Thursday, June 13, 2019

Pfantabulously Pfun Pfeffernusse!

Oh this group!

We had SUCH a good day in our Pfeffernusse Workshop in Rochester, Minnesota!  It’s the kick off of the 41st annual Minnesota Quilt Show!  FORTY ONE YEARS of bringing folks together, of sharing our love of quilting – and it just gets better and better every year!

As you can tell from this photo, we were PFORTY PFEFFERNUSSERS strong!

They PFILLED ALL the spaces with smiles on their faces!

with PFABRICS so varied and PFANTASTIC!

Love those neutrals -

And the 301 was stitching PFLAWLESSLY!

Pressing out the blocks -

Trimming and slicing -

(Oh, I am loving this green and black combo!)

Well done, ladies!

And these REDS!

Check out the fabrics -

Many are vintage 70s & 80s -


It wasn’t long before we had block PFINISHES!

This is Kim’s rainbow version with a light green background.  She has a new house, and is doing a wall-hanging for a light green wall.  GORGEOUS!

Patriotic themes get me every time.

This is going to be a Quilt of Valor.

They all did SO WELL!

And there are many more blocks on the way to being done.

You’ll find the pattern for Pfeffernusse in my book String Fling – on sale in the Quiltville Store for the low low price of just $19.99!

For the rest of our day’s Pfun – Click to PLAY:

This day flew by way too fast! 

Such an awesome day – THANK YOU, Minnesota Quilters!

Last evening was just as full as I was whisked off to Pine Needles Quilt Shop for a fun book signing with Doug Leko, Gudrun Erla, and Kaye England!  

Those who came out because you read it here on my blog or through my social media - THANK YOU!  I loved meeting you - it was such a great evening event.

That led right into a wonderful dinner with some friends – we haven’t been all in the same place at the same time for years –

Kate, Kathy, Sharon!  I loved spending some extra time with you!

It was a great evening of catching up.  We first met each other as the internet was ramping up – through a quilter’s email list we had to PAY to belong to – back in 1996 or so.There was no such thing as GOOGLE, YAHOO, or even a profile photo, everything was on dial up – but the quilters knew this was the way of the future.

Within a year or so we were arranging get-togethers, and the world was astounded – They could be MANIACS!  You don’t KNOW these people, they could be AXE MURDERERS – but quilters know.  And here we are celebrating 24 years of friendship after meeting online. 

I think it’s pretty cool!

Today is another day to play in the Strings – Talkin’ Turkey is up on deck – so bring on more of those delicious reds!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This day can be full of adventures and new experiences! Look for them!

Happy Thursday, Folks!


  1. Love seeing all of the happy faces, and the wonderful color combinations.

  2. Oh, I do remember dial-up! Great class of Pforty quilters. Noce to see all the smiles.

  3. Trusting my quilter's instincts I too connected with other quilters across the country and all the way to other countries all during those dial-up days! Many of us stay in touch to this day.
    Always the best part of sharing your travels is seeing the beautiful faces of those wonderful quilty folks ♥

  4. I was always amazed that I could dial up & contact so many new friends that quilted but so delighted now in all the advancement in technology that makes for such easy continual contact of quilters & others that I refer to a my friends!

  5. Such a happy crowd of ladies, and such a wonderful array of colour just beautiful. Have another fabulous day.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  6. You are so right, Quilters know. Some of my best and closest friends are those I "met" on line. P

  7. Bonnie, I think you have more fun in your classes than the “students” do! Shows how much you love your job. Enjoy your next class!

  8. Bonnie, I read your blog faithfully and love it! I rarely comment because you have so much to do that I don't want you to feel obligated to respond. But, I just have to tell you that I think the comment today is the best I have ever heard. It had me smiling all morning. You know how to inspire and you certainly know 5 year olds! Thanks for the lift!

  9. I love your picture with Kathe, Kate and Sharon, I'm one of those old friends as well, and my now adult kids have 2 quilts that you quilted for me that you gave back to me at Sisters all those many years ago....


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