Monday, February 01, 2021

When February Blows In!

We'll start with this right here!

I only had to step out onto the un-shoveled portion of the front deck to make this photo look like I waded out into a winter wonderland in the attempt to get a quilt photo in virgin snow.

Well not exactly virgin - you can see Zoey has had a hey day playing and prancing around in the fluffy white stuff.

Honestly - this winter has had more snow than I remember being up here.  And temps have been cold enough to keep it around much longer than it usually stays.

Snow today, gone tomorrow is usually the norm - but this winter?  It's been a doozy!

I love how this little Forever Mine quilt turned out!

And since February has arrived, we can jump right in and draw for our winner of the Forever Mine pattern, one for our winner, and for a friend!

Who is entry 3914 out of 7229??

Lucinda Willis!

Congrats Lucinda!

You will be receiving a PDF pattern for my Forever Mine quilt, and I will also be sending one to a friend of your choosing!  

You have also won a fat-quarter bundle of Mary Koval fabrics by Windham from Mary's Quilt Shop!

Please reply to the email I sent to the address you provided and we'll have Mary's Quilt shop get your beautiful fabrics right off to you!

What a great way to welcome in February!

Our Forever Mine! kick off sale continues as we get closer to Valentine's Day!

Because we need to keep the good things going, the introductory price for Forever Mine is marked at 25% off the regular price  ($9.00) and I will keep it at 25% off through Valentine's Day.  After that, the price reverts to $12.00.

If you are looking to enhance your stash for your own version of my Forever Mine quilt, check out these gorgeous pinks, reds, aquas and neutrals designed by Mary Koval for Windham fabrics! 

Mary’s Quilt Shop is happy to pull together a hand picked selection of fat quarters for you!

Mary's Quilt Shop is in Bedford, Pennsylvania and they are open by appointment during the time of Covid.

Drop Mary an email at Marysquiltshop@comcast.net to arrange an appointment, or place an order to be shipped to you! 

These fabrics are not available for purchase on her website - so drop her an email for a custom fabric pull, just for you!

We got a good start on painting the storage room this weekend.

And yes, Zoey snuck in and got some on her tail from the wall.

We will likely need another coat, but it is coming along.  There is something so clean and fresh about a new coat of paint!

And luckily, we had an unopened gallon from painting the hallways, stairwells and upstairs landings so no paint had to be purchased for this project.

Can you see what is going on outside that window?

So much white!

Definitely a winter to go down into the books.

And from what I hear, we are not done with the snow yet.

It's beautiful -

But baby, it's cold outside!

This perked up my Sunday!

More Jackknife blocks form the Sept/Oct 2020 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine and my Addicted to Scraps column.

Pink makes me THINK SPRING!  Come on, already!

I'll be working on some setting ideas for these blocks soon.

Right now it's time to kick Monday into gear - as soon as The Hubster is done with his conference call he can drive me down to the bottom of the hill where my car sits waiting.

Anything fun happening for your week ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage hexagon quilt found in Phoenix AZ.

Have you looked at your schedule to ensure there is time to breathe?

I'll be doing the same!

Have a terrific Monday!



  1. It's a Marshmallow world outside my window. Long johns under my jeans is a must. Binding my Frolic so I can get a Snow picture. Love that February is here, I get to Celebrate my Hubster this month. Moth in the Window blocks came with me, so I have a goal. See you tomorrow virtually in the Iowa Quilt Museum!! Can't wait to go see it myself.

  2. Bonnie, the snow is beautiful! I just finished the bonding on the Unity quilt which I had been hand quilting for months(!), have pieces all my star blocks from your Wonky Wishes pattern, and need to start quilting the garden quilt I started a year ago in your Phoenix seminar. I can’t believe it was a year ago. You must miss seeing your dad in person. 😒

  3. I keep admiring those Jackknife blocks...a blogging friend also just started them too! Also jealous of the winner! I do love that heart quilt and sure have a drawer of strings I am trying to use up!

  4. There will be lots of breathing room this week. We are expecting 18" of snow today and tomorrow! I'm so glad I'm retired.

  5. We got our first dose of the vaccine this morning. Thankful and hopeful. Guild meeting - socially distanced and masked up - but at least around fellow quilters. Gonna be a great day! Marilyn Marks

  6. We got about 1.5" of snow in Central Kentucky (Fort Knox) last week, it melted and this morning there was about the same amount outside again.

