Sunday, October 27, 2019

Just Jump In Anywhere!

This is the most AWESOME airport in Samburu, Kenya!

And this post comes with an apology.  I’ve been up since 2am – I couldn’t keep my eyes open past 8pm last night and….well you know how that jet lag spirals out of control!

No complaints here – it was worth it all the way, just that it’s going to be a bit sketchy getting back to a normal routine around here!

See this DUTY FREE shop?  (Hysterical!!)

This is the Samburu air strip, and really – that’s all it is.  A gravel runway with vendors.  And oh did we shop, unloading the last of our shillings in exhange for trinkets to bring home to loved ones.  But the best souvenirs?  Those are the smiles and memories we gathered along the way.

Still – THIS AIRPORT!  DUTY FREE!  Click to Play:

All Aboard!

And yes, Twiga stitching happened while traveling!

So many of my travelers LOVED our Twiga workshop.  And this will be a digital pattern download so you will be able to follow along and make your own – SOON.  I promise – SOON.  There is a lot of catching up to do here with the release of our Quiltville Mystery Introduction post – Oh, my goodness!  Just 4 days away now!

Unloading in Nairobi!

Our last day to play – we visited the Elephant Orphanage, The Giraffe Sanctuary and the Kazuri Bead Factory before heading over to Carnivore for our last meal together.  From there – straight to the airport and our long long flights home.

My posts over the next few days may end up being a bit scrambled as my sleep patterns.  I may find it all too overwhelming to start at the point where we arrived at Sweetwaters and blogs were limited due to night safaris followed by little sleep and on to 5am wake up calls because the next safari was at 6:30am the next day.

At Samburu things were a bit more rustic – the WiFi was only in the lodge, and only available during certain hours – there was no way to do big posts there either – I’d be typing in the dark as the lights were really dim.

So over the next while I just may offer highlights in amongst everything else that is going on.  Several videos have been posted to both my Instagram and my Facebook profiles – catch up if you can there. (You don’t need a log in to view my posts on Instagram!)

Yesterday’s color on my way up to Virginia!

A bit of Dashboard Cam up near the Blue Ridge Parkway!  I really thought I would have missed the color – but it is nearing peak this weekend.  It rained hard all night so I’m not sure it will last much longer.

Oh it feels so good to be home!

Random Acts of Photography!

Some other leaf-peepers were out taking photos of the view, and I asked if they wanted me to take a photo of them together.  They exchanged the favor!

Sadie is wanting some attention.

It’s been a long 10 days!

The menfolk have been busy painting interiors at Quiltville Inn while I’ve been gone!

I’m so happy to be back!

Today is another good day for staying inside and working on painting and arranging. And I guarantee there will be a nap.  There are a ton of orders to get out, my store was busy while I was away!

My friend Mona has finished her Punkin Patch runner while I have been here in Kenya! I love it so much with the purple checkerboard!

The pdf pattern is half-price through the month of October at only $4.00. No coupon needed! You'll find it in the digital pattern category of the
Quiltville Store for just a few more days!  Hurry Hurry!

And I think that about covers it for now!  Thanks for bearing with me through the jet lag and brain fog.  As I said – it was SO worth it!

(Don’t forget there is an October 2019 Quilty Box Gift-Away happening in YESTERDAY’S POST.  Head on over and throw your name in!  I’ll be drawing on Wednesday, Oct 30th for our two winners!)

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I've had "Stress on the Brain Syndrome" with all that is happening in the next coming weeks and months. Both over things that I can and cannot control. Holiday ramp up included!

Today I am shelving everything stress related, calling it NO STRESS for the rest of the  weekend.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!


  1. Welcome back!!!! I have loved the pictures and the chatter. Really love that antique quilt, I need to find the pattern, I know I have seen it. Make sure you get over the jetlag, we want you wide awake on Halloween for the new mystery colors and amounts!! Cheers!!!

