Saturday, June 08, 2019

A Weekend On Ringo Lake!

Four girls on a pilgrimage!

We loaded up Joy’s car and headed north out of Maple Grove, Minnesota – along with all of the other bazillions of cars and vehicles determined to get out of the Twin Cities area, heading north for cooler times – it reached nearly 90 degrees yesterday! 

Destination – Spicer Minnesota – to spend the weekend with my Uncle Steve and Aunt Kathryn, on the shores of Ringo Lake!

(This is the sweet spot that spawned  the dawning of our On Ringo Lake mystery two years go.
Speaking of spawning – we were down at the lake shore about 8am this morning paying close attention – the fish were spawning along the shore, the thrashing of their fiishy bodies breaking through the water with great splashing sound.  Except for when I try to film them!

Click to Play:

This is posting VERY late this morning – a bit of sleeping in (much needed) and time down by the lake to encounter nature in all of its beauty put my computer time toward AFTER breakfast, but LIFE comes first!

Of course we made a pit stop in St Cloud on the way!

I’d never been to Gruber’s before – but I was excited to walk through the doors as Joy was looking for some fat-quarters of a few particular color families for a future project.

We had so much fun in here the four of us – that no photos happened!  (That’s how you know it’s really good and I’m truly living in and loving the moment!)

We were informed of a fun antique mall also on our way – close to the quilt shop – and we headed right over.

Lovely 1940s 15!  Potted motor, and a little friend below:

Hello beautiful!

Who sewed your decals right off?

This wooden insert has been removed from a treadle cabinet – see the hole where the belt would go just below the hand wheel?

In my mind I’m screaming that I hoped the treadle cabinet wasn’t trashed and the irons salvaged to be used underneath a table or sink mount.  Grrrr!

Oh, little Franklin!

Beautiful tiger oak parlor cabinet!

This baby turned so sweetly and effortlessly!

I am imagining the sweet lady who sat at this treadle so very often!  It’s just a sweet sweet baby!

A White!

I love the shape of this back end!

And the shuttle is present and accounted for!

Singer 27!

These decals!

Folks in MN – these were all at the Rusty Pick antique mall.  I would likely have come home with the whole batch! LOL!  I know..it’s a problem – but the nicest thing?  THESE machines were out in the open, no “Free The Machine!” battle cry required.  I loved it.  I l oved sharing what info I knew with the three wonderful ladies traveling with me.  (They make me feel really smart. LOL!)

There was much sisterly singing as we stood around the Campfire Girls vest!

All FOUR of us were Campfire Girls in our day!  (Thanks for the ear worm, mom & Joy!)

My first girl’s camp experience with through Campfire Girls.  Great memories!

Dinner on Green Lake at Zorbas!

Evening on Ringo Lake from Steve & Kathryn’s deck.

Evening walk down a country road -

Steve, Anita (mom) and Gail.

Joy and Kathryn catching up on chat -

What a lovely evening!

I am beyond happy to be here.  There is not much planned for today and that is okay with me.  Next week will be crazy busy with the Minnesota Quilt Show – this weekend?  Just for family.

Quiltville Quote of the Day-
Disappearing nine patch quilt top made by my friend Mona!

I try to keep this in mind when going through stressful stretches in my life as in too many deadlines appearing at once!

It's not always easy, but it's important to hold onto that inner peace.

Find yourself a bit of peace today!


  1. Enjoy your family !!!! with all the time zones in this world a couple of hours 'makes no difference' "at all, at all"
    feel very privileged that you share your thoughts ...quilting, family and all !!!

  2. Yea, no Free the machines in Minnesota. Your Aunt should have tsken one home so you could come visit it there, lol. Peaceful mornings are the best. Sleeping in, too! Hugs to you& the Mach ladies!

  3. Sing wohelo, sing wohelo, work, health, love! (Thanks for the earworm.)

    1. brings back happy Blue bird and campfire Girl memories

    2. .....oh..look at all the citizenship beads !!!

    3. I was never a Campfire Girl, but boy I do sure remember the Campfire Girls mints!

  4. Family time is wonderful!

  5. I feel relaxed just reading this and enjoying the pictures. Enjoy your family time and thanks for taking me along.

  6. Bonnie Thanks for bringing back my memories of my Campfire Girls days, I had forgotten about the beads we earned and sewed on our vests. It's such a joy to see your family pictures, it's so nice of your to share them with us! <3

  7. I was also a Camp Fire Girl. Somewhere around I still have my ceremonial gown covered with lots of beads and badges. Didn’t have any girls and my boys were all in Scouts including one Eagle Scout.

  8. The sound of the little waves lapping at the shores of Ringo Lake is so peaceful. Even if the fish weren't "doing their thing" just then, thank you for sharing that snippet of aaahhhhhh. Enjoy your family time!

  9. Bonnie, You mentioned a White sewing machine in your post. We just unearthed one in my hubby’s family cottage. So far, no luck in dating it. I’ve been told that it is difficult to get information on White’s. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas about dating them...

  10. Wow! As soon as I saw those beads I thought Campfire! Hadn't thought about that or my only girls camp experience in decades! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  11. What a beautiful place your aunt and uncle have a beautiful home so nice that you could all go for a visit. Thank you for sharing some of your precious family time with us all.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. I Love the colors on Mona's Disappearing Nine Patch!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where not quite as sunny today, along with cooler weather and winds.

  13. You were sure lucky to stop at Grubers in St Cloud. It's extremely well known in Minnesota as it is such a huge, wonderful store. I never miss an opportunity to stop in when in the area because they have such a great selection.


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