Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Kids Being Kids, Like Kids Should Be!

How can you not smile at so much delight!

Seeing groups of kids with so much promise touches my heart and makes me realize how just the basics in life can be so important.  Safe and comfortable shelter and the love from parents and grandparents.  Clean water.  Nourishing food. Healthcare. Education and the desire to learn. Teachers who care.  Friends to bond with and grow up with.

The knowledge that no matter where you are born, you are the hope of our future.  If only given the chance that so many of us from other parts of the world take for granted, simply by the privilege of being born where we were.

We made a visit to the PCEA Academy in Nanyuki, Kenya – a private school that Craftours is helping to fund a new computer lab where these precious ones can continue to learn – to grow – to step out in the world prepared to take it on with everything they’ve got.  And we were so happy to be able to meet the teachers and the kids and see just what our helping hands were doing there.

I think they are a bit curious about us as we arrived!

Other than our “big days” in Nairobi, everything we did was in safari vehicles that held approximately 6 of my Quiltville travelers per vehicle.  With 36 of us – that was a lot of vehicles in an entourage.

Our time was pre-arranged, and the children had practiced and practiced on how they were going to welcome us.  But we were unprepared for just how this would steal our hearts.

The older grades came out first -

Miss Mary telling us about the school and the children.

Things I noticed right off – if you put ALL the children in track suits – there is no status of “Better than” or “different than” or “lesser than.”  All are equal, as they should be.

And the younger ones came running!

Trying for some assemblage of order here! LOL!

Check out little miss with her hand on her hip – red boots and all!

And the short ones always go in the front!

And this was what they sang for us!  Click to Play:

And after such a beautiful performance - we were engulfed in the biggest hug fest ever!

Surrounded, engulfed, swarmed – with love!

And so much beautiful silliness!

Oh the joy!

Meeting, greeting, learning about one another.

Touching.  Hugging.  Shaking hands.  Exchanging names.  Making connections.

And the Selfies!  What kid doesn’t like selfies?

As soon as I put the big camera down and put my phone on selfie mode and said “SELFIE TIME!” things got really fun. 

I also experienced something so precious – the girls wanted to pet my hair.  It is so different from theirs, I know.  My pony tail was felt, braided, played with.  And I didn’t mind it a bit.  It was such a heart touching moment. 

And the boys even got in on it!

Who will YOU be when you grow up, young man?

ANYTHING you want to be!

But most of all – I hope you are all happy!

I am the middle of a kid sandwich!

And I love it!

I want to memorize each and every face – and keep them with me.

Can’t we stay just a bit longer?

What a giggle fest!  I was nearly falling over!

Can I also just share one other observation here.  The differences between schools here in the USA – and this lovely place.  There was HUGGING.  There was love and laughter and trust between students and adults.  How sad I am that due to inexcusable acts by some – that here in the USA teachers can no longer reach out to hug a child who needs it.  To place a hand on a head or a shoulder to quiet someone who is acting out.  We have lost SO MUCH.  And the kids are starving for love, affection, attention, direction and we can’t give it to them.  Because others have ruined it for them by being untrustworthy, harmful, dangerous.  So in keeping kids SAFE – we also harm them.

Today more than ever, children need our love and our hugs, and we can't give them.

So much silly laughter!  Falling over with glee!

LOL!  You guys are too cool for school!

Check out the kissy face above my head – she is a selfie pro.  LOL!

Bye bye my darlings!  I really do hope to visit again!

Until next time!

So! I was going to draw for our Quilty Box winners this morning.  But I am making the executive decision to post those winning names on Saturday. I just really wanted to get this up here today. 

And I have some feelers out to Craftours to see if there is something that we as Quiltvillians can do to help with that computer lab for the PCEA Academy.  I just don’t know what or how yet.  Maybe a go fund me?  I need to find out more information, so stay tuned for that.

My focus for today is on TOMORROW!!!!!!   You all know what that is.  YES?  If not, come by tomorrow and SEE for yourself!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage ocean waves quilt found in North Carolina.

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

As wonderful as these words are, I think it's also important to add "yourself" after these words:
Trust yourself
Believe in yourself
Forgive yourself
and never give up!


  1. Such a cute video... love that around the 3 minute mark a little boy kisses a girl and then she wipes it off with her hand... OMG LOL!!!!
    Can't wait for tomorrow!

    1. I saw that too. Sure brought back memories.

  2. My friend retired from teaching the day after they were told no more hugs for kids, it was the last straw. She knew the hugs she gave were sometimes the only hugs some children get.

