Thursday, October 10, 2019

Cooler Nights are Made for Quilting!

I thought I was making good progress on this – but – what?  Oh, Emmy Lou Lou, how am I supposed to get ANYTHING DONE?!

Yesterday was a blur.  That’s all I can say.  From the time I cooked breakfast to the time I toddled the 7 miles home to the cabin, it was just many hours of scattered go go go.  The kind of day where you don’t feel like you accomplish much of anything.  A bit of this, a bit of that – the proverbial “keeping all plates spinning” while trying to keep any one of them from flying off its stick and crashing to the floor.

My brain kept saying “Too much! too much! too much!” And I had to remind myself that I can only do what I can only do.

So at the end of it all, stitching in the evening is what it took to finally calm my heart and soul.

And I really didn’t mind this too much.

There’s not much better than a purring cat, warm in your lap while the room is made cozy by a lovely fire.

But the BIGGEST thing of all – oh, you guys!  This is just making me SO HAPPY!

For years and years and years I had to watch Downton Abbey SOLO while it was running as a series. The menfolk in my family couldn’t be bothered with all of that schmaltz.  They didn’t care about drama and costuming and stage sets.

But The Hubster and I finally went to see the Downton movie at our favorite Blue Ridge Movie Lounge on Tuesday evening.  

I worried that he was just doing it for me.  That he would just suck it up and endure to the end, and to tell you the truth, without any back story as he had not watched ANY of the episodes when it was running as a series – to have it start up without knowing ANY of the history of the characters, I thought he’d be bored out of his mind. 

Look closely – behind the hoop, up on the wall -

(And then maybe that will take your focus off how those triangle points just do not match.  I gave up on it – they are 1’’ finished!)  The Hubs has gone back to the beginning, and ALL BY HIMSELF thrown himself into watching the entire series from the beginning!  Which means I get to watch it again too.  And I am just so happy.

Usually I cave to watch whatever he wants, and I do enjoy the legal/police/intrigue/drama stuff that he likes – but this is sure a breath of fresh air.  Now I just need to get him to fall in love with Poldark and all things will be right in my world.  LOL!

And this all followed waffles for dinner as it was that kind of day.

Yep.  Gluten free waffles with peanut butter, sliced banana and real maple syrup (HEATED!  I have to have my syrup heated!) and everything started looking much better in my world.

What set the chaos tipping?  Arranging airfare for my dad coming for Thanksgiving.  I finally clued in to the calendar and how late in the month Thanksgiving is this year.  I leave for Germany on Dec 1st.  December 1st is still part of Thanksgiving weekend – it’s the Sunday following Thanksgiving.

I have retreaters coming the 29th of November and leaving December 1st!

So what am I going to do with Dad?  I am going to have him come EARLIER than he usually does and Thanksgiving will be toward the end of our time together. I’ll take him back to the airport on Saturday the 30th, leaving the retreaters to fend for themselves.  Dave can do the house check after they leave. We will deal with the linens, etc. when I get back from Germany.

After dropping dad at the airport, I’ll stay the night in Wallburg, and head back to the airport at 4am Sunday Dec 1st.

Can you feel the panic?

Now let’s throw another couple of plates spinning out of control.

Kenya is next week.  I’m not ready.  I don’t know how to use my new camera – that is on task for this weekend, but I sure hope someone ON the tour can also help me learn this thing!

What happens when I get back from Kenya?  Release of our Quiltville Winter Mystery introductory post containing background information, colors, yardage requirements, etc for this year’s mystery with clue number one going live on BLACK FRIDAY (yes, while the retreaters are arriving!)

And with leaving for Germany December 1st – I’ll have to write at least ONE clue ahead so it is ready to post when it needs to go live.

Can I just go sit by the fire and hand quilt with Emmy Lou for a while?

This morning I was up extra early.

I just couldn’t sleep – I tiptoed down to the studio at the cabin and just pulled from my string bucket to start another string log cabin.  This time a more traditional placement of the logs, but as you can see they are very wonky!  Really, all I want to do is play with my fabric and make simple scrappy quilts for the beds at Quiltville Inn.

