Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Well, Hello October!

It appears we have a bear that likes salt licks.

And although I find bears fascinating from afar – (Like in a ZOO – behind walls.) I am terrified of bears in my front yard.

I take that back – I know they are amazing, and nature is wonderful, and they can live on any part of this 42 acres of mountainside we call home in Southwestern Virginia, but please – stay where I can’t see you!  My biggest fear is they will catch me unaware when I am leaving the cabin for the car, or opening the garage or what have you.

I do know that these little black bears are more scared of us than we are of them – but the story still holds true.  Don’t get between a mama bear and her babies.  And this one is about a teenager in age from what we can guess.

And this was in the DAYLIGHT – not sneaky in the night time.  Oy!

I’d much rather watch the turkeys!

I love that big one front and center – I think it hears the trail cam clicking!

How many deer are here?

The babies with spots are so precious.

What’s strange to me is that even if the salt lick is right there – they will paw the ground and lick the dirt.  I guess needed minerals come in all forms – and maybe the dirt is LESS salty?

But those SPOTS!  So cute.

This is the kind of wildlife we have INSIDE.

Oh, Emmy Lou Lou!

I don’t think she wanted me to finish this binding.

And evidently she thought I should share that root beer float.


Good luck getting ANYTHING out of the bottom of that glass.  LOL!

Place mat number 2 bound!

It’s so easy to bind one of these in the course of an evening of TV watching.  Quick finish and they make me so happy.

I’ve had requests to show the backings too – I’ve found the backings of these small projects to be the PERFECT place to show some larger floral prints some love and appreciation:

This piece was in a box given to me by my friend Nancy in Pennsylvania!

Nancy, that box has a lot of GREAT stuff in it!

This piece was perfect for the cushion back!

(Will show you the rest tomorrow.)

Click to Play:

So excited about this little goodie - I am so tired of knocking spray bottles off of my ironing board.  Aren't you?

I will be ordering a couple more for my different ironing locations. The kind folks at myironez.com are offering a 15% discount to my readers using code BH15off at purchase!

You'll notice in this little slide show that I have also tried different bottles to see how they fit. And yes, this will fit a big board or a table top - the easy to use clamp has a wide range of adjustibility!

My best press bottle fits well, and it will also hold the new flairosol light mist bottles.

The free bottle included with your IronEZ actually has a finer mist than the Best Press bottles, so feel free to fill it up with your favorite spray, whether homemade and vodka based or commercial!

Wait – what? VODKA?

Yes! It is the starch from the potatoes (vodka is made from potatoes) that stiffens the fabric.
  1. Mix one part vodka to two parts water in a spray bottle (I use 1/3 cup vodka and 2/3 cup water).
  2. Shake to combine.
Perfect for your new IronEZ – and don’t forget the 15% off code: BH15off.  You’ll input it on the checkout page after you’ve placed yours in the cart.

Happy ironing!

On the other side of things here – the ceiling LED lights are DONE in the Quilting Quarters at Quiltville Inn.  Today, they’ve already finished the floor jacks in the Quilting Quarters, and the new dining room lights are being installed.  I’ve been back and forth and back and forth a few times answering questions and stating how I want things.  I am SO excited.

There will be more to show after things are done and the mess is cleaned up and then we start in on the PAINTING – then the decorating and the HANGING of quilts on walls, and all else that comes with it!

Celebrating October!

Punkin Patch Table Runner PDF Pattern Sale: $4.00!

I wanted to do something to celebrate this favorite month - so in honor of October, I've slashed the price of my Punkin Patch Table Runner to half price at $4.00!  You have plenty of time to whip this cutie up, and perhaps make some matching hot pads, place mats, mug rugs or cushions using this fun block as well.

You don't even need a coupon code.  Just head on over to the Quiltville Store  and head straight to the digital pattern section for your purchase. (direct link under the photo above)

When your purchase is complete, be watching for a second email to come AFTER your receipt from my web store server ECWID.  It will contain your download link.  

Click the link to download, save the file to your REAL COMPUTER, not a mobile device or tablet so you know where to find it.  

