply Folded Ruler (Is that the name?) by Doug Leko. I have one, but had never used it. I decided to try it on a lozenge pattern instead of doing the flippy corners method. THANK YOU for mentioning it again! This is a great ruler and my lozenges are perfect with no trimming. I am now telling everyone to get this ruler. I can't wait to use it more. Thanks for posting!

  17. Yes, this is definitely NOT the time to be in TEXAS!!! The entire state is freezing and so many without heat for very long periods of time. Another storm moving through tonight but then Sunday's supposed to be 60 degrees...COME ON, SUNDAY!! My very first quilt was made for my little 2 yo son out of squares cut from jeans (this was before I knew what I was doing), backed with a flannel sheet and birthed. The thing was so heavy, when he was covered, he couldn't move! No clue what happened to that quilt.

  18. I love your denim quilt!! I have been saving denim too and will be using the pop color idea in a quilt. The size would be perfect for the heavy fabric. Can't wait to see your finish. Take care with the ice. We got some too (Oregon). Hope you make it to your appointments. Thanks for the good tips.

  19. Thank you for this inspiration! I have collected the kids' old jeans for 20+ years and have bags and bags of them along with some from my mom - her favorite blue jean jumper - ah, remember those? Your idea will make a fun quilt. Have wanted to make the kids (we have 6) picnic blankets out of the jeans and it looks like I'll have time this summer. Do love you ending quote!

  20. I am in freezing Texas but still have power. We are on the same grid as our police and fire station and we think that is what has saved us. Thankfully, my sewing machine and quilting machine are still running so I have kept my sanity. Always in stiches, alice

  21. Love the denim quilt. I've been in a slump and this might be just what I need to get going again.


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