Saturday, October 12, 2019

Never to Old to Learn New Things!

Photos from my new Canon SX70 HS

Take pictures of EVERYTHING.  It’s not usually the first photo that turns out.

I took this photo while we were taking Sadie on an afternoon road hike – the steep drive down from the cabin, to the road and down a bit, and then all the way back up to the top.

Believe me, it’s much easier going down than up! 

The little house below our property proved to be a great photo op – the colorful laundry on the line, the shadows on the grass…The American flag on the shed porch.

Blue Ridge Mountains.  Appalachia.

Come on mom, you are lagging behind!

I know!  But zooming in on mossy rocks is so interesting!

And this drive is so steep!

And we still have to climb all the way – UP THERE!?

I think I’ll sit right down on the drive and catch my breath.
Click to Play:

I tried the video feature on the new SX70 just to see how it would work and how long it would take for it to wifi connect and transfer to my phone.  It was really pretty seamless actually, and I was able to post it to Instagram right away.

I’m afraid you are going to get a lot more test photos over the next while.

One of the hints I got, not even knowing all the settings, is to at least know where the SPORT setting is to catch action burst shots.  That’s how I was able to get Sadie’s wagging tail at a stand still in the photo above.

This however is cell phone.

At about 12 miles an hour.

I had Emmy Lou in the cat carrier in the passenger seat next to me so she could see me and I could reach my fingers in through the grate to comfort her.

THIS is an Appalachian Traffic Jam of amazing proportions  It usually doesn’t happen line this.  I had to call the vet to tell them why I was running late. The conversation went something like this: “Hi, this is Bonnie Hunter, I’m running a bit late as I am following a long line of vehicles at 12 miles an hour.  There is tractor of some sort heading up our slow moving parade, and in the mix in front of me are also a school bus and a dump truck full of gravel.  I’ll be there when I get there.”

The response was “Oh wow, that’s a trifecta of un-passability. Drive safely!”  LOL!

I showed her the photo when I finally got there. We had a good laugh.  These roads are steep, winding and narrow and there is nowhere to pass or pull over.  The tractor thing at the front finally turned off at a side road next to a church, and we picked up speed.

Emmy Lou in not her favorite spot.

The medicine helped with the yowling.  It did not help much with the pooping (You should have seen me at a rural stop sign grabbing Kleenex and flinging cat poop out of the window to the side of the road!) or throwing up.  (Which only happened once.  ON the towel. Thank heavens.)  After that she did settle down, got quiet, and I think she actually slept part of the way.  She was even better on the way home so the next time we have to do this? I’m giving her the meds 3 hours ahead of leaving instead of 2.

Diagnosis on the growing barnacle on her side?  Sebaceous cyst. The vet lanced and drained it (totally gross. Seriously. eww.) And shaved around it to increase the air drying it out. I’ve just got to wash it once a day.  As it is in a place she can’t reach we don’t have to worry about her licking it.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger voice in my head shouting “It’s a TUMOR!” can now be quieted.  We trimmed her nails while we had her there since she won’t use a scratching post.  She got a rabies shot and we were good to go.  For the 1/2 hour drive home.  Miss sweet thing.  For 19 years old she is in great health and we should have another few good years with her.  I’m so glad we didn’t get a “terminal” diagnosis on her.

Some sewing did happen -

But not much – just a set of 5 more.

You know how I love to switch machines out.  I do I do I do.  I also brought up my darker art deco cabinet from Wallburg, to sit opposite the blonde wood art deco cabinet that holds my 301 in its cradle at the Quiltville Post Office. I moved the beautiful mahogany cabinet with the 15 in it over to the Inn how that we are on the push to get everything set up over there.

The art deco cabinets have MORE LEG ROOM beneath as it is minus a front left leg.  The fold out table sections really do add a lot of workspace, and the three drawers for storage are so practical.

The machine in the cabinet?  My friend Nancy B brought several machines to me when I was teaching in Pennsylvania in September.  I spent some time cleaning up the 201 and placed her in the cabinet this week to give her a go.  Such a quiet stitcher, and so much power!  Her main task will be for binding, but I loved piecing the Crooked Log Cabin blocks on her.  Thanks, Nancy!  The little Singer 99 machines are going to live at Quiltville Inn as loaner/back up machines for retreaters. They are the perfect size and so easy to run. And no bobbin cases to lose.

And do you see what I see to the RIGHT of the cabinet?

My IronEZ #2 has found a perfect spot next to my machine-side pressing table!

I love that the clip has a wide range of adjustability and the thick rubber grips in the top and bottom of the clip won't harm my vintage sewing cabinet - where I've got it clipped here.

No more spray bottles will be taking long drops to the floor, and the holster fits numerous sizes of spray bottles including your Best Press, Flatter, spray starch in a can, fine mist flairosol bottles, and even a beverage water bottle! (Hydrate hydrate hydrate!)

If you'd like to win one (USA addresses only please) enter to win on this past Wednesday's blog post. Drawing to happen Monday!

And SURPRISE!  We will be drawing THREE LUCKY WINNERS!

You can order them directly at myironez.com and save 15٪ using coupon code BH15off on the checkout page!