    Panic reigns !! 2 hour delay to work --- as if I care. I'm in my PJs working from home !

  7. Had a weekend mini-retreat this weekend; just 6 of us. I now have 95% of my checkerboard rail fence blockc assembled, as well as some Grassy Creek part 1 and 2 made. Today I need to put everything away, plus work at my volunteer job (bookkeeping for my church) for a couple hours. It’s -12 here. I'm pinned down under a quilt by my old cat. It’s the only time of day she'll visit with me, so I savor it.

  8. I’m jealous, all your snow is a pipe dream in the Pacific Northwest lowlands. On the upside, we don’t need to shovel the rain off the sidewalk. On the quilting front there are 6 quilt tops waiting for their turn on the Longarm. Stay warm and cozy.

  9. Hang in their Bonnie with the snow. Here in the So Cal mountains, we had nearly four feet of snow from a week ago Friday to this past Friday afternoon. My shovel became by BFF instead of my sewing machine. Hoping to remedy that today.

  10. This is the BEST day for me! Three of my sewing machines quit working in October, and I have a Brother machine that is newer, but has never been sewed on! I could not figure out how to thread that machine! So, I've been unable to sew for weeks! I watched a couple of videos on how to thread the machine, and finally have studied the book that came with the machine! Today was the day that I finally got the Brother threaded! I am so happy!! I have many projects just waiting for me and it is cold weather here in the Ozarks, but no snow! Happy February 1st!!!!

  11. I’ve lived in these parts since 1977 and this winter is like the winters I remember from those first years in Ashe, just not quite as much snow -yet! I taught elementary school and one year we ended the year a few days before we were scheduled to break for Christmas and did not have school again until after Valentines Day. All the red and green construction paper projects left unfinished and too late to make pink and red hearts. So Bonnie, you are getting a taste of the old days! I’m happy, I like snow better than mud.

  12. Congratulations Lucinda from another Lucinda! No snow here in eastern Washington state - it's almost 60 degrees with a wind advisory.

  13. Is there a room under the porch where the windows sit?

  14. Good old Dave, Handyman Extrordinarre. You need to name a quilt in his honor:)
    Let's see what Mr Groundhog says tomorrow about Spring.

  15. So far this year has been a very weird year,you are getting dumped on with snow and here in Michigan we have been getting maybe two - three inches in the north eastern lower part of the state and the southern part has been getting more like the southern states have. And to think 2021 was going to have us see some normalcy lol Love the Jack Knife blocks, so very pretty and spring looking. Stay warm and safe.

  16. I really like those Jackknife blocks. Here in Northern Illinois, we've had about 15 inches of snow this past week and one virtual snow school day. It's been cold too. Anywhere from -10* to 30*F., but not as cold as previous years.

  17. We had about 16” of snow here in Lincoln, NE, last week. Looks like a different storm is dumping in the east and m the south. CRAZY weather! Hreat time to stay in and sew, but my MoJo has temporarily left me😩😩. It will return again, hopefully, soon.

  18. I know what you mean about fresh paint. We just moved to FL from MD (just in time to miss the snow, haha). We had the entire interior professionally painted -- walls, doors, trim, even the inside of our walk-in closet. Boy, what a difference it's made! Stay warm and safe and I know you'll have fun sewing!

  19. These are the snows I remember as a child. Cold winters with snow that sticks around. Lived a few miles from western VA. Hopefully, it will be cold long enough to deter the destructive bugs in the garden and bring out beautiful spring flowers. I love quilting when it is snowing but unfortunately I have to work and fortunately, I have a job! Thank you for brightening my days.

  20. Love the jacknife block especially in 2 colors. Too much snow here...we got the 40" in December and now battling about 12" so far this week! Big event for the day? Waiting on washing machine delivery. The first one I picked out wouldn't fit down the basement stairs. The builders 80 years ago didn't think washers would be 27+" today. Bigger ISN'T always better in my view this week.

  21. This post's Jackknife block are absolutely gorgeous, especially licked the one with dogs on it.. Thanks for sharing all you do, and this includes your mysteries..

  22. Oh My! Those Jackknife blocks are just gorgeous! I love them all! Such beautiful colors and fabrics! I can't wait to see your setting for them.

  23. Taught my first quilting class today. We began by deboning a shirt! I demonstrated how to use the rotary cutter, and gave homework. Showed examples of contrast and how 4-patches in reds and shirtings can look so different if set differently.


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