Sunday, January 05, 2020

Work Hard, Play Hard, Nap Hard!

Oh Dresden!

Dresden and Lola have settled in to life at the Quiltville Post Office, can you tell?

It’s making working at the computer a bit of a challenge – I mean, who wants to wake this sleeping beast so you can actually SEE where to click your mouse at the bottom toolbar on the screen?  He’s right up on my icons!  But that soft snoring?  I can’t resist it.  It reminds me continually that there are more important things in life than work, work, work.

And sometimes you just have to take time out and scratch the kitty bellies.  Click to Play:

Yesterday was an incredible day of promise! 

I am completely overwhelmed, and elated.  And so glad we decided to host a Quiltville Inn Retreat Rally for the available 2020 dates on my calendar.

This morning there are more than 100 groups who have thrown their information into the drawing for those dates, and I am excited beyond measure.

I am also aware that there will be much disappointment because I can only make about 10% of that total number of entries happy. It was inevitable.

But the GOOD NEWS is – those who are not drawn are still on the waiting list should dates become available for any reason.  I will continue to use this list as a contact and waiting list.

The most fun of all?  The GROUP NAMES!! I have laughed and laughed!  Among my favorites:

12 Shades of Crazy (HAHAHA!)
Stitch Mob
The Charm Pack
The Quilting Queenagers (BRILLIANT!)
The Rip & Stitchers

This made me giggle all day long.  Keep them coming!

If you missed Yesterday’s Post here is the nitty gritty.

Gather your group of 12. Choose a group contact person. On yesterday's post is a form for your group contact information. ENTER!  (ONE ENTRY PER GROUP!)

(I have also placed a Quiltville Inn Rally tab at the top of the blog for easy access.)

I will be using the random number generator to draw groups to choose from a list of available 2020 dates to book their retreats! Whooohooo!

I will draw a group, let them choose their dates and once that is settled, draw another group to choose their date and so forth until my 2020 retreat calendar is booked.

Limited dates are available!

Groups that book in 2020 have first right of refusal to keep their same weekend in 2021.  I will only be booking one year in advance.  My goal in life is to never have my life booked solid 5 years into the future as has happened in the past. 

Groups who stay in 2020 have one week past their stay to decide if they want to keep their weekend for the next year, or let it go.  If they choose to pass on those dates I’ll draw from the waiting list.  But once they let their dates go and someone else claims them, they can’t get their dates back.  If they wish to return, they go back on the waiting list.

The replacement group now has right of refusal to determine if they want to keep their dates in 2022, and so forth. 

I really hope for groups that will want to return again and again and again.

This finally happened yesterday!

We finally finished the pressing station big boards!

It's not easy to find 100% cotton duck around here but I was resourceful and found an enormous 100% cotton duck cloth drop cloth (say that three times fast!) on Amazon! I have enough fabric to cover big boards for the rest of my life all for the lovely price of $18!

For my big boards we cut ply wood the size of the work bench top (Work benches are from Rural King) and covered the plywood with 2 layers of warm & natural batting, and then with the duck cloth. 

We used a staple gun, and then finished off with a round of duct tape covering the staples and the edges of the duck cloth to minimize the shredding that happens at the edge of the fabric.

The boards are held securely to the top of the work stations with industrial strength Velcro to prevent slipping and sliding.

I know they will get dirty with use, but they sure look nice right now!

The next plan to give ironing stations a bit of protection is to iron freezer paper to the top to protect from scorching and starch build-up.  Freezer paper can take the use, easily peel off and be replaced as needed, protecting the surface underneath.

I found an 18’’ wide 100’ long freezer paper roll on Amazon. It should last us a while and protect the boards in the process.

I have two day groups coming in the next few weeks and now we are ready for hot and heavy iron pumping!

Gals from West Jefferson NC are coming to stitch on January 15th. And the QOV ladies from Sparta NC/Independence VA are coming on Feb 7th.

So here we are at a chilly Sunday Morning.

There will be a bit more prepping at Quiltville Inn – we finished up the window trim painting in the turret bedroom #3 yesterday.  We will likely get started on trim in another room today.  We’ve promised ourselves not to over-do it, so mostly it’s a morning job and done by lunch.

Which should give me the afternoon free!  And that means, if the stars align – I just might tune in for a Quilt-Cam this afternoon from the QPO!  No time determined yet, but be watching your facebook feed.  

If you miss it, there is always the opportunity to catch it here on the blog the next day.

And we’ve got an EXTENSION!!

Save 25% on Early Bird Registration for HollyAnne Knight’s

If you put off registering for HollyAnne Knight's Free Motion Quilting Academy last fall, here is your opportunity to save 25% during Early Bird registration for the SPRING 2020 session running Feb 17 - May 9, 2020!

But you have to hurry – Today is the LAST DAY for Early Registration and the 25% discount.  Regular registration opens Feb 1st, 2020 WITHOUT the discount.

