Friday, October 11, 2019

Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag!

Downtown Independence, Virginia!

Side view of the old 1908 Courthouse as seen from the steps of the NEWER Grayson County Courthouse.

I was down here yesterday to take care of all of the tax and business license stuff for Quiltville Inn.  Let’s check all of those boxes and consider them done.  We are good to go!  Yippee!

What was so funny – as I explained to Larry, the Grayson County Commissioner of Revenue (Now that’s a title!) just what we were doing I was reminded of how wonderful small town living is, and how everyone knows everyone and they are genuinely interested in what folks are doing to create their own kind of happiness.

“I purchased the old Field’s Mansion in Mouth of Wilson a year and a half ago with the intent to turn it into a Quilter’s Retreat.  I also plan on teaching workshops there.”

“Oh, you are the one who bought Aaron Floyd’s old place?” (the previous owners.  LOL!)

“Will you be supplying machines? Are you providing food?”  The answer to both was no, although I did say that there would be a couple of loaner machines on hand for those who might be flying in, or have their machine break down. “I have BACK UPS!” I exclaimed.

After we were done he suggested I go to the old courthouse below and talk to the gal in charge of area events and publicity.  I thanked him, knowing that he had NO CLUE that we’ve already got publicity covered.  I also don’t think he understood that it isn’t a Bed & Breakfast or Air B&B type of venue.  It’s a group retreat facility.  He nodded as I explained and he wished me lots of luck as I went out the door.

Whatever his conceptions (I am sure he thought we were nuts and that it wouldn’t fly just based on word of mouth) I know that we are good with the county and that’s all I need!

This week I am learning to use this.

Canon SX70 HS

And it’s going to take much more than a week!

I always wanted to know how to do REAL photography – to get things off of Auto. To know when to switch to this setting or that setting, but when it comes to Kenya I will be happy to just know how to turn it on!

The funny part of this photo is that I was away and asked The Hubster to take a photo of the new camera so I could have the name/model at hand.

Would you look at where he staged this photo?  On my treadle.  He’s now staging quilty photos.  He’s learning. LOL.

I have spent so much time watching YouTube how-to videos all about this camera and my brain is numb.  I don’t have a lot of confidence that I’ll be getting many good animal shots while in Kenya, but I will hopefully learn as I go.  And yes, I have a manual.  I have extra batteries that can be charged by USB as well as regular plug in. 

And at least I learned how to either keep the flash off, or turn it on when needed, but not always leave it on auto because it tends to wash out detail where you want it.

The clarity is really good!

With the flash off – I can see the stitches.

“disclaimer”  These photos have been made smaller in resolution for posting here.

The other thing I am loving?  The photos instantly download to my phone. I have a direct WiFi from the camera to my phone.  And I have set my phone with google photos to automatically upload them in the smallest shareable size suitable for blog posts/facebook/instagram/etc.  It’s going to help with the editing time.

Standing on the front porch, zooming at the shed.

This zoom is so powerful!

Standing on the front porch -

Zooming in to the trees across the yard – WOW!

Zooming in to the string bin!

Okay, I’m going to have fun with this – major fun.

Last night’s round of log cabin blocks.

And we keep sewing!

I love that I can see the GRAIN of the fabric!

It’s Doc Day for Emmy Lou Lou.

After my visit to the courthouse, I headed over to Sparta on the NC side to pick up some meds for Emmy.  She has her check up this afternoon, and she just doesn’t ride in a car well.  So yes, instead of having a cat throw up and poop herself in the car, I will drive 1/2 hour and spend $7.00 on meds.  No matter which direction I need to go, it’s a half hour to get there.  But it is worth it!

12:30 dosing time, 2:30 leaving time.  Appointment at 3pm.  And we’ll find out what that nasty growth is on her side and if there is anything we can do about it within reason.  She is 19.  So we will weigh that in as well.  She is happy and purring and loving and has settled in so well.

And after all of this is done – perhaps I can get back to sewing SOMETHING?  ANYTHING?  I’ve not done a lot this week and I’m feeling the need.

Don’t forget we have an IronEZ Gift-Away still going on over on Wednesday’s Post.  Enter to win OVER THERE.  Drawing to happen on Monday!

ALSO!  Our Punkin Patch Table Runner Digital Pattern is still at half price through the month of October.  Only $4.00!

I love the fun backgrounds used on these pumpkins pieced by a student during my time at Alex Anderson’s retreat in California just a week ago. (Time flies!)

You can be stitching pumpkins by lunch time!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

I find it hard to create when I am stressed out or feeling pressured. It's times like these when I need to take a long walk, pet the fabric, and work my way back into creativity. Do you feel this way too? This is the civil war era quilt that inspired my block and quilt Idaho Square Dance from my book Addicted to Scraps.

