Tuesday, July 10, 2018

When All Goes Awry, SEW!

Sometimes you just gotta say “It is what it is!” and let it be what it is.

Such was the case yesterday – because things happen.

When the Quilter’s Date Keepers and Quilty Pencil Sets were arriving, I  took inventory of what I had in the shipping supplies department, and quickly placed a reorder for my usual Amazon Prime bubble mailers.  They are usually here in two days, the shipping is free with prime, and we’d be good to go – they would arrive after our 4th of July holiday.

Only problem was – ONE out of the 8 cases arrived, and following tracking numbers showed that the other 7 got waylaid along their route somehow, and did not arrive yesterday.

It was one of those days where I was also racing the clock – would the remaining cases arrive by the time I ran out of the ones I already had on hand?


Sadie and I on the morning run!

While mail can be picked up at my house (and is, every day!) they never have enough mailing tubs for me – so I have to make a run to the Wallburg Post Office, a short 1 mile up the road.  And since I’m going, I may as well give THEM a bit of business – so I loaded up 8 full tubs of mail, and dropped it off in exchange for 8 more tubs to keep filling orders.

Sadie, of course – saw the open van door and in she went!  I’m always glad to have her along for company, especially since it was such a cool morning, low humidity, and I’d only be a minute doing the exchange of full tubs for empty ones.


On the step, waiting for my postie!

What you can’t see is that there is a second row of tubs behind the front row!  When she arrived about 2pm, I was nearly out of mailers – and no, no Amazon delivery yet.

I helped carry things to the truck, and brought her a tall glass of water with crushed ice for her extra efforts.  She wanted to be SURE that even her alternates were coming down our drive to pick up tubs of mail on days that she was not driving her route.  YES!  Yes, they are, and I so appreciate it!


This is not a mailer!

But I think I need one – or two – or three!

After running completely out of mailers, I ran to Sam’s Club where I have bought them in boxes of 25 before – for the price of about $10.00 a box.  They were nowhere to be seen.  It seems this light-weight-yet-bulky item that took up loads of space in the store is now only available ONLINE.  Oh.  Dear.

But this lamp!  It’s got a USB charger, it has a Bluetooth speaker, and 3 LED light settings for the tune of about $24.00.  I’m thinking of going back!

I went next to Costco – no mailers of any kind, but I didn’t leave empty handed.  A plump rotisserie chicken and a big bag of kale cranberry salad (I LOVE THIS SALAD MIX!) came home for our dinner last night.

I had a lightbulb moment to stop by Dollar Tree --- Yes, they had mailers, but they were the very small kind and 2 for $1.00.  I NEED 200!  Nope.  Nice try, but nope.


Are you kidding me?!

Office Depot was next, and I’m sad to say that I’m just not happy with this store any more.  It is dark, half lit – and way over priced.  12 pack of mailers for $18.99?????  What happened to a box of 25 for $10.00??  This and the fact that I need 200 to get these orders out by Thursday  - That would be $316.00 in mailers. 

I couldn’t do it.  And I know you couldn’t either.  And besides, there were not enough on the shelves to do it should I have wanted to.

My mailers will HOPEFULLY arrive TONIGHT.  I’ll have some time tonight, and all day tomorrow to get out what I can, but I leave first thing Thursday morning, and some of the orders will just have to wait until I return on Saturday when mailers are definitely here.

Yes, I’ve heard of Uline. Yes, I’ve heard of many other things – but my mailers are already on the way, and I’ve never had this delay before that was likely caused by a holiday mid-week.  And even if I ordered elsewhere, they still wouldn’t get here by tonight.

So what’s a girl supposed to do when there is nothing that she can do about such a situation?


We sew!

I hemmed and hawed about what fabric to sash this with – and I went with my usual mantra.  When nothing else works, choose RED!  So I did.


And definitely watch for those blocks that turn themselves upside down!

(I'm blaming it on total emergence in season 2 of Anne with an E on Netflix!)

Grab the seam ripper, and turn the block around.

Rows are ready!

Long sashing between the rows comes next!

And I found a couple of things that were “too similar” next to each other, so there may be some shuffling of rows, but it is coming together.

This is where you will find me today up until those blasted mailers are dropped off on my doorstep!

What’s up for your Tuesday?

July 10, 2018 at 07_35AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Never forget that learning to receive is just as important as learning to give. It takes both sides!

Photo Credit:  I have no idea who’s Star Struck Quilt this is!  My phone saves every photo that comes through Facebook Messenger to a folder, and I can’t remember who was sharing this one with me – but I love it!  Thank you for the photo share!

Back to the machine ---Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Love the red and tealish colour combo. I too was lost for a alternate square colour and ended up going with a burgandy colour with gold on it. Funny how it works.
    Hope those lost mailers come in, but I am sure everyone understands!

