Sunday, July 01, 2018

A Lovely Vintage Gift!

I met up with Virginia yesterday, pulling into the Costco parking lot – and she must have seen me pull in as she pulled up right next to me.

Right on time, right where I told her I’d meet her!

She had brought a special gift destined for Quiltville Inn, and I am just thrilled to bits to have it.

When she said “thread cabinet” in her email description I was having a hard time figuring just what this was in my mind as there was no photo attached to her email.

Being a girl who loves mystery and intrigue –I was giddy when she pulled this out of her car, set it in her open hatch-back so that we could examine things.

OH!!  This is hand made!  And it belonged to her great aunt Josephine!

Check this out:

Top handle hardware.

SQUARE Philips head screws!


Side clasp.  More square headed screws.


Pins and needles in the pin cushion!


Beautiful floral fabric on the outside.

Does the fabric help date this cabinet?

From what we know, Josephine Caggiano was born March 3, 1911 to Julia Villono Caggiano and Joseph Caggiano in New York City. 

She married Arthur Sedy.  And evidently she sewed.  A LOT.  Enough that someone, somewhere made her this portable thread/sewing box.

Where did she keep it?  Was it open next to her favorite sewing chair?  Or propped next to her machine where she could easily grab the color of thread she needed?

Josephine passed away on January 17th, 2003, and is remembered by Virginia as “my grandmother’s sister.”

Dear Josephine – I want you to know that your sewing box will have a new forever home at Quiltville Inn in Virginia!  We will carry on your love of fabric, needle and thread for many years to come.


Another Vintage sewing blast from the past!

Aluminum spool caddies!


SO fun!

I did some searching on this company.  Evidently these thread caddies also came in other colors -  much like the aluminum tumblers and pitcher sets from the 1950s.

And these are right up there with aluminum ice trays ---remember getting your fingers stuck to those if your hands were wet when removing the ice?  This brings back such fond memories of going to my grandparent’s house when I was LITTLE little.

The era BEFORE the plastic era.  Sometimes I wish we could go back.  EVERYTHING is plastic now, and what it is doing to our planet is just a whole ‘nuther topic of discussion.

Save the planet.  Stop bottling water in plastic. Or come up with a better way of recycling it instead of just dumping it into the ocean.  Enough said.


THIS was my yesterday!

June 30, 2018 at 02_24PM


Never fear, I have another huge order of both Quilty Pencils and Quiltville Quilter’s Date Keepers on the way.  We blew through more than 700 Date Keepers in less than 24 hours.  Which explains the photo above.  I am working to get as many of these out the door as I can, with still leaving me a couple of days to enjoy the 4th of July holiday with my family.

I leave for Michigan around the 11th.

The next shipment should be in around the same time I leave, so I will set in with those when I return.


Orders are being filled in the order in which they came in and I am giving each one the personal care it deserves.  Thank you for your patience.


Books weigh over a pound each – Hard Cover!


More than 1’’ thick!

With packaging, one book bundled up ready to ship weighs close to 1.75 lbs.  With these being more than 1’’ thick with packaging, I can not send them as FLAT ENVELOPE internationally.  They have to come as a PACKAGE.  The weight and the thickness make shipping internationally a bit higher than normal.

One gal wanted a Date Keeper and 5 decks of Quiltville Playing Cards and her package weighed just under 3 lbs and it was going to cost $34.00 postage to send the package to Canada.

I’m just giving you a heads up that if you ordered a Date Keeper that 1lb of international postage is not enough to ship this to you.  I will be emailing those who ordered with what the balance is to ship these, and it is your option if you wish to cancel, or pay the balance on the shipping.  I have no control over what postage costs are, this is just the facts.

I’m suggesting that international folks ask their local shops to get them in and purchase that way.  These are heavy, and thick, making postage not that economical.  Again.  Thanks for understanding.

I know you’d rather spend money on fabric instead of international shipping!

Today –a friend and I are headed over to Raleigh to check out some furniture another friend is donating to Quiltville Inn!  Her parents have downsized, this stuff has nowhere to go, and I’m game for a road trip.  I’m sure we are going to have a ball!

Stay tuned for what we find!

July 01, 2018 at 07_23AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Confession time - Facebook Messenger saves photos to my phone, and this one's been on my phone long enough that I don't remember who sent the photo! Speak up and I will credit you! I love this!

Either you “seize the day –Carpe Diem” – or the day seizes you.

Be the boss!

Have a lovely Sunday, friends!


  1. I can't help but wonder if you could find someone (nearby guild, perhaps?) who would, *literally*, work for fabric and could help out with all this packaging and shipping. Perhaps another kind of deal could be struck: X number of hours in exchange for one of your vintage sewing machines? There's GOT to be some non-cash way of getting the assistance you need!

    What a treasure that spool cabinet is!

  2. You are such a blessing to the quilting community and give so much of your time and talents to all. It is so heartwarming to see our community giving back to you by helping you furnish Quiltville Inn. I live in Central Texas and wish I were closer. I would be almost a permanent resident at Quiltville Inn.!

  3. I really enjoy all the pics you share, seeing what you are buying, and just following your blog in general (always filled with great info). Thank you!!! But I need help--I remember you mentioning your new July challenge with charm packs or 5" squares and I am very excited to use up the MANY that I have, but I have searched and can't find when you told about the challenge and what we might be making to use up the fabric. If you have explained the challenge and I've missed it, could you please let me know the date you talked about it and I will try to track it down that way? I know you are busy and am sorry to bother you about this, but did I mention I have tons of 5" squares??? Thanks again, Bonnie, for all you do. You are very appreciated!

    1. Fran, Bonnie hasn't released the leader/ender project yet. stay tuned as it won't be long.

    2. Thanks, Cindy!

  4. Such a bit of history coming to the Quiltville Inn. Amazing the things that are being shared. I got notice my pkg shipped. Excited to see the Planner!!!

  5. What a lovely gift. I wonder if it was made by a member of the family? My grandmother had a lovely little display cabinet that her grandfather had made for her - it used to have glass doors, dovetail joinery and she held her little china trinkets in there. I have the trinkets now, but the cabinet was last seen in my dad's garage holding his tins of screws and nails (minus glass doors) - I do not know if it was rescued when they moved, but I did so want to reunite the trinkets in the cabinet.
    At least Aunty's cabinet will be looked after with you for many years to come.

  6. My grandmother and my mother both belonged to a Home Extension Service group. The ladies socialized and made a variety of handcrafted items. They etched aluminum trays and scalloped the edges, they made tooled copper "pictures", AND they made sewing cabinets just like the one you just received. The ladies socialized, had potluck suppers, shared recipes and made crafted items. I think it was late '50s, early '60s. My son and DIL have the aluminum tray my grandmother made. I'm 74, so you know that tray is old!

  7. Thanks for your post on the sewing cabinet bonnie, I felt the emotion and Josephine would be beaming that her great neice knew the exact home for it.


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