Four in a diamond setting!

Look at the placement of those center squares – I love that they are SO not in the center of the blocks.  Too much fun.  I am following the same basic formula for the Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt only going around the center square in a clock wise manner instead of doing two opposite sides, followed by top and bottom strips.  There are more strings, strips and scraps to keep going – and this is so brainless, mindless and fun it is just calling me.

And see that IronEZ?  This is the perfect lead in to what we’ve got going on.  Did you see it in Yesterday’s Post?

I LOVE having my spray bottle in its own holster, off of the surface of the ironing board.  No more bottles tumbling to the floor.

You can win your own IronEZ!

The adjustable clip can fit a multitude of thicknesses – this will even clamp to a table top, tray or big board.

It fits and corrals a multitude of favorite bottle sizes – and the free bottle that comes with it has even a finer mist than the traditional trigger spray on Best Press.  And yes, it will fit a beverage bottle as well - keep that water handy!

I am just this sold on the product, and the kind folks at IronEZ are offering a 15% discount to my readers – AND – we are giving away one!

(Due to shipping, this gift-away is available to USA residents only please.)

Head back to YESTERDAY’S POST and find the blue "Add Your Link" button part way down the page.  Click it and enter just your name and email address. 

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If you have also had trouble leaving a comment – it could be because you clicked through another site (Facebook or Blog Reader Service) and are not REALLY on my site – so open a new browser window and come directly to me.)

This quick finish was sent in by Nancy Mason! 
“Here’s my Punkin’ Patch Runner ready to be quilted!”

This is a reminder that my Punkin’ Patch Table Runner pattern is still on sale for the month of October at half price!  It’s only $4.00!  It didn’t take Nancy very long to whip this puppy up, and isn’t it cute?

Since there is no shipping, you can be stitching pumpkins within the hour, no matter where in the world you live!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage nine patch quilt found in North Carolina.

Listen to that voice within. It really does know you better than you think! 

There are days where I love the simplicity of little squares and straight line hand quilting. It fills my soul!

I feel the need to do some simple stitching today. I hope I can carve out some time to do it.

How about you?

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone!


  1. Matbe you can read camera instructions on the plane. It must be at least 6 hours.

  2. Admire your energy level. You deserve a cuddle/purr session.

  3. Hi Bonnie! I got IronEZ last week and love it! Also, I think I've finally figured out how to use my stash better and KonMari folded my neutrals and browns. Way to much brown so I'm looking through your books for a pattern to get those browns a home. Thank you for all the inspiration great product ideas! Emmy Lou Lou looks very content with her new home :-)

  4. Overlapping guests! Your father will love his visit. It is a busy time of the year, So excited to see the colors. And find out what inspired the Mystery Quilt this year. I'm playing in my 30's scraps, cutting them into usable sizes. I think I will use them in the Mystery this time. Thanks for the quick sending of the Bohn Needle threader. My older eyes will be so happy threading my machines.

  5. Yes there nothing like a cats purr! I enjoy all 3 of cats purr! Hope Emmie Lou doing well at the cabin. Love reading your blog. Have wonderful day today and tomorrow!

  6. I am so excited for all that is going on in your life. You can keep those plates going - you are fantastic!!!You just enjoy life so much and show all of us how to do it.

  7. I did the same thing, bought new camera, ended up using my cellphone for pictures instead. Before my next cruise on the Pacific Ocean in 2 weeks I will go back to store for lessons. September cruising the New England and Canadian Maritime ports, October cruise ports start in Vancouver down to San Diego and back hopefully with pictures on my new camera this time.

  8. I vote you cut yourself some slack and postpone the mystery! I know that may displease some, but I'm all about giving yourself a break! I, too, have a husband who hates chick flicks--I've been to every war movie since I married him 48 years ago and just never ask him to go to chick flicks--BUT, I asked for Downton Abbey for my birthay with the caveat that he couldn't complain which would ruin it for me. He didn't like it one bit, but he didn't complain. I may just go again but by myself. I loved every minute of it and I think they set up for another movie! Hope I'm right! Safe travels!

