Saturday, December 20, 2014

Go Big Blue!

My family has a tradition of standing proud and true to their alma maters, wherever that will be.

And with so much family living in and around Idaho, there are loads of Boise State fans on both sides of my family.

It’s not unusual for late night text sessions to go back and forth between The Hubster and his older brothers when games are playing.  Being on the East Coast means that the games can go long past midnight.  On nights like this, I go to bed solo.  LOL!

The Hubster fought long and hard for his degree in accounting from Boise State, and it wasn’t easy with two small children underfoot.  I was working at the hospital as an aide in the Xray department while he was finishing up his last couple of years, driving from Payette, Idaho all the way to Boise and back several times a week for classes.  The hospital job gave our family health insurance and income while Dave worked part time as a pizza delivery guy and also worked at the local golf course to make ends meet.  He would tell you that those were sweet jobs, both of them….free pizza, and free golf!

I worked up until Jeff was born, and then kicked everything into work-from-home gear with my doll pattern business, Needle in a Haystack!! while he finished up his internships and graduated from Boise State when Jeff was about 6 months old.

He worked HARD for that degree, juggling home, family, bills, jobs, and finally walking to receive that diploma when he was 31.  He has every right to claim his position as BSU’s #1 fan in all things.

And it isn’t often that you don’t see him wearing orange and blue attire with the BSU logo on it!

In enters this quilt!

I wrote about it in this post HERE.

I have had this top since May.  My mom made several of these for all of the BSU loving guys in our family, brothers, brothers-in-law, and the hub.  She did a great job on it….but as a new quilter, there are SOME issues.

I am thrilled that she used my denim rails quilt from my first book, Scraps & Shirttails as her inspiration, and took after her daughter inserting crumb blocks and a string border for interest.

But someone forgot to tell her about seam allowance!  ((As in…there must be enough seam allowance to keep things from popping open!!)) and I knew it was going to take me a while to get it to where it could withstand not only being put through the quilting machine, but the wear and tear and living that my family would give it.

I finally got that chance to sit down and fix places where the seams were too shallow yesterday ---it was my plan all along that I would finish this quilt during my Christmas break….and we all know where that went!

The guys in my family are all over 6 feet tall.  The request?  PLEASE MAKE IT BIGGER so feet aren’t hanging out the bottom when it is napped under on the couch.

Okay.  That is easy enough, add some borders to stabilize that string piecing at the edge and we will be good to go.


Bin o’ Denim!

I still save denim from jeans the boys don’t want anymore.  I just pulled the bin out of the closet and ironed out a few leg lengths and set to cutting.


I cut these 6” wide, and sewed them end to end on the straight grain.


Press denim seams OPEN where you can!


Adding borders to the quilt.

Denim quilts are heavy, so use an extra table or ironing board to the left of your machine to help support the weight.

I also have to add that this vintage 1950s Wizard machine sailed through all of this bulk and thickness without a complaint at all.  Like butter.  I dare any plastic wonder machine to do the same without bogging down over seams upon seams!


Much better!  Ready to load!


BSU fabric as the backing!


Loaded and ready to quilt!

Yes, there is regular cotton fabric as the backing.  This quilt is heavy enough as it is.  I ordered the BSU fabric online from Joanns, I can’t get BSU fabric here in North Carolina.  I had a coupon, and it will be just fine for this quilt that will be used and loved heavily.

I also used hobbs 80/20 batting.  Denim seams are bumpy and who wants to feel that through the back of a quilt?  The batting didn’t add much weight, but softened the feel of the seams on the back, and gave something for the quilting stitches to sink into so that you see the texture of the quilting, instead of just seeing the quilting thread laying flat on top of the quilt.


Can you see it?

I used one of Keryn Emmerson’s  edge to edge designs named Dandy to quilt this quilt  I scaled it large – I just want enough quilting to hold this together, leaving the quilt softer and puffier.


More in the corner – I used blue thread top and bottom.


On the couch up at the cabin!

Binding to come this week.


Go Orange, Go Big Blue!


