Wednesday, October 09, 2019

IronEZ Gift-Away, and a Whole Lotta Painting Going On!

Have I ever got a give away for you!

I received 3 MORE IronEZ  Spray bottle holders in the mail.  I was so sold after the first one that I immediately thought of where else I NEED to put one. 

The adjustable clip can fit a multitude of thicknesses – this will even clamp to a table top, tray or big board.

It fits and corrals a multitude of favorite bottle sizes – and the free bottle that comes with it has even a finer mist than the traditional trigger spray on Best Press. 

I am just this sold on the product, and the kind folks at IronEZ are offering a 15% discount to my readers – AND – we are giving away one! (Due to shipping, this gift-away is available to USA residents only please.) 

Someone is going to save themselves from knocking that spray bottle off of their ironing board ever again.

Here is the back story behind IronEZ:

I plan on putting one on the table next to my machine so I can free up that table space and quit knocking my spray bottle over there as well.

I will be making some big boards to go on the ironing stations at Quiltville Inn, and each one is also going to have an IronEZ to hold bottles.  (No water IN my irons ever, PLEASE!)

Here is my own little slide show of how quick and easy it is to get yours up and running.  I’m also showing it with different bottles, even the newer Flairosol light mist bottles stay in place, right where you can get to them easily, and no more long drops to the floor.

Free to fill it up with your favorite spray, whether homemade and vodka based (google the recipe!) or commercial!

Would you like to win an IronEZ?

We will draw for our winner on Monday morning, October 14th. Good luck, everyone!

And for those who can’t wait – you can get your own IronEZ and save 15% by using coupon code BH15off in the coupon box on the checkout page on the IronEZ website.

Get two or three while you are at it.  You are going to LOVE keeping those spray bottles in line and off of your ironing surface.

Can I just say just how MUCH I love my son, Jeff?

This incredible man has my heart – he is my soul.  And he is working so hard to help make Quiltville Inn ready – giving of his time and his talents and skills. I don’t know how we could do this all without him.

With the onset of late fall/winter his lawn care business is slowing down, and he is finding he has more time to pitch in.  We are so grateful.  As I push nearer to the age of 60 I am realizing I don’t have the energy (hard to imagine that!) to do all of the things that need to be done, and to have him so willing to dive in and help make my dream come true means the world to me.

He even STAYED at Quiltville Inn last night so he could get a jump start this morning.  I showed up with the fixings to make us breakfast tacos before coming over to the Quiltville Post Office to start my day, and I found that after running out of painters tape, he switched gears and assembled all of the sewing chairs! They are SO comfy!


Well these floors are not exactly level.  LOL!

He also assembled the book cases for the quilting books I want to have on hand for retreaters to browse through.

I was thinking of putting them in the dining room – and if I do, we will have to jimmy them with wedges under the front bottom to get them level with the wall.  And some chair rail may have to come out. 

Maybe they need to go in the turret space instead?  Or perhaps down a hallway?  We have options – however, finding flat level floors where floors meet walls in a 135 year old house may prove to be a challenge!

Every little touch – every little special thing – brings us closer!

These two lamps were found in Winston Salem at a booth offering 1/2 price.  I paid less than $20 for the pair.

What you can’t see here is that I have Edison style light bulbs inside – these will be reading lamps for two of the beds in bedroom number 2 – the one with the big bay window.

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!

And that pretty much brings me to now.  As soon as this posts, I’m going back to the house to help.

Quiltville Quote of the Day-

Vintage hexagon quilt found in North Carolina.

Joy doesn't happen automatically.

Sometimes you have to look a little harder to find that one little thing that brings meaning to your day.

Today I seek joy in little things. Like just being in close proximity to my son.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Getting to be with Jeff was a great reason to buy that house!!! Whatever it takes, right? Teehee Lookin' good, Bonnie!!! I love me some freshly painted trim!!!!!

  2. Such Joy in seeing everything come together and knowing your family is part of the dream!

  3. WOW, Jeff ...... you are Quilters Superhero ! Thank You so much !

  4. Bonnie, have you considered bolting the bookcases to the walls as well as putting shims under them? I know it's just the fact that I've always lived in earthquake country, but that bookcase photo made me very nervous. I'd hate for someone to get hurt if it accidentally fell on them - especially after it's filled with quilting books!

  5. I put my bookcases down one side of the front foyer. More room there than what I need to walk comfortably, and there is plenty of light to see what's in the cases. Otherwise, it was just wasted wall space!