  9. SO happy you enjoyed the Downton Abby movie and that you can rewatch all the episodes while you quilt!
    Hand stitching is the only way I survive my life... it's my stitch yoga and resets everything for me.
    Really looking forward to this year's mystery... it's like Christmas for me!

  10. You will do great with the new camera. The long lens will require external stabilization as well as the built in. Use window frames,trees, doors and anything you can think of to hold you and the camera still because that's my weakness. A tripod probably isn't possible. If all else fails put the camera on auto and point and shoot. Canon does point and shoot really well.

    1. I love my Canon T-2. I have a complement of 3 lenses to go with it, the tripod, everything, but my fav set-up is just the standard set-up that the camera came as. The photos are great quality.

  11. Yes, you need to BREATHE! Hopefully you can slow down after Germany.

  12. life with the crawleys is NEVER dull doncha know! now your hub knows it too! and i agree, real maple syrup and heated...the only way to fly!

  13. The exact thing happened to me about Downton Abby. My husband went to see the movie and I thought he was just doing it for me. But he really liked it even though he didn't know who everyone was. When we got home he got out the set of DVDs that I purchased and he plans to watch them. His relatives from long ago are from England and he loves learning more about the history of the country.

  14. I'd have had a melt down long before! Yesterday I killed my phone - a tad frustrated as I can't get the photo's off it - hoping to transfer the sim card. How did I manage that? Forgot I'd left an egg in the pocket of my coat and knocked it against something - result pocket scramble and an eggy phone. See I couldn't possibly do what you do - I can barely do simple things! LOL!

  15. I was thinking about when you were going to get your dad in, just yesterday, too! (I don't get your daily blog in my email, until the day AFTER you post it, so I'm always 24 hours behind, unless I go directly to the website, so the thought came to me on Thursday, after you had written this one, but I hadn't seen it yet.) I knew that you'd have to get him in to do your reveal photo shoot of this year's Mystery quilt, as you do, every year, during his visit at Thanksgiving. He's become a part of our annual Mystery process, too!

  16. Wish my hubby would go to the Downton movie with me- he categorically refuses!

  17. Your fire and cat look so cosy and restful. Downtown Abbey was wonderful! And your log cabin coming along beautifully!

  18. Enjoy your travels and stay healthy and safe. Love your patterns!!!

  19. We lived in England with the USAF in the 70's and saw the original Poldark series on BBC. So I dont have to worry about hubby watching with me. He loves Downton Abbey and Poldark and lots of other Brit series as well. I have been watching the Durrells in Corfu. That is a fun one. And you will catch up. You are a doer Bonnie.

  20. Good Morning, oh how I can relate to 'one of those days', I hear there's a full orange moon on Sunday. The string pumpkins have been a saving grace, thank you! We too have been Downton fans for years, went to the movie and had to start the series again. will have to look into the Poldark series. Looking forward to the Black friday, not shopping, well maybe 'color' shopping. Hope you figure out the camara. Have a great day!

  21. I am 85 and have been quilting since the 1970's . . . . and I have just joined your blog! What delightful fun! I think you have the best career ever, even though it is super busy - it means you are a success. I have a huge stash of really good small prints and at this age don't make anything larger than a baby quilt. I never buy solids (except a bit of muslin), and think of the prints as an artist's paints, auditioning every piece and ironing every seam sewn. A labor of love!

  22. Thanks for your wonderful blog which brings great delight. Thanks too for the free patterns. I recently made Little Monkey. I couldn't figure out how to just copy and send a photo, but its here on my blog (https://www.mypurplepatch.com/2019/10/catch-up-2.html). Thanks again.

  23. Happy Friday I hope you enjoy a great week-end catching up, and starting more

  24. My husband had never seen the Downton Abbey series - and he too decided to watch it, which meant that I got to watch it again. I enjoyed it so much....and he did too!


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