Fight! Fight!  BSU!

And just so you too can catch the school spirit:

It’s December 20th!  Christmas is only a few days away!

Are you ready?

Whatever the situation, remember to breathe and enjoy!

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  1. Breathing and remarkably calm...only some baking to do and groceries...then just wait for the day to come and go too fast. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  2. Thank you Bonnie for your beautiful posts. I look forward to them every morning.

    The other day your post sounded as if you were taking a much needed break from your blog, etc.
    Wishing us all a Merry Christmas. I commented on your facebook page a Merry Christmas to you and family.

    Thinking it was the last post before Christmas.

    I wake up this morning and here you are, I love ready your posts, its like a novel and you can't wait to read the next chapter.

    Thank you , Thank you, Thank you, you make my life a little brighter every morning, and evening.

    Wendy Bradley.

    P.S. Thanks for my Christmas present I ordered, got my book in the mail yesterday.

  3. From one of YOUR Boise fans, I love the quilt! It is so much fun to to see quilts made on the east coast that celebrate my college over here in the West. :) Merry Christmas!

  4. We start our holiday today! Many of us have journeyed up to Bay Area to share time with kids headed off on Monday to the East coast. We start with wild. Bowling tournament, ages 15 mo to 75 yrs. lunch and cookie baking this afternoon, football game tonight for the diehards and then brunch and gifts a round the tree tomorrow. But when I get back home on Monday I have a quilt to bind too for Christmas Day giving! Hugs Bonnie, thanks for bring us along your journey.

  5. I can relate to being West coast fans on the East coast with kickoff at 10:15 pm-ZZZ. And internet orders for fan fabric. Go Ducks!

  6. Wonderful story, and beautiful quilt Bonnie. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Thank you Bonnie for all you do! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Holiday!
    I just finished cutting for Clue 3 and 4..... Cut 80 2 inch black squares vs 2.5! Hoping I will be able to usea in a border!
    Take care, Leslie

  8. Here in Boise, we're breathlessly waiting for New Year's eve and the Fiesta Bowl! Our family will gathered early in the day watching the game, then ringing in the New year with a new trophy for the university. Go Big Blue!

  9. That pattern is called Dandy; it looks just dandy on that denim quilt. So glad my pattern helped bring that collaborative quilt to a finish!

  10. Anonymous5:51 PM EST

    Love the quilt. The orange adds just the right amount of pop.
    Cathy Odle

  11. Bonnie, I made a Broncos quilt, too, but the team is from Denver rather than Boise. See http://sewhigh.blogspot.com/2014/10/at-crossroads.html.

  12. I can relate to Dave struggles to get his accounting degree. I got mine at age 30, after putting my hubby through law school and then myself through school, while working and having 2 boys also. We were SO poor. I made the boys clothes, and mine too. Now my Steve is waiting on a heart transplant and his dad is in poor health.

  13. The quilt is fabulous and a great Christmas gift to your hubby from your mom and you!

    I finished my clue 4 blocks today and will now put them aside til after Christmas. Thank you again for this very fun mystery project. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Bonnie!

  14. Writing a daily blog is a challenge and you have certainly stepped up to the plate to join us and educate us and quilt with us. Thank you for all you do! I love your quilt! Living in FLorida, making a quilt for husband would be fruitless!

  15. Anonymous8:18 AM EST


    Nice quilt, I enjoy reading your posts. When I saw Payette, Idaho I had to comment. after I left home my folks moved to Payette to live out the rest of their lives. I have been there a couple of times. Since I live on the east coast, It is a long trek to Idaho. We only drive when we travel.
    Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from The Utter's in Thomaston, GA

  16. Up until a month ago I never really considered Idaho as anything but a name on a potato. I live in Indiana. The past few months my husband has been working in Twin Falls, ID and his company flew me out there to visit. What a beautiful part of the country! I loved the people the most. Good people. I would move there in a minute. I noticed a huge following for Boise State, so therefore I am now a fan. Go BSU! Merry Christmas!

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