For more information, click to Thursday’s Post.   You can do this! 

You can learn to quilt your own quilts on your own machine from the comfort of your own home.

But the chance to save 25% is running out.  So get off the fence and DO IT!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I posted this challenge to myself 4 years ago when the inkling to find a better way first started tapping me on the shoulder.

What would it take to bring people to me so I could spend less time on the road? So I could sleep in my own bed at night more? So I could sit at my own table and discuss the day's events over dinner with my husband?

3 years ago last month I first laid eyes on what would be Quiltville Inn.

2 years ago our offer was accepted and paths were definitely changing direction.

This morning hindsight is everything. There have been plenty of times when I tried to talk myself out of this thinking it wouldn't work, it couldn't work.

There have been plenty of naysayers and gossipers along the way who said it could never work.

I'm so glad I believed the one reason that it would!

Happy Sunday!


  1. We are all glad to see your dream come true .... more than glad ....

  2. You are so brave! Here is to a smashing success! Marilyn Marks

  3. Gray, pink and white look like great colors for a quilt!

  4. So glad to see Quiltville Inn available now. I have us, the Undercover Quilters, registered. Hoping and praying our number (whatever it is) comes up quickly. This is even more important as you try to get off the circuit so you can stay home more — that is certainly understandable!! I have been fortunate enough to take classes with you three times and would love more. Happy New Year again!!

  5. So wonderful that all of your quilty dreams are coming true! And I love hearing about your kitty cat antics! Happy New Year and enjoy this new chapter in your life! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿงต

  6. Congratulations to you that your dream is becoming a reality!
    I am also a kitty Grandma -- I have three grandkitties, but they are miles away. The two oldest are big boys, and one of them might cover your whole screen! LOL
    Happy Sunday everyone! Count your blessings, large or small, they sustain us all!

  7. I knew this rally would have a tremendous response. You deserve all the happy tingles you're feeling. Your dream has come true, and I am grateful that you shared your journey with us. What a wonderful beginning to 2020 and beyond for you and your family.

  8. So glad you didn’t listen to those naysayers and gossipers. I have enjoyed seeing your dream come true! Looking forward to possibly seeing you on quilt cam today while I am sewing up frolic! All those half square triangles! ๐Ÿคช
    Thank you for everything you do!

  9. I plan to enjoy your beautiful retreat inn sometime in the not too distant future. In the meantime, in less than three weeks, my good friend and quilting buddy and I will be having a blast in a class with you in Phoenix. It has been so great to see you make your dream come true one step at a time.

  10. It’s so gratifying to see how your relationship with Dresden has grown and changed since he first arrived at your house! Remember how fierce and unapproachable he was at first? This just prove what time and love can do. Thank you for being patient with him! ������

  11. Thanks Bonnie! I needed this positive attitude this morning!

  12. Happy Dresden - which just goes to show the doubters that the cats love their new home and settled in perfectly! Quiltville Inn looks super - that was a lot of hard work and the transformation is amazing.

  13. I registered for HollyAnn's online class this weekend. I kept an eye on it from the last time and have watched SOME of HollyAnn's videos. I hope to learn a great deal and I really signed up because of your input. Thanks for all you do!!

  14. You may have to raise the monitor so Dresden isn't in your way but still close by.

  15. Why wouldn't Quiltville Inn succeed?? You were willing to do your research, work hard (blood, sweat and tears!!), put your heart into creating a most wonderful retreat for quilters...you have the ingredients necessary to be successful PLUS you have quilters all over the world who love you and want you to succeed willing to help you! Look at all the re-homed pieces in the Quiltville Inn!! I'm so glad you had the vision and went for it!! One of these years I'll be on a road trip and I'll stop in to Quiltville Inn, in the Mouth of Wilson, even if it is just to sit on the porch and drink in your view.

  16. So nice to see cute little Dresden having a snooze by your computer, lol they do find the most comfy places to nap but still be near enough for tummy tickles. They must both be such nice company for you.
    Goo luck with your inn bookings but I’m sure your dates will fill up so quickly I would love to come and stay but it seems very unlikely it’s a long way from the uk lol.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  17. This is all so amazing, Bonnie! I always knew you could do it! Congratulations! I hope you will be able to finally “stay home” and do what you love and do best..... sew and help others. As you said.... let them come to you! Happiness and hugs to you!

  18. oh, that not wanting to move a sleeping cat!!! Been there so many times: "I can't vacuum my bedroom because the cat is sleeping on the bed." No, really, when I'm ready to vacuum, I want to get it done, cause if I don't do it now, it might not get done! But it's kind of like waking a sleeping baby: who wants to do that? :-) Hugs, H

  19. Bonnie, you can change where your tool bar is on your screen and not have to move Dresden. Wish I was part of a group that could compete for a stay at Quiltville Inn.

  20. I am so glad your dream happened. I want to come one day and stay a couple of nights. Love the cat pictures.


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