  6. Looks amazing. I hope I get to go to quiltville one day.

  7. I couldn't wait and ordered my IronEZ right away. I am getting use to having my bottle so handy. (lol) I'm a big presser and go through starch like crazy. Thinking I should try a batch of homemade. What a joy for you to be able to build this dream with your husband and Jeff's help. Jeff is a daily Mother's Day gift for you. How fortunate for you both.

  8. Those chairs do look mighty comfy!
    And I just want to say that I adore the quotes you add to the end of your posts. They're so cheerful to read in the mornings and set the right tone for the day (and seeing them set atop beautiful quilts helps :] ).

  9. When you find your preferred location for your shelves you can purchase "tip kits". They are a package of hardware (screws, brackets, etc) that should be available in most places that sell RTA (Ready To Assemble) shelves. Or you can purchase the pieces separately and create your own "kits". They are recommended to be fastened to studs though, not just into drywall with drywall plugs. Mostly they are a safety precaution for homes with children that may try to climb shelves, but they help with slightly uneven flooring as well. (Maybe not as uneven as your photo though!)

    1. Since Bonnie LOVES IKEA, too, she'd likely find those kits there. (And for anyone else with that problem, check out IKEA!)

  10. Bonnie, I follow you're progress with great interest and am cheering you on. I am gong to donate my quilting library to our Friends on the Library sale here, but if you think you could use them, I'll send them or perhaps some of them to you at QPO. Please let me know. I'm downsizing.

  11. Love hearing about your ongoing plans. Glad Jeff is such a help to you. I added these IronEZ to my wish list.

  12. I am determined to retreat at Quiltville Inn one day! Your son is a lovely man. Bless him.

  13. Bonnie, where did you get your chairs? I sew for hours at a time at my part time job and would love to ask my boss to get more comfortable chairs.

  14. You gotta love a man who just does what he sees needs to be done!!! Run out of painting tape...move on to something else instead of stopping. What a treasure! You have raised a wonderful son!

  15. My sister uses paint sticks she picks up whenever she needs paint chips. They make nice solid shims. And since it is almost paint chip hunting season .......

  16. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway. This is something I definitely could use.

  17. My IronEZ arrived today and I've used it all afternoon getting ready for quilt retreat tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. I love it

  18. Good jobs done Jeff! Don't worry about an old house being wonky - our last house was modern and the door jams were at an angle as was the floor (concrete) which was uneven I swear they didn't have a spirit level! Our neighbours had gaps between the walls and the ceilings - big enough to see the light shining from the bathroom! At least Quiltville Inn has an excuse - so that's character being formed. New buildings = shoddy workmanship!
    It's all coming together really nicely now.

  19. Your darling Jeff is a real treasure, I love how he just jumps right on in to assist you. Your dream is getting so close now it’s wonderful to see all the progress you have made.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  20. Ok, I have question.. I have been a self taught quilter and probably do lots of things the wrong way or the hard way but I am learning lots from different people that I am following. First of all, thanks for being a great teacher and encourager! My questions: Is there a reason to "never" put water in your iron or is it a preference? curious :)

    1. Tap water has a lot of things in it that can clog up your irons holes on the bottom and cause it to sputter and spit out icky things. If I use water it is distilled bottled water only. I mainly just spray a little water on the material before ironing.

  21. Such precious time being spent with your son! Looking good!

  22. It's no surprise Jeff is such a fine young man - look who he has for parents!!

  23. WE had the same issue with our bookcases and the chair rails. My husband cut out some wood blocks the thickness needed to become flush with the chair rail and added the two blocks to each side of wall flush with the edge of the bookcase. Then he used screws to attach to both wall and bookcase. We painted the blocks to match.

  24. When painting baseboards it definitely helps to be young! Now, at the age of 67, I certainly don't want to do it. It's so great that Jeff is willing to help with Quiltville Inn projects. Also at the age of 67 I don't know if those lamps, cute as they are, will cut it as reading lamps. I have one of the floor lamps with the daylight bulb and still want to read on my Kindle Paperwhite.

  25. As far as those bookcases Bonnie, my hubby notched out the bookcase not the wall. Mine are tethered to the wall with l shaped metal that has a hole for the screws. Safe from tipping over.

  26. Bought one of the bottle holders for my sewing room- could use another for the basement where I have my long-arm and big board!

  27. Bonnie you are always so busy I cannot begin to imagine how you do all that you do and still manage to blog every day. Thank you for allowing all of us to be part of your journey.


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