And I am giggling out loud because voice-to-text wanted to type Idaho SquarePants!

I’m still chuckling!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. I took a big quilt to a long armer yesterday mainly because hand quilting would gave been difficult, it was a heavy paper piecing pattern. Anyway, this LAQ was 1.5 hours away but lives close to my sister, so I went to her house to visit a bit and she, her husband and I went to lunch before I fought Washington DC rush hour home (2 hour return trip). Last night before I went to bed my sister sent me a text saying she enjoyed the impromptu visit. So with that being my last happy thought as I went to bed I went to sleep. I am sure it was that happy note that blessed me with a wonderful dream. Just before I woke up this morning I was dreaming of being frustrated while trying to piece a block for a quilt. To my thrill, in the dream, my mother reached over and offered to help. Her method worked and I gave her a hug and thanked her for coming to visit. This probably doesn’t sound like much to you; but my mother passed away 3.5 years ago and she and I spent many years quilting and quilt retreats together so this dream, sparked by my lovely sister’s text was/is such a blessing.

    1. beautiful story, April
      I mom has been gone 3 years now, so I know your heart.
      I live in Northern Virginia and avoid the beltway as often as possible.. Well, traffic is crazy in the DC metro area. I was not even like this 20 years ago

    2. What a nice gift! I always feel that visits in dreams from my parents or siblings that have passed is a gift from God.

    3. Both daughters live in DC, so i know what you are talking about. I get night/day mares just thinking about visiting them.

    4. I love that you had that visit with your sister and then the dream with your mom. I have tears in my eyes and I'm sure part of the reason is that my own sister is in the hospital at the moment fighting for her life. She has been dealing with COPD for years and a hospital visit is nothing new but this time it's pretty serious. We are spacing out our visits and I will hopefully get to see her tomorrow. Our mom has been gone for over twenty years and I've only dreamed of her a few times but those dreams were so vivid! Thanks for sharing your story.

    5. My son and I just drove a UHaul through morning traffic in Washington, D.C. Well he drove and I prayed. He did fine. But phone gps is for the birds. We kept getting lost. But we finally made it out and are now home (a thousand miles away.)

  2. Good luck with Emmy--- it is hard when our furbabies get old and we have to make the tough choices.

  3. Wonderful, clear pictures!

  4. Poor Emmy Lou Lou. Our cats were also not good travelers. Perhaps when we are ready to get a new kitty it will be a better traveler. When I am stressed, quilting is my therapy instead of a walk like you. Isn't it great how different we all are!

  5. Love your shots and playing with zoom is fun! If you get blurring stabilize yourself because the camera will do the best it can.

  6. This saying is SSEEWWWW much where I am living right now. A bunch of travel- all fun but still not home- and trying to buy a home for the spouse and I- our first.....haven't felt like sewing in 3 weeks, but hate the idea of packing it up for a few months as well....

  7. I'm heading to China next Wednesday and plan to use my cell for photos as I have on prior trips abroad. Your new camera takes wonderful pictures and it is tempting to try to purchase one, and learn how to use it, before this trip but, probably not. Maybe the next trip overseas. Oh, but does it have an auto setting I could use on this trip and learn more later? Looking forward to your Kenya photos. Africa is on the list of countries our group wants to visit.

    1. Most of the modern SLR cameras have an auto function. Get that camera and have fun.

  8. I just love the freedom of those log cabin blocks- I'll add them to my scrappy block list!

  9. What wonderfully clear pictures such a lovely camera, you always share such lovely pictures so now they are going to be extraordinary.
    I hope Emmy Lou is ok after her vets visit, she’s such a sweet little girl.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  10. Wait until you discover the 'macro' setting on your new camera! You'll have such fun discovering the world through that lens.

  11. Happy Saturday. I enjoyed reading this.
    I love Virginia. I am happy to read all of your news.
    Your camera will be a useful tool now that you can manage it.
    Have a great week-end. I will be raking in Loudoun County

  12. LOLOL...and I, too, am still laughing at Idaho SquarePants....I'll have to tell my SpongeBob SquarePants-loving grandsons about that...they think their quilting Gammie is pretty silly anyway!

  13. I love my Canon Power Shot with its WiFi. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Well, maybe yours because mine is a little older model, lol. Enjoy the new technology. Good luck with Emmy Lou Lou. ;^)

  14. The county has a nice looking website with emphasis on the outdoors. You do want that events gal to know about Quiltville Inn for when media calls :-). 120K FB followers and the more the merrier.

  15. Did you go down to the old court house to see the publicity lady ? Is there a "rest of the story..." to come ?


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