Friday, February 05, 2021

Crock Pot Peanut Clusters (Recipe)

Valentine's Day is right around the corner.  Like well, all right. It's 9 days away.

But one can't plan too far ahead, right?

And while purchased candy and flowers are well, OKAY - I like to make my own yummy goodies to spread around to friends and family.

This year of course, they will all stay with us, because, well COVID.

And that's okay because they freeze well. In fact, freezing much of the batch is the one thing that will keep them out of sight, out of mind, and away from my waistline!

Allergic to peanuts?  Replace them with pecans, almonds or walnuts or any other nut of your choosing.

You can also  add things like coconut, Rice Crispies, raisins, whatever your heart desires.

Best of all, the clean up is SUPER SIMPLE as this is made in the crock pot and after dishing out on to wax paper, the whole crock, spoon, spatula goes right into the dishwasher before cooling completely and washed on heavy duty.  That's nearly ZERO clean up, which I consider a win when it comes to things like chocolate messes.

I will be adding this post to the recipes tab at the top of the blog so you can refer back to it later.

This was the photo I posted on the socials last evening.

And therewith came the cry for "RECIPE PLEASE!" So here it is, if you haven't made this already.

It's super simple. Makes a TON (about 100 clusters dropped by measuring tablespoon) and keeps well in a cool dark place or freezer.

This is the ingredient that saves the day.

There are various sweet/dark variations of the Baker's chocolate, but the bittersweet really helps to tame down the excessive sweetness of the peanut clusters.  The almond bark coating is already nearly too sweet. If you really LIKE sweet, you can get the milk chocolate baking bar.


  • 2 16 oz jars dry roasted salted peanuts
  • 12 ounces semisweet chocolate chips
  • lb white almond bark 
  • 1 1lb chocolate almond bark
  • 4 oz bar Baker's Bittersweet chocolate baking bar (Can use semi sweet)


  • Place the peanuts in a crock pot. Add the chocolate chips and almond bark, and bittersweet chocolate broken into pieces on top. 
  • Place a towel over the crock, placing lid on top of towel. The towel will absorb excess steam so it doesn't drip back into the chocolate mixture.
  • Cook on LOW for 1 hour. Remove lid and stir. Cover and cook for an additional 30 minutes or until completely melted. Stir until thoroughly combined.
  • Drop by measuring tablespoon sized dollops on to waxed paper. Cool until firm. Store in a cool, dark place.

All the utensils including the crock went directly into the dishwasher where I washed them on HEAVY making clean up a snap.

Okay, I may have licked the spatula first.  Yummy!

This is a great treat to make with kids - and so fun to share with friends and family because it makes so dang much!

This was my yesterday.

A desk day from arrival to departure.

There are new patterns coming to the Quiltville Store! It was a day for writing graphics, figuring yardage, writing text, taking step-out photos and editing those down.

Lola said:

"Are you ever coming out of there? I need a treat!"

Today will be more of the same.  And it really helps me that I have the ability to go "somewhere else" for my work day (The QPO Studio) so that I can leave work at work and when I'm home I'm home.

As February rolls on, so does our PDF pattern sale for my Forever Mine quilts! The price is marked at 25% off the regular price through Valentine's Day. No coupon required!

Both the wall hanging/topper and the table runner are included.  You'll find the pattern, and many others in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store

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Perfect Companion book to the Clearview Super 60 ruler that we have been using to make my Sugar Top quilt! 

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My goal is to add more books and notions to the Quiltville Store, offering you more fun stuff to pump up your creative juices and setting that Sew-Jo free!

Quiltville's Quote of the Day -

Life is funny this way.
What you put out there comes back to you!
Which direction are your thoughts leading you today?

Have a SUPER Friday, everyone!



  1. It looks like another Scraptastic Quilt. I definitely want to make these nut clusters. I would put Cashews in mine. Thanks so much for saving me a trip to Russell Stovers stores this snowy week. Happy Friday!!

  2. When do you add the bittersweet chocolate? Can I assume it goes in with the almond bark?

    1. Break it in pieces and put it right on top of the bark.

  3. Enjoyed belatedly watching you on the Iowa Quilt Show, though it did cut out a couple of times. I like their format in this series. I'm resisting the temptation of making the yummy peanut clusters, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

  4. I finally got time to watch the video of the String Quilt exhibit. It was wonderful. A lively and interesting conversation with all of you, and the amazing quilts. Think I will be scheduling some fun string piecing days on my calendar. You looked great by the way.

  5. I have that same mug! Watched your episode of the Iowa Quilt Museum on YouTube. Thank you for sharing

  6. Just a thought, would using disposable crockpot liners work and make cleanup even easier?

    1. I've always used the liners when I make it. Saves a lot of mess!

  7. I have made similar candy using chow mein noodles calling them haystacks! Really yummy!

  8. Bonnie,those peanut clusters are sooo good! Have you tried Christmas crack? This stuff is addictive. And no, I don't share it! Lola thinks she is the cats pajamas! Have a wonderful day Bonnie.

  9. I saw your original post early at work this morning and immediately googled crockpot chocolate peanut clusters! Got busy and forgot about it so thank you for sharing the recipe. Gonna make some this weekend.

  10. Those peanut clusters look yummy!! I can't wait to see what the pink comes into. I have a tub of scraps like yours, minus the cat, though! That is my goal this year, to get rid of it. Either through cutting time, or just sewing away! Have a great weekend!! :)

  11. Thank for clusters says my hips! Freezing is a great idea. They are very pretty and if its chocolate it's purrfec.
    Hug Bonnie from Calif.

  12. Bonnie, have you ever tried the crock pot liners? When you're finished cooking, just take them out and toss them!

  13. In my brain, out of sight does not equal out of mind. It's always niggling out there in the periphery!!

  14. Oh my goodness! The picture of those yummy clusters took me across time and space to Germany, 1983. I had always loved my grandmother's Christmas candy spread (all homemade)but the peanut clusters were my favorite! My husband and I were at our first duty station in Germany in 1983. As Christmas came, my homesickness was palpable. Imagine my teary joy at finding that Grandma had thought of me and sent peanut clusters all the way from Colorado to our PO box in W. Germany! Your photo brought all of those feelings rushing back. Homesickness, joy, and gratitude for a thoughtful grandmother. It makes me want to be sure and do those kinds of things for my grandchildren someday. Thanks Bonnie!

  15. Additional Lola caption: I think we need more greens in here to bring out the color of my eyes.

  16. Every time I see that cat (who is such a helpful companion!) I think how lucky you were to find her! She's a keeper!


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