  2. Oh,Bonnie - you were going through it! I find a nice glass of Liberty Creek sweet red wine is SO helpful when things go awry :) Take a deep breath and relax...

  3. quilters wouldn't BE quilters without a huge helping of patience just built-in... I'm having to wait until your next shipment of pencils and "calendars"... just to order... AND i'm am also waiting patiently for the new book... i started a collection of strip piecing greens, when i had enough blocks to put on the design wall they weren't turning out the way i had envisioned... when voila, your Emerald Aisle block showed up as a teaser!!!! tic toc tic, this is me waiting patiently... LOL... BESIDES! i START every morning with coffee, toast and Quips & Snips! Thank you my phenomenal muse! We've not met, yet, not in person, but our hearts beat to a similar song!! I love you Bonnie Hunter, have a fabulous Tuesday... I am... Cats from Carlsbad CA do what makes your heart sing! every day! <3

  4. Good deal on that lamp at Sam's Club. They are runnjng $50 and up on Amazon. If I were to buy two of them, it would pay for a Sam's Club membership.

    1. Try to find out if they have a guest membership for a one day spree.

  5. I’m sure your small town P.O. appreciates your business. You pad their statistics and will help to keep them open.

  6. Deep Breath. WHOOOOSHHHH out . We totally understand. I'm sure your postal people do, too. And your "It is what it is" quote made me smile. My son says that all the time when he gets frustrated. He picked it up when he was in the USMC and now he's got his wife and me saying it, too!

  7. I'm off to the Olympic Forest Nature Preserve with two of my grandkids. Still working on my "On Ringo Lake" and several time sensitive projects but grandkids are more important. Have a nice day everyone.

  8. Sending the hubby by Sam's Club today to see if they have them. $24 is a good deal compared to twice that on Amazon. And hubby doing an errand is almost like PRIME!! Might get several for birthday/Christmas gifts, too. Great find, Bonnie!!!!

  9. I have gotten 2 of the lamps and sing praises about them to everyone. A charcoal colored one for downstairs and a white one for by my bed. I love them. Purchased my first one at Sam's Club and ordered my 2nd one from Sam's online which ended up costing less even with shipping. It was under $20. It has 3 colors of lighting. What a deal!!

  10. Amazon is so customer-friendly. I have a feeling if you let them know the disruption in your life the mailers caused, they will make it up to you someway, somehow. They've never let me down - even when the problem wasn't there fault.

    I'm sorry you had such a bump in your road. Thank goodness for the salmenss of sewing and quilting.

    Better days ahead....

    Loretta McGinn

  11. Bonnie, remember planners are not life or death. I can't imagine anyone being upset about a couple days delay or even a week. Keep on sewing.

    1. I agree with Sharon.....everyone is fine and will be happy to get their goodies from you all in good time. Keep calm and sew on......

  12. Take a deep breath and go sew something all will be right with your world. Enjoy your trip!

  13. Bonnie, you do the best that you can. We understand. I don't know how you get so much done . I am retired and you put me to shame. It will all work out. **smile**

  14. Thank you Bonnie for the heads up on the LED light. Texted daughter in Lubbock and she said "What color?" White, Dark Green or Slate blue. I said white. So glad to have a new light for retreats. Thank you.

  15. Bonnie, I also like the red sashing, but I didn't know that the Tile blocks had an upside and a downside....well, the downside being that I haven't been able to work on them, in a while!!
    I am reprinting a label for a table runner I have made for my sister. I failed to use a "fixer" (Retayne) when I first printed it. So, after much muslin cutting and freezer paper cutting, and jamming n the printer, it is printed. (I usually write the label in a Word document and print it with my inkjet printer.)
    I missed the first pencil and date book notice, but I am anxiously waiting the next arrival.
    Stop and smell the roses! Or in this case build a quilt!

  16. Your quilt is looking beautiful I love the red sashing just perfect, I didn’t manage to order a planner yet I’m waiting for the next round. Hope you have a fabulous day and your mailers arrive! Keep smiling and safe journey on Thursday.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  17. Murphy's Law rears it's ugly head! Quilters are kind people. They will understand.

  18. I love reading your posts. You're great at making lemonade out of lemon moments.

  19. Hi Claudia, Have to finish off two granddaughter's quilts. Hubby decided to repaint after 12 years. I was happy. Now I am prep, painters taper, chef and clean-up. Ecch. Be careful what you wish for. 2 rooms left if six. Then back to sewing!

  20. Ooooh! Costco rotisserie chicken and their cranberry salad is in my cart whenever I go there! Yum! Good choice for a quick dinner!


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