Monday, June 03, 2019

When Sunday Dawns into Monday.

My view as I “drove in to work” this morning!

The Christmas tree farm across the street from Quiltville Inn.

Photo from the open door of the Quiltville Post Office!

I was so excited to get to work this morning, that I was up at in the shower at close to 6am, packed a breakfast – grabbed stuff for lunch, loaded up my morning beverage hot and steaming into my to-go cup and off I went!

It rained last night.  HARD.  Like deafeningly heart – pounding, drenching, wide open downpours.  This morning at that early hour there was fog and mist all across the fields and farms.  But this sun – it is going to win the game as it turns its face into warming up the day.

My heart is so full to overflowing with gratitude for the gift of finally being here – in place – where I have longed to be for the past 13 months.  I’m functional!

And I am mostly functional because of yesterday being hijacked -

A quick trip home to Wallburg!

There were some items I HAD to have to get everything that I need to be fully operational here.  I have today, and I have tomorrow morning (not much of it) to get everything done that I can before I head back to Winston Salem for another round of appointments and then fly out EARLY on Wednesday morning for a family reunion in Minnesota, followed by the Minnesota Quilt Show a week later.

200 miles round trip on my tires – items retrieved.  And if I was going to take that much time, I was going to make it worth my while and fill that van to the gills with everything I need here at the Post Office as well as some items from the house that have been earmarked for Quiltville Inn

Through the side door

Even the silk plants are being relocated!

It’s a goo thing I love audio books!  An Sunday traffic was not too bad. It just ate up the day when there were orders to get out and other Post Office remodeling to do.

And yes.  There was ANOTHER stop at Lowe’s!

The vent registers I bought on Saturday were the wrong size.

But the sink is functional, as is the toilet!

Mirror still to be hung, but this old gas-station style restroom is being turned into the girly girl powder room one thing at a time – the hand hooked rug was snatched from the guestroom floor at home.  Now I can enjoy it here.

Back entry storage room -

Painted, floored and base boarded!

The door and the door trim still have to be painted, but that can wait for another time, another week, another month for all I care.  The floor is DONE!  Extra cases of bubble mailers and boxes and shipping equipment is going to go in here.  And a small fridge – perhaps a microwave. 

Pardon the blurry photo – I was laughing so hard as I was taking it!

I would have sworn that this big desk (old school teacher desk – a Facebook Marketplace find for $40) was NEVER going to fit through this door.

And yes, the door DID have to come off – and if this desk were 1’’ wider – it would NEVER have fit in here -

Welcome to the Postmaster’s Office!

There isn’t anything I can really do about the breaker box – but I will find all of the cutest magnets I can and cover it with cute.  There are also some very bare walls in here that need quilts – that will come in the next go-round.

The most important thing is – my big monitor for designing quilts is functional – I’m typing this post from this office right now!  The printer is functional for printing invoices, scanning, making copies – I’ll be able to do all of my necessary paperwork before heading back home tomorrow – everything I need for Minnesota will be done from here.  All of my files, contracts, forms – it’s now all HERE.


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I’ll be happily signing books and filling orders,printing and affixing postage, and heading over to the Mouth of Wilson VA USPS Post Office about 11:15 am with what I’ve been able to fill.

Then I’ll heat up my little leftover Chinese lunch (Chicken with Garlic Sauce, yummm!) in the microwave at Quiltville Inn, and spend the rest of the day filling what can then hit the Post Office tomorrow -

I’ll be out of here by noon, and longing for the time that I’ll be back up again!

Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Welcome to your Monday!

Here's to hoping today brings you one step closer to those goals and dreams stay motivated!!


  1. Welcome Home Lovely Lady. It's so fun watching your dreams come true.

  2. Happy Monday to you also....

  3. Happy Day To You! Such an exciting time for you. Everything is starting to fall into place. Best Wishes for your new adventure.

  4. I'm so happy that things are coming together for you! It's been wonderful seeing your progress from it's inception. Have a great Monday.

  5. Its amazing what you have done with the Inn and post office, Bonnie! Have you considered painting the electric box the same colour as the walls? At least it would blend in better. Have a great week!

  6. Happy Monday! So happy for you to be able to be set up and operating from the Quiltville Post Office. Enjoy your day, delighting in turning your dream into reality - a very nice reality.

  7. I have a desk that's identical to yours - except darker finish - and use it for homeschool. I love it - I just don't love moving it. Not only is it hard to get through doors like you experienced, it's HEAVY. Worth it, though!

    Your post office just makes me smile. So neat to see it coming together.

  8. Why not put a mini quilt on the fuse box! Would look wonderful! Everything is looking great. So happy for you

  9. I do love your mat under the computer. Thank you for keeping us updated, can feel your excitement. I want to order something, but have all your books, would buy that puzzle if you had it, lol! Have a wonder-filled week.

  10. I feel your excitement!!!!

  11. Congrats to being up and operational! I bet it feels great!

  12. Like another poster, I was wondering if you could paint the box with chalkboard paint. Or use a couple of magnets to hang a mini quilt.

  13. Another idea for your electric box: Make a quilt "box" to fit your electric panel, but leave one short side "unsided" for the bottom. Use velcro loop tape on the top of the panel and one the inside of the short end of the quilt box. Then when access was needed you just pull the quilt box off. You could even have different for the seasons, quiltville motif, etc.

  14. I have a desk like yours, too...I love it, and yes, it is heavy. BUT, the top of mine comes off which makes moving it a snap.

  15. I’m thrilled for you, and love that mat under your monitor. It’s been so fun to share in this adventure with you. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Have a fantastic week.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  16. Bonnie, I have a desk just like that!!! I inherited it from my dad and I've had it since the '70s! Not sure how old it is, but it's OLD! We still use it in my hubby's little office.

  17. Everything looks wonderful! Congratulations! Be careful with magnets around the computer. Seems like my (grown) kids told me that magnets will mess something up. Have a great trip, reunion and show!

  18. I just love keeping up with all the "goings on" with you and Quiltville move in all areas! Such fun. I love your Postmaster Office set up...where did you get that wonderful looking chair. Is it comfortable? I am searching for a chair for my sewing room which is no bigger than a bathroom! lolo But I have a walking path between computer corner unit, two embroidery-sewing machines, cutting table and pressing area. I need two chairs...one for computer desk and one for sewing. So I don't have to be moving them around. The way things are arranged two works but they are too large! Happy moving!

  19. Congrats on all the progress! Yet another suggestion for the breaker box- paint it to look like either a birdhouse or a post office- or maybe a post office for birds!

  20. I can feel your excitement. It is wonderful to see your visit come to life.

  21. The teacher desk is an exact replica of the one I used for 32 years! Drawers use to lock mysteriously and I'd jerk the desk half way across the room trying to get them open. Admitting defeat, I'd get the Principal, who would gently pull the draw open...I finally would leave them open an inch!

  22. Could you cover the breaker box with scrapbook paper, or maybe decoupage something on it, like a quilt block or quilt. Maybe mount a shadowbox bigger than the breaker box to cover it but still allow it to open?


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