  3. A gofundme would be awesome; keep me updated. The kids were very interested in petting my skin...as if it should be different feeling because it was different color. So, so fun and enriching. xo

    1. behind the go fund me page, for sure...but maybe should not be just computers..... a sewing room with non-computerized machines would be nice also.....

    2. They use a lot of treadles in Nairobi.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I had a smile on my face the whole time watching. It is a great reminder of the joy of kids all over the world and even thought as quilters we can be obsessive about our habit we are blessed and privileged to do what we do... We need more glimpses into the greater world around us!

  5. What a wonderful experience you had and so lovingly and willingly shared with us! Your insights are inspirational and heart wrenching in the differences in the school systems, brought me to tears. Thank you so much for sharing the children with me! and all of us! You give me hope that there will be brighter days for these children. Such a joy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  6. They have learned to love one another,the valuable lesson to learn prior to computers .....It would be great if we could help them to have computer access to help with study.

  7. Loved this post, it brought tears, so sweet and honest.

  8. The one thing I can look forward too. No dressing up silly, Trick or Treating for me. My Trip to the Big town where their is a Lowe's, has been set for Halloween Day this week. Totally agree, kids need hugs!

  9. Enjoyed your spot on observation, we enjoy so many advantages and the best money can buy in some cases a free hug may be all that is needed and the better solution for no cost. Thanks for the reminder

  10. Thank you for sharing those smiling faces this morning. I'm fortunate that in my little corner of the USA I still see teachers and students hug. It always brings a smile to my face when one of those little ones runs to their teacher for a hug - and with a smile on their face.

  11. Thank you for sharing. It lets me"go along" to places I will never see in person. What a joy you are Bonnie.

  12. The love of Christ shines thru these beautiful children.They are the light of this world. God bless them.

  13. This made my day!! I tutor one day a week in a local city school. Since I am a volunteer I am able to hug my kids when they need it and they hug me back. I have also noticed that the school principal is a big hugger, so in some places it is still done. I agree completely. Humans need that touch. Especially children.

  14. Thank you for sharing this joy with all of us. Yes we need reminders of how blessed we truly are and that children are children wherever they are. Love this journey

  15. This post really makes me smile :)

  16. "So in keeping kids SAFE – we also harm them." Your words were so well spoken. I had a tough childhood and my 4th grade teacher knew it. I will never forget the feel of her arms, the smell of her makeup and the look on her face when she would give me a hug and let me take a little nap during school. It brings tears knowing how much love she had to give to her students. Thanks for the memories. I CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW!!!

  17. Oh Bonnie, the sweetness of those little children brought joyful tears to my eyes. Thanks for posting all your pictures. They just make me smile and smile.

    Loretta McDermott McGinn

  18. Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful post!

  19. My mom taught 2nd grade and she would always had a child who was struggling with reading sit on her lap for a little one-on-one lesson that always had positive results. She retired in 1985, so it was all right back then. I was lucky that I taught a self-contained Special Ed class and had a teaching assistant or teacher's aides in my classroom. For my students, that hug, shoulder pat, were so very important and I had another adult in my classroom at all times so we all were protected. I love to see how happy children are and I love that they are getting the hugs they need!! I also loved the kiss on the cheek and the discrete wipe off!!! Looking forward to tomorrow to see if my guess about the new Mystery Quilt is right!!!

  20. here in small town midwest, I do hug when needed, hold them tight when their life gets too rough at home. Just a smile or a pat on the back can help make the day brighter for both of us! I teach high school science but I think of myself as more of a mentor.

  21. Loved this post today. Thank you so much for sharing this heart warming experience. You are the best.

  22. Today is 31 October here in South Africa, I always have to wait an extra day for you guys to catch up!! Roll on tomorrow!!! :)

  23. Those children are beautiful. Not sure how you could stand there without tearing up.

    I so believe uniforms should be manditory in schools here in the United States. There are too many bullies in our schools. I think this is one way it might cut down on children being made fun of because of what they are wearing.

  24. I feel like I just came back with you. Thank you so much for the travel log!

  25. I agree Bonnie, kids need hugs. I am a retired Pre-K teacher and I hugged my kids until the day I retired. We were told don't touch the students, but I was not going to deny my students of showing them that I cared for and loved them. You send the wrong message to a child when they run up to you and hug you and you don't hug them back. You are giving them the message that you don't think they are worthy of your love. I taught in a low economic area and for some of my students the only hugs they got was at school. I miss all the little ones but I don't miss all the paperwork and meetings. Now I quilt.

  26. look at all those beautiful faces on the children...

  27. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures of the children. They are so adorable and so happy. I can just see the little girls touching your hair and braiding it. I love the cute faces the children made for the camera. Kids all over the world love to make funny faces.


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