Saturday, January 04, 2020

The Quiltville Inn Retreat Rally!

It’s the TIME you’ve all been waiting for!

It’s the moment I’ve been pondering, plotting and planning for almost 2 years now. 

It was January 2018 when our offer on Quiltville Inn was accepted, and the journey began.

It’s been an adventure, a labor of love, with SO MUCH to do to make this beautiful 1880s home ready for group retreats.

We knew it would take this long to be ready.  We have tried to be realistic when it came to things like replacing 31 windows.  Adding heating and a/c to the ground floor, replacing appliances, painting, oh the painting!

And it is still on-going.  Porch rails and decking are on the docket for painting this spring when the weather is more welcoming.  Interior window frames, door frames and doors and baseboards  - those are still being painted as time allows. We also know that upkeep will be continual, and that is the best way to show our love to this beautiful place!

Our first beta test retreat Black Friday weekend was a smashing success!

Can you see your group here?

As 2020 is our first year,  I am only going to book retreats for weekends that I am not out of town teaching or traveling internationally with Craftours.  This is our learning year.

In future years if your group doesn’t mind a “No Bonnie” retreat and just wants the retreat facility to do your own thing, I will have a retreat manager on hand to check groups in, and check in on groups should I be out of town. Mona, Martha, Dave and more – they are ALL fun folks and we’ll know more how to do more in the future.  But I’m getting ahead of myself! 

The only fair way we can come up with is to start with a list of available 2020 weekends, collect entries from those who have gathered their groups, and use the random number generator to draw from the group entries.

Quiltville Inn is rented as a complete retreat venue. Your group of up to 12 rents the whole house!

Base rental: 3-night stay with arrival at 10am on Thursday, and checkout by 3pm on Sunday. Additional night stays available through Tuesday night.

Each of our four spacious upstairs bedrooms host 3 guests.

Your group must be able to supply your own sewing machines. 

Many answers to your questions can be found in the Quiltville Inn FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  Please take some time to read the FAQ!

You may want to review the SAMPLE Quiltville Inn Rental Agreement for more answers to your questions including current deposit and rental rates before entering this Retreat Rally. This Sample Agreement is for your prior knowledge only.

If your group is drawn and dates are chosen, ​you will receive our Quiltville Inn Welcome Packet upon receipt of your contract and deposit.

When your group arrives on your check-in day, EACH GUEST will be required to personally sign a Quiltville Inn Waiver. 

All guests will follow the Check Out Procedures at the end of their stay.

How this Retreat Rally works:

This form is open ended and does not expire.  After we have filled the available 2020 weekends, those who were not drawn by the random number generator will remain as a waiting list should a group have to cancel leaving their dates available for another group to grab.

I will draw for one group, and they will choose from the list of available dates within 48 hours of my drawing their entry. If that group declines, I will draw another.

Upon date selection, a rental agreement and a $500.00 deposit invoice through Paypal (also payable with your regular credit card if you don’t have a Paypal account) will be emailed to the group contact upon the reserving of your retreat dates. 

This deposit must be paid, and your contract signed, scanned and emailed back within 14 days of issue to lock in your dates.

If the rental agreement and deposit are not received after 14 days, another group may reserve your dates.

As each date is settled upon, that date will be removed from the list of available dates.  Should someone default on sending in their contract, those dates will be put back on the list and I will continue drawing groups until the 2020 calendar year is full.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL:  Your group has first claim to the same weekend in the following year. You will have 7 days after your retreat to determine if you want the same weekend next year.  Should you decline to book, that weekend may be booked by another group and THEY will have first right to claim the same weekend the following year.  Should a weekend go unclaimed, it will be made open for any group to book.

ADA Accessibility: Quiltville Inn was built in 1884. All bedrooms are upstairs. There are no sleeping quarters on the main floor. There are steps up to the front of the house and steps up to the back porch. For this reason, we are unable to accommodate guests who are unable to use stairs. We regretfully apologize that this historic home may not be the retreat venue for everyone. Thank you for understanding the nature of historic homes.

The form below puts everything on a spreadsheet for me so entries are numbered and I have all of the information I need to contact you.

By entering this Retreat Rally, you are stating that you have a group gathered, you are ready to sign a rental agreement and pay your deposit as soon as your dates are agreed upon, and your balance will be paid as scheduled in your rental agreement.

Available retreat weekends in 2020:

Mar 5-8

Many of these dates include the possibility of adding additional days to your stay should your group wish to extend your time at Quiltville Inn.  And of course I am available to add a workshop to your retreat experience should your group desire!

Let Operation FILL THE RETREAT begin!

I will start drawing groups by random number generator on WEDNESDAY, January 8th!

*NOTE* Please - only register ONCE per group to avoid a spreadsheet nightmare.  Thank you!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This is your year to love life!

To be just a bit braver, and to realize that you really have had it within you - all that it takes- all along!

Allietare was our mystery quilt 4 years ago.PDF pattern available in the Quiltville Store.

Enjoy your Saturday, Folks!


  1. Perfect Timing Bonnie!!! Today at 10:30 are having an information meeting for those interested in the "Quiltville Inn". Our Guild is well over 300. Thanks for making this all possible! Dream Big and Dreams come true with lots and lots of work. Thank you dear Bonnie.

    1. Sounds perfect for a large quilting guild to reserve it for a weekend every year and different people could have a chance to go each year.

  2. So exciting to watch this from far away! You have given Quiltville Inn a new purpose & loving attention that will keep her going for another hundred years! Congratulations on all the hard work of yourself, your family & friends!

  3. I see that you have put a lot of thought into the selection process. It seems very fair to me. I hope you fill up quickly. In fact, I am willing to bet that you get filled up by the end of today.

  4. long journey that ends in dream fulfilled...best wishes for every success and plenty of fun along the way...

  5. Congratulations, Bonnie! You must be beyond thrilled to see all of your hard work and dedication come to fruition!!

  6. I'm so excited for you! Is it a pinch me moment??? LOL

  7. Can't wait to come stay at the INN. :0)

  8. Very excited for you!!

  9. How exciting to reach this milestone of your dream. Congratulations!

  10. Congratulations Bonnie you’ve worked to hard to make your dream come true.
    I wish you every success and happiness in your new venture.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. Wow, this just sounds totally fair! Happy drawing!

  12. Sounds absolutely wonderful. I don't belong to any groups, as I live in a small town in Iowa. If ever you have individual people sign up, please let me know...

  13. It looks like a wonderful place for a retreat. Wish I could come. congratulations on your accomplishment.

  14. Congrats on reaching your dream, Bonnie. You have been tireless in your work to achieve this, and it has been fun to follow your journey. I'll bet it fills up quickly!
    Would love to see it someday, but doubt I'll get there. Pictures will have to suffice.

  15. Such an exciting time. Congratulations.

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