  2. I don't have jet lag for an excuse to be scrolling through my Instagram and Blog feed. Can't wait for the colors! I have a tote ready to fill with #allthescraps for this Mystery.
    Naps are required, We call it a day of rest for a reason at my house. Thanks for sharing, it's been awesome to see Africa through your camera eye.

  3. You have earned a break! Glad you are home safely, had an awesome trip and are back in your happy place at Quilt Villa!

  4. Thank you for hosting a splendid trip. It was fun to get to know you, and share your knowledge of all things quilty. I had a wonderful trip; recovery is going well, lol. xo Nancy F.

  5. Looks like a wonderful trip. Really a trip of a life time.

  6. It is often said the best part of a trip or the proof it has been a good one is the strength of the GOOD TO BE HOME feeling, the stronger the joy returning home, the more successful the trip... missed your daily daily, but we all have so much fun on your trips, even the hiccups are a novelty and to be enjoyed... thanks a bazillion, welcome home, happy for safe journey and joyful return to Sadie and the colors of your mountains...Cats in CArlsbad, CA

  7. ENJOY your weekend at home sweet home....travel is great but there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME. Enjoy this beautiful Fall weekend.

  8. It has been wonderful to read your Africa posts! I visited 10 years ago and your pictures brought back great memories. I truly love ALL your posts-you have a warm, personable way of writing and showing beautiful pictures. Of course, I also live quilting!

  9. I did get to see a few things on your Instagram page but sadly it was demanded that I sign up to see more. Thankfully I get feeds to my Facebook page and on Quiltville open Studio♥

  10. So good to know you're home safely. What an adventure. Thank you for taking time to share your memories with us. What wonderful progress to come home to. Your guys are doing a fantastic job (and I see you have another her helper spending his "self imposed vacation" helping to ready Quiltville Inn.), Looking forward to the colors to post this week. The excitement is building. Have a restful Sunday.

  11. Bonnie, that spontaneous picture of you with your beloved mountains and the colors in the background could be your next cover and publicity photo. You look so happy relaxed and totally in your element regardless how road-weary you might have been. I enjoyed all you shared about your Africa adventures. Thank you.

  12. Welcome home, Bonnie! It was wonderful reading your posts and seeing your pictures and videos. You really conveyed your excitement and I could feel chills when reading your descriptions. Remember, for every hour of time change, you need one day to recover. Be kind to yourself...Mary D

  13. Oh Bonnie I loved going to Africa with you through your blog! Thanks for sharing and glad you are back safe and sound.

  14. Bonnie I want to thank you for sharing your trip to Kenya through your pictures, videos and posts. It was the next best thing to being there. You are special.

  15. welcome home! i love the fall picture of you,you look so relaxed! thanks for the "tour" of africa,so interesting,loved it.

  16. Wow that super landing! Lovely view from the plane too. Crazy duty free shops!
    As for your home trees - beautiful rainbow of colours. Sadie looks happy too. Cheers!

  17. Welcome back! What wonderful memories y’all have made! Totally worth dealing with jet lag!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜ŠThank you for sharing with all of us!

  18. You mentioned a LOT of names in Kenya that are familiar to me. My daughter lived there for 2 years, so has been to most of the places you mentioned. :-) She also was nice to purchase several African fabrics for me as Christmas gifts. I'm working on using them on a giraffe collage pattern. So nice to hear news from Kenya...OH, my daughter also bought me a necklace from the Kazuri Bead place because it benefits the women who work there. Since women are not allowed to own property in Kenya, jobs like these enable the women to become self-supporting if something happens to their husbands. It's a win-win when you buy from them!!! Thanks for the reminders!!1

  19. Oh, you look so tired Bonnie. Africa sure looked different than I pictured. It was so beautiful! Loved, loved the animal shots you took. Your camera is really great, didn't know it also had a video feature. Just take one day at a time, don't stress, it will get done. How was the weather? Other than you saying it rained, you didn't mention if it was hot or cold or just comfortable. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of your trip.


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