Friday, January 24, 2020

Emeralds of Many Colors!

If you think Emeralds can only come in green, think again! 

We gathered yesterday in the new event center at 35th Ave Sew & Vac in Phoenix, Arizona for the first workshop day of our 3-day series – Emerald City from my book String Frenzy!

And what a day we had!  The new event center is such an awesome space – we had close to 50 folks sewing away, and it was WONDERFUL!

One of the reasons I do not promote sewing from kits with my workshops is that it eliminates individual creativity, and stops us from observing possibilities we didn’t even know we liked – you might see your neighbor working on a color combo that you’d never given a second thought to, and suddenly you KNOW you have to try that with your next quilt.

And we had SO many awesome color combos going yesterday!

Emerald City in pink and blue!

Emerald City in aqua and lime!

Emerald City in Purples  - oh, my!

Emerald City in beautiful blues!

Those reds are DELISH!

And yes – Emeralds definitely DO look gorgeous in green!

Sewing Green on a green Elna Grasshopper!

This happy bunch in this bright and airy space – phenomenal!

Our catered lunch of local BBQ!  YUM!

End of the day block lay down!

AWESOME JOB, everyone!

And yes – there was more than just Emerald City happening – those leader and ender moments allow us to make more progress on things like:

Patty’s Straits of Mackinac also from String Frenzy!

Not sure which project was the main, and which was the leader/ender! LOL!

A plethora of Frolic Mystery blocks were also being assembled between the lines!


For the rest of our day – Click to Play!

It was a great day and as great days tend to do - it flew by far to quickly!

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday!

Notice there are only 8 candles.

The 50 is implied.  LOL!

After my workshop day was over I drove the short 9 miles to Glendale – and it took forever due to rush hour.  Rush hour is one thing I don’t miss living in the boonies!  But my destination made it all worth it.

I spent the evening in the company of my best childhood friend Jules and her hubby Kimo.  Dinner out at a local place where no one had to be working at cooking anything – we could just sit and relax and eat and chat and catch up on all the things that have happened since I was here last year.  I love these folks – they make my world so much brighter!

Today?  I’m back at 35th Ave Sew & Vac for Day 2 of our 3-day workshop series.  Idaho Square Dance from Addicted to Scraps is our quilt of the day – and the quilters are ready to play!  Bring it on.

Entries continue to come in for our January ‘20 Quilty Box Gift-Away.  If you haven’t already – enter to win ON THAT POST!  Drawing happens Monday!

There is only one week left in January – time is running out to get your Irish Courthouse PDF pattern for 50% off – only $4.00! No coupon required.

This Irish Chain variation starts with a simple 9 patch and grows from there!

Easy strip piecing and full color photos. Fat Quarter Friendly as well! Quilt size: 93’’ X 93’’.

You’ll love making this quilt block-by-block easily from strips.  It’s fast, it’s satisfying, and destined to chase away those winter blahs that tend to follow when the holidays are behind us but spring is still far off into the future.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

That uncomfortable leap you make may be the start of something wonderful! How will you know if you don't try?

This vintage quilt found in Beaufort, South Carolina a couple of years ago was the inspiration for my Diamond Tiles block from my Addicted to Scraps column in Quiltmaker Magazine.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone! Do something quilty!


  1. Happy birthday! Love your hair--makes you look much younger! Congratulations on the inn! What a thrill that must be!

  2. Happy birthday, Bonnie--50 is so young (from my 76th year vantage anyway lol)
    I love your hair color--perfect with your blue eyes...hugs, Julierose

  3. happy birthday indeed...and many many more...

  4. Happy Belated Birthday, Bonnie!

  5. I love your new hair cut!

  6. Happy Birthday, Bonnie 🎂. I just love your new hair cut. It is very flattering.

  7. Looks like you had a fabulous day! I have a friend that lives in Glendale. Too bad she doesn't sew! Lol! Glad you were able to make the most of your off-time & have dinner with your childhood friend. Looks like life is GOOD!

  8. Your hair sure looks pretty!

  9. All the colors of blocks laid out on the floor just sparkle. Better than in a jewelry store. Happy Birthday!

  10. I love your hair. Also, I love Frolic. I was able to keep up most of the way, but started lagging behind at Part 7. I convinced 2 of my friends to start and they were a little skeptical at the beginning and now they are just addicted to finish the Mystery as I am. We loved the Reveal.


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