October is still in full swing!

And so is the half-price sale on my Punkin Patch Table Runner pattern, only $4.00!

You could be stitching pumpkins by lunch time! NOTE - you do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase Paypal jus just my credit card processor.  You can use your regular credit card as a Paypal Guest.  You can also do an Echeck this way.  Just follow the illustration directions found partway down the front page of the Quiltville Store.

And with that, (and very slow internet this morning) It’s time to get this day up and going.  It’s Design Wall Saturday – I’ll be covering foam insulation boards and getting them ready to install – ONE STEP CLOSER!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage broken dishes in a nine patch quilt found in North Carolina.

Every day is a brand new chapter. We can fill the pages however we want to.

The past doesn't dictate who we are becoming.

Welcome to the weekend, folks!


  1. Sounds like your steep driveway needs a nice bench halfway up. Glad Emy Lou is ok.

  2. Wow ! new camera is awesome! Glad for Emmy Lou Lou that mommy got it all figured out! Sewing up a storm here in California because the air is so full of ash that it is difficult to breath outdoors...and...wishing the new camera sends great pictures of shopping for pieces and assembly of WALL, Design Boards !

  3. Yay! Good news about sweet Emmy Lou!

    FWIW, I think your traffic-jam leader was a hay baler. Doesn't get you to the vet any faster to know that, but there's your gratuitous farm trivia for the day! :)

    I'm going to be chuckling all day that some homemaker from VA doesn't know that a crisp, clear photo of her colorful undies is being seen by thousands of quilters worldwide, at least some of whom are probably looking at that color assortment and thinking about a quilt. I might be one of them....

  4. Great news about Miss Emmy Lou! Have a wonderful Saturday!

  5. Enjoyed a trip down memory lane with your picture of the Singer 201 in the mahogany cabinet. That's the identical machine and cabinet I learned to sew on in 1958, and that my mom made many little girls dresses on, for me and my 3 sisters. When I graduated from college, my mom gifted me with an identical machine and cabinet. I wanted a sewing machine more than a car as a graduation present! Wish I still had that machine.

  6. I am so glad you are enjoying the machines.

  7. Soooo relieved to hear about Emmy. I must say, I was betting on it being an abscess - due to your new house kitties. I’m sure she’s much happier now being the only queen in residence! And you get to share your cabin time. Winning!

  8. The image of you flinging cat poop out the car window....PRICELESS! Thank you I needed a chuckle! Glad EmmyLou is doing well!

  9. Glad for just a cyst draining for Emmylou. Love seeing the pretty machines. Headed to the BEACH today.

  10. My mom always hung the underwear between two other lines of clothes so nobody would see them!

    Glad Emmy Lou is okay--my old guy (16) is working his way through a rough patch.

    Lovely photos with the new camera.

  11. Bonnie you are always so busy, I can't even begin to imagine how you do all you do and blog daily. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your life❤

  12. I am so happy for you that Emmy Lou is healthy. We lost our Toby at 19 and a half and miss him so much. We used to go to Florida every winter and took him in the car with us. Of course being a Siamese he had to yowl all the way from Michigan to Florida. He had food and a litter box in the back of the car with all our stuff including my sewing machine and a nice bed for him, but he preferred to yowl and try how to get up front with us. We had a dog fence which kept him in the back of the Explorer so he had plenty of room and was free to move around.

  13. Great news for Emmy Lou :). When I read about the IronEZ on Wed., I was so excited that I ordered three right away ( then came back and finished reading your blog and noticed there was a discount code - oh well). My order arrived bright and early this morning. Two will be Christmas gifts, but the third one is MINE MINE MINE and I can't wait to set it up with my ironing board.

  14. Your pictures are great so far! You need a bench or two along the driveway. Sweet kitty! Attended two quilt shows today, one had an Alliatare, the other had two Celtic Solstice quilts. :D

  15. At first I thought you meant you had only thrown up once on the towel! Which is a definite possibility after throwing cat poop out the window. Thanks for the good laugh today!

  16. Yayyyy for Emmy Lou! Your trees still look beautiful, your video looked like a spring day with all that green!

  17. WHAT A RELIEF... such good news about sweet EmmyLou! Thank you... I didn't get to see THIS post until sunday a.m. and Sunday's post had no work, hadda go back a day to get the wonderful news! Thank you for posting it. I think I detect a note of panic!!! not to worry, what is done will be done, what is not, the retreaters will help finish up... yup, quilters be that way. <3 Cats in Carlsbad CA

  18. I had a giggle about the panties on the line; my mother also would only hang underwear between other lines of clothing. Not only would she not air her dirty linen in public, she would not air her clean linen either. We just let it all hang out these days. Yep, that's a hay baler

  19. Great photos! Looking at the laundry picture I heard my mother’s voice from 50+ years ago teaching me how to hang out the laundry...(no clothes dryer!) clothespins on all the seams and underwear hidden so the neighbors couldn’t see! Good memories!

  20. I have a cabinet very similar to the one you have in the last picture! Mine is darker wood, and it belonged to my mother-in-law. I've been using mine as a table, and keep it folded closed. I think that the opening is too big for my Featherweight, and it is too small for my modern machine.


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