After saving, navigate to the file you saved - wherever you saved it. (Or check your downloads folder if you forgot to specify a location.) 

Click the file to open and print.

You can be sewing string pumpkins in just a few minutes - but this comes with a warning: String pumpkins are ADDICTING!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Happy October, Friends! I love this month!

Bring on the pumpkin flavored everything!


  1. me too...i LOVE october, esp here in the south...

  2. Growing up, my dad "taught" us this method of discerning how many animals there were: count the legs and divide by four!

  3. Bonnie, just make sure you have lots and lots of Bear Bells, the noise will keep them away! Laurie

  4. So, not all vodka is potato based...does that work too? Just curious.

  5. Your bear reminded me of our bear experience a few years ago when we lived on 12 acres in Tesuque NM. After a great day of hiking, we were relaxing & watching tv. Our DIL yelled bear, and we thought she meant in the movie - no bear in the movie. It was standing at our kitchen window with his nose pressed against it. Three of us ran to take pics while my Cowboy calming went around closing all of the open doors and windows. Every one standing wide open with no screens. The bear didn't even try to come in, but went around the house, got into the garbage can, puncture a can of whipped cream & swatted down my hummingbird feeders, then moseyed off at a slow pace. It was exciting, and we got some pictures. As always your daily post reminds me of fond memories, inspires me, and makes me smile (and chuckle out loud). Thanks so much for all you do for all of us.

  6. oh the vodka!!! does not go into a spray bottle LOL Thank you for the pumpkin pattern. Hugs ann

  7. I ordered ironez. Just want to let people know...Shipping is free at this current time. I had to go back a screen after putting in my name and payment info to see the discount box. Maybe it was because I was using Spotify to auto-fill the blank spaces.
    Several years ago, my husband was taking our son to the bus stop. They were running a bit late and as my son opened the door he slammed it shut. My husband said let's go we're going to be late. And my son studdered, bear bear bear. My husband reached around him, opened the door and they saw the bear just disappearing around the corner of the house. Before that the adorable little bear was sitting? Sleeping? On the front doormat. Oh, and we had recently moved to just inside the city limits. Not what we expected to see but still do even after living here 20 years.
    Excited for you and the Inn!

  8. In my urban neighborhood we have a resident guinea fowl. We had flooding in 2010 and he apparently came from the college ag center nearby. He never went back. Neighbors feed him. He thinks he owns the street and cars don't scare him.

  9. Bonnie- Speaking of bears- I've always known they were on the back of my place. BUT in August, two days after my brother and SIL from Bend, OR were visiting, we were sitting and eating when all of a sudden y SIL Froze, pointed and said bear! There was a Black Bear, about two years, walking in my back yard, not more than 20 feet from the house; and Bandit, my snowshoe cat was on the back deck. He froze in place. Luckily the bear kept moving towards the next place, I went out and scooped up my kitty and brought him into the house. He would not go out onto the back deck for the next couple of days. He would peer around the end of the couch, and look out the sliding glass door, to make sure that bear was not there. None of my neighbors have seen a bear that close to our houses. I am glad my visitors saw a bear close up, in the wild, but I don't want to see one that close again for a long time, either!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is still fall, but rainy now and getting colder.

  10. Hi Bonnie... What is a salt lick?
    Your root beer float sounds like our SPIDER. Made with a scoop of ice cream in a glass and topped with your favourite soft drink (soda). Loved it as a kid.

  11. Your Emmy Lou looks just like my Jack. He is over 15 years old now, but acts like a kitten sometimes. Emmy is beautiful. I am glad she settled in after her car ride. Jack hates the car too. I have a vet that comes to the house so he doesn't have travel.. Thanks for all you do. I love the pattern for the court-house steps. Scraps here I come.

  12. I really enjoyed reading every bit of this newsletter today.
    I am in Northern Virginia. Hello and waves from Loudoun County

  13. I just bought me a couple of the water bottle holders as I am always knocking mine off too. What a great find this was. Thank you!


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