Friday, January 31, 2020

Home Again -

It was a perfect January afternoon for flying.

We gave ourselves plenty of time – the drive to the airport from my dad’s place is not a long one.

We stopped at First Watch for brunch, and talked longer than most of the patrons in the place as we lingered over hot mugs. We were wanting to grasp every moment we could before we said “Farewell!”  and “See you later!” but never “Goodbye.”

We laugh about it every time we do this.

My Grannie, Dad’s mother – she hated partings in the worst way.  She would steel herself and pull you up to the curb, and not making a big deal about it would say “In this family we don’t do goodbyes, so have a safe flight and call me when you land.”  She didn't even get out of the car to hug you.  That was my Grannie.

I swear, I can still hear her voice.  And somehow, I think she can still hear ours.

I tag-teamed Dad to the curb-side check in to drop off my luggage before returning the rental car to the rental center.  In Phoenix the center is WAY off-site, and Dad didn’t want me grappling with 3 big bags on an airport shuttle bus.

“Wow! These bags are heavy!” said the check-in guy.  “We’ll blame it on the grapefruit.” was my reply – and let me tell you, that fresh picked grapefruit was delicious this morning when the thermometer read a balmy 29 degrees.  Nope.  We aren’t in Phoenix anymore!

We avoided a complete disaster by STOPPING the curb-side agent from taking away my luggage after I realized that the key fob to my rental car was in the pocket of my purse that I had just zipped inside the suitcase.  THAT would have been SO BAD!  The car didn’t use a key, just a push button ignition and that fob.  Whew!

I fly with my wallet in my travel backpack – so there was nothing of value in that purse – other than the key fob.

So long, Phoenix!

We’ll see you next February!

These mountain ranges, so different from my Blue Ridge.

And yes, this DID happen!

I need to count how many there are – I’ve been working on these for several years now. I’m feeling the burnout on them, and I’m not looking forward to that whole assembly process.  It’s about to get too big to carry around – and I am finding I need much brighter light to really see what I’m doing and those airplane overhead lights just don’t do it for me. 

I never did get to IKEA to get a floor lamp to keep at Dad’s – but that is already on my agenda for next year.  This girl has got to SEE to sew.

I’m seriously thinking of setting these with large setting triangles (What color? Or scrappy?) so that I don’t have to work so hard to match diamond point to diamond point – and the wondrous side benefit of “It will make it bigger faster!”

My flight touched down in Greensboro about 11:00 pm last night.  I took a Lyft ride home to Wallburg as Jeff is in Elkin with strep throat, and The Hubster is working in Virginia.

My van has been at the mechanics getting new brakes installed – and my birthday present – remote start- (Which also means remote “heat the van!”) and it was to be waiting for me in the drive when I arrived home last night.  It’s not there. 

So I am in Wallburg with NO WHEELS.  A phone call will be made this morning to find out what’s what.  As soon as I have wheels I’ll be making it back up to Virginia.

Our classroom Show & Share from last week!

Patty’s Frolic mystery!

I love seeing all of the variations that are coming together.


Just the slightest color change brings excitement!

I love this so much!

@lallalife tagged me in her Instagram post!

She has made 16 blocks, choosing to set them straight with the sashings instead of on-point as in my version.  Her colors and fabrics just SING!  She says: “It's in one piece!” and we all know how good that feels.

Have you checked our #quiltvillemystery and #frolicquilt hashtags lately?  Please keep sharing your progress!  It encourages so many into believing that they too can finish this project.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

In the immortal words of Reba McEntire - "Be different, stand out, and work your butt off!"

I love it when whoops blocks are left in like this!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

It's good to be home.


  1. I gave myself an electronic starter for Christmas. We have not had snow yet. I figure it is insurance against a big snow. Gkad you got home safe and sound. Have a safe trip and a nice weekend.

  2. I really LOVE your granny's way of not saying good bye. Such a wonderful way to live.

  3. Love the quote of the day! Glad you are safely home and hope the car has arrived so you can head out to the cabin and the hubster.

  4. So glad you like my friend's straight set Frolic. You have no idea of the battle to get this done. Colour switch doubts, extreme heat (it's summer here), choking bushfire smoke, and March fly attacks. These you would know as Horse flies. Fantastic work from Lallallife.

  5. Bonnie, thanks for recommending “A Mah Jongg Mystery” by Violetta Armour. Got the Kindle version for my IPhone yesterday and just finished a few minutes ago. I know nothing about Mah Jong but love a good mystery. It was a fast read. Loved the friends in the book. Felt like I was with my own friends. The author is a natural-born writer...

  6. Your airport check-in brought back painful memories. I got dropped off curbside. Went inside to check my bags, decided I didn't want to drag my coat through two airports, so I put it into the outside zipper compartment of my suitcase. Just as it was disappearing around the corner, I realized my phone was in my coat pocket. Oh Lord, the hoops I had to jump to get it back before the flight! One of the times it paid off to be early for a flight.

  7. I have a neck light I got from Amazon that is fantastic, the light is bright and adjustable. I take it with me all the time for stitching and have purchased several as gifts & everyone love them.For some reason I thought you were the one who posted about it.

    1. I think it was Ami Simms? But, sounds like a great idea!

  8. Hope you had the Million $ bacon at First Watch. It is so yummy!!


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