Thursday, June 27, 2019

Talkin’ Turkey with Strings Attached!

Another full class and full day of stitching up the scraps!

Yes, that is me waving my arms around like an Opera singer – having a wonderful time explaining something about the wonderfully imperfect nature of string piecing being the ORIGINAL improv!  String quilts are just the best for letting go, going with the flow, and not letting the worry of perfection consume you.

I love having folks in class who have NEVER done any kind of string piecing before.  They have no pre-conceived notions or bad  experiences with other methods stopping them – they just dive in and go with it and have a great time!

And oh, did we ever have a great time!

Oh, Say Can You See????!!!

This sweetheart is named Miss Liberty, and she was won in a drawing – can you imagine?  Ooooh!  My little heart beat went pitter patter thump!

And a sweet Elna Lotus!

One of these days I’ going to find myself one – The case just opens up around her and away she sews. She is capable of many utility stitches and uses a full size bobbin for miles of bobbin thread.  And these babies can purr!

While some went green -

We saw turquoise and chartreuse -

How about black and white?

All of the classic blues -

As well as an abundance of gorgeous red.

I so love it when mothers and daughters come sew together!

You can’t tell because blocks are in the way – but they are all wearing matching T shirts with a vintage machine and the words “Love Machine!”  LOVE IT!  Thank you so much for coming to spend the day -

Don’t forget to feed the quilters!

Yes, that’s me – dipping into the guacamole – YUM!

That plate is not LIGHTLY loaded either – I am not a dainty eater when it comes to TACO BAR DAY.  Hahaha!

Oh so good!

Adding the geese makes everything better!

Well done!

Great job, ladies!

Getting silly with the pose!

Click to Play:

And today we do it all over again - with String Spider Web up on deck!

The weather is absolutely beautiful this morning and I understand we are going to see the sunset at the beach after dinner this evening.  I’m looking forward to it!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The best kind of people are the ones that come into your life and make you see the sun where you once saw clouds.

The people that believe in you so much, that you can't help but start to believe in yourself too.

The people that love you, simply for being you.

The once-in-a-lifetime kind of people.

I am surrounded by this kind of folks this week – thank you for inviting me to come teach in your midst!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. Having a blast in California. Mothers and daughters, fun, fun. Love all the colors. Ooo, the flag painted Featherweight.

  2. I can see happiness abounding in your pictures! Wish I was there for the fun.

    Enjoy the rest of your week~

  3. Strings are so much fun!

  4. Bonnie - Yesterday my news feed had an article "Most Underrated Town in Each State." And the town for California? You guessed it - SLO!!

  5. oh Bonnie I just loved seeing all of the blocks and strings. it takes me back to Rochester,minnesota taking the same class. you are an amazing teacher. thank you and hope you come back to Rochester.

  6. Riding through Mouth of Wilson today. So happy to see Quiltville and day dreaming about retreats there.

  7. I love my Lotus, you won't be disappointed if one follows you home!

  8. That and Jamestown are my two 'must do's'. Hopefully one of these days!

  9. Is the Singer Liberty machine a new one made to look old or an old one made to look new?

    1. Old one made to look new. Paint job, and then decals.

    2. Where would someone get a machine painted?

    3. There used to be a guy in Hot Springs, AK who painted Featherweights. That was a number of years ago so I don't know if he's still doing it or even alive. His name is Gerald Holmes. rambo2@cablelynx.com

  10. Oh love it ! So much fun!đź’•

  11. Thank you so much for the wonderful class, I truly enjoyed every minute! You are such an inspiring teacher. I love your encouraging, positive attitude. I can't wait to take another class from you. Enjoy the show, and safe travels!

  12. Love your Silly picture !

  13. Love the patriotic machine!

  14. Bonnie the first machine I ever owned was an Elna Lotus my husband (boyfriend at the time) gave it to me. It was second hand hardly used. I used it all the while in South Africa. Fast forward 2017 and visiting my folks I decided it needed to come "home" as I had left it there not realizing what I had. It is now back in the USA with me and a transformer is purchased so I can use it. In doing research my husband did not realize what a machine it was. So need to to get it out and piece with it as it truly is a great machine.

  15. I'm working on a Talkin Turkey now. I hope to have it finished by mid August. String piecing quilts are my favorite to do.

  16. Anonymous9:46 AM EDT

    I, too, have an Elba Lotus SP. I purchased it when I was stationed in Germany in the ‘70s and brought it back to Canada with me. I have heard there is one in the MOMA.


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