Saturday, January 25, 2020

Idaho Square Dance–Arizona Style!

This is what I love doing best!

I LOVE being able to share the things I’ve learned over my 35+ years journey in patchwork and quilting.

Sometimes it’s the most simple of adjustments that can make what is extremely frustration to a newbie make all of the difference when it comes to getting units and blocks to come out the right size, fit together without pulling or bunching, and having seams that nest for sharp connections.

Oh sure, there is always going to be a need for a seam ripper and a bit of sliver trimming – but we want that part to be the least tedious so we can enjoy more of what we love doing – watching that design come together, bringing our quilt vision to life in fabric and in thread.

Reading upside down is also an acquired skill! LOL!

And I’m not really sure what I’m looking at here.  LOL!

But at least BJ and I got the memo to both wear white on black!

(threads were much evident by the end of the day!)

Talking like I know something -

(Sometimes I fake it!)

My thanks to the Chandler girls who took photos and sent them to me!

We had a great time – I LOVE teaching Idaho square dance from the Addicted to Scraps book. Two block quilts really float my boat.

The tricky part with Idaho Square Dance?  The main block with the four-patch corners has far more seams than the log cabin block as alternate.  That means it can shrink up more if your seam isn’t giving you the result you need when it comes to unit size.

And those Log cabin blocks?  You’ve got to be consistent in the way you are sewing the pieces around the center.  You can’t have some blocks (or rounds) going clockwise when all the others are going counter clockwise.

A full and busy class!

Cutting Station girls – strip sets at the ready!

Cutting things in matched sets means less work at the machine!

Our catered in lunch was a delicious affair!

Know when to spin – and not to spin – those four-patches!

I know we all love to do the flippy spinny trick with the seams on the back of a four-patch, but before you do – know what they are being sewn next to.  This is a DO NOT SPIN block.  

That rail unit in the center will prevent you from making half of the seams work if you do spin.  So just don’t. Trust me.  Instead, rotate the four-patches to find the place where the inner neutral square on that four patch will nest with the rail seams next to them.  It worked a charm!

Girls getting their log cabins on!

Chaining sets of four keeps things moving!

That’s the way to lay it out!

Don’t let your neighbor’s chair leg get in the way either. LOL!

Pooling everyone’s blocks up on the design wall!


For the rest of our day’s Idaho Square Dance Play – click!

As always, time flew by too quickly and before I knew it folks were packing up, making their farewells, intent on beating the Friday afternoon rush hour that would soon be upon us.

We’ve had so much fun – I’m glad we have one more day ahead of us!

It’s a Garden Part workshop day, also from the Addicted to Scraps book.  More strips, another two block quilt – we’ll focus on unit size, how to press for nesting success, and have a great day!

Quickie reminder – The January 2020 Quilty Box gift-Away is still open for those who haven’t registered to win!  Click to TUESDAY’S POST to do that!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

As this posts I am sending a shout-out to my youngest son Jeff who turns THIRTY today.  THIRTY!?!?!?

I’m not sure how that happened, because I still feel all of 36 inside!

Have a wonderful day, honey – we will celebrate both of our birthdays when I return home.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone -


  1. Bonnie, I have been following you for a long time. I love the mysteries. When I was at a quilt camp last fall I was sewing with some old friends, not age wise, but long time friends. I was so surprised that Joy is related to you! We had such a great time laughing and sharing. You have a wonderful aunt. I use to live in North Carolina. The lodge looks so grand and beautiful. Enjoy. God Bless. Mary Beth Frank

  2. Your haircut really looks great!

    1. I second that... Looks great. Thanks for sharing your travels.

  3. Thank you for the extra tips for Square Dance! And a Happy Birthday to Jeff :-)

  4. Just a thank you note, Bonnie, for your Idaho Square Dance class. My daughter and I had a great time and we learned a great deal. The tips to keep our blocks flat and nesting and the instructions for webbing was worth every penny!! We will be seeing you when you return to our valley. Thank you so much, a great time was had by all

  5. I'm searching to find which book contains the Idaho Square Dance pattern. Is it so new that it's not yet available? Keep me posted! (Still Frolicking along , , ,)

  6. My son turned 26 today !

  7. I love the "Idaho Square Dance" quilt. It has so much movement like a square dance. The wide ends of the log cabins make me think of the flowing skirts that the square dancers wear. A very very nice quilt.

  8. happy Birthday Bonnie and Jeff. My son turned 56 two months before I turned 76. I can't believe we are here already. It doesn't feel any different. Looks wise... We won't go there. Lol.
    I read your blog every day, and am currently working on the Frolic Quilt. You are always so happy and positive and give such helpful tips. Thank you Bonnie.��


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