Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Quilt-Cam Surprise & More!

Binding happened late yesterday afternoon.

And yes, this is NOT the binding I was thinking of earlier.

When you cut something narrow, and place just what is going to show under the border – step back 6 to 8 feet and look, that gold binding (though it looked good with the aqua border print) just disappeared.

Before Carrie left yesterday, we spent some time digging in my black stash for some alternatives.  I ended up with this black/grey stripe.

Striped bindings are ALWAYS the bomb in my book.  The question was – do I cut it on the diagonal? Or do it straight?

There wasn’t a big enough piece to do it on the diagonal without a LOT of seams – so straight it is.

How long has this been in my stash?  Maybe 15 years or so.  I’m not kidding.  Sometimes it takes that long for a fabric you like to find the right quilt to bond with.

This machine arrived this past week from Marcia in Indiana, a wonderful surprise for Quiltville Inn!  (It’s so pretty I would love to see it displayed somewhere fun!)  I plugged her in yesterday to give her a good oiling and cleaning, new needle – and she took to binding like a pro!  I love how a vintage machine does not  balk at all the quilt layers, but just keeps pushing through.

The one thing not working on her – the light.  But that wasn’t a problem, as this also arrived last week.


Ecoluxlighting.com 6 LED USB light kit!


Such a HUGE difference!


I don’t like the idea of sticky foam on my vintage machines though – so here is my solution.

I have used the Scotch restickable strips for many tasks, including holding my hotel key seam guides in place on my machine without fear of gummy adhesive or the after-effects of trying to clean it off damaging my machine finishes or decals.  

I cut the scotch restickable strips into 1/2’’ widths, peeled the green plaid backing off of the LED light strip and the restickable strip, added the restickable strip on top of the foam adhesive and then placed it where I needed it under the arm of my machine.  This way I can move it from machine to machine as needed, no gummy foam being left behind.

The folks at Ecoluxlighting.com have even been so kind as to offer up a giveaway of their light strip for my readers!!  Would you like to try one?

I will draw our winner next Tuesday morning, as I head to England! Whew!

And now for that Quilt-Cam fun.  It’s been a while.  I’ve missed this.  And that’s why I just dove in last night on a whim,no advance warning, no make up – project at hand hoping some would find me and love the surprise.  And they did! Click to play:

I love that Pepper Cory called right in the middle of Quilt-Cam! We are on for our meet up today, swapping her book library from her vehicle to mine.

Which means – I’ve got to get a move on, much packing for Kentucky is already underway.

I need to be back in Winston for a much needed massage at 6pm, and I’m hitting the road bright and early tomorrow.  

I heard from Irene at The Cozy Quilter that a couple of openings have happened due to life events for our retreat this weekend in Louisville, KY.  

There are 2 openings in Jared Takes a Wife this Thursday, 4 openings in Wanderlust on Friday, and 3 openings in Saturday's Tumelo Trail workshop.  

I will have books on hand should you need one.  Class supply lists are available under the workshops & lectures tab at the top of the blog and require you to cut only enough to keep you busy during the 6 hour class time.  Come sew with us! 

 Call the Cozy Quilter for more details at 502-742-COZY (2699)!

Strains of “Kentucky Woman…….” by Neill Diamond are already floating through my head!

Oh, yes – and this notification is in place on the front page of the Quiltville Store:

**NOTE** Due to extensive travel, including the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England and important family obligations - orders placed after July 30th, 2018 will not be shipped until AFTER Labor Day, September 3rd 2018. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

July 31, 2018 at 07_20AM 

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Verona, Virginia.

Let the people in your life know that even the little things are appreciated!

Have a great Tuesday, folks!


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. There WAS no pre-notification. And this is why there are archives.

  2. I caught part of the Quiltcam last night... a fun surprise!
    I wasn't going to do any sewing because I was tired, but if Quiltcam is on... sewing must happen!!!

  3. Can I tell you how many quiltcams I've known about, but missed? Classic examples of life getting in the way of my quilty endeavors. Last night I clicked on Facebook as I started setting up at my machine. What a pleasant surprise! There you were! You kept me company as I loaded up a giant king quilt on the frame and once it was loaded, I sat down and pieced some simple blocks while you were finishing up. I DIDN'T start quilting because my longarm is hand guided and kind of noisy. I'll get started on that tonight. It will probably be a several week long project! Thanks again for the great quiltcam! It was a treat to stumble upon it!

  4. I watched it in the car coming home from my Sister's house. Thanks for the Surprise!

  5. Bonnie, I'm so glad you are going to wait until after Labor Day to do any shipping so you won't have that pressure on you. Praying for you and your family during this difficult journey.
    Thank you for all you do, you are a special lady! Safe travels,

  6. Another cool Bonnie Hunter idea of using the scotch restickable tape. Yesterday I was just searching for kits for LED machine lights and sticking something on the machine rather bothered me, so your post today solved my issued. Just Enjoy your England trip.

  7. Travel in safety and best wishes/prayers for your brother.

  8. That binding is perfect with your sashing--great find! Safe travels!

  9. I was watching archived quilt-cams when the notification that you are live popped up. It was a much appreciated break in my routine. Glad to hear you are renting the vintage machines. Now go have fun, we will all survive!

  10. Great quilt could we call that a mini keyboard binding? Love that machine and your light.

  11. Hi Bonnie,
    I was downstairs sewing and stopped to check FB - imagine my surprise to see you live. Sooo much fun to sew and listen/watch you. I hope you have a fantastic trip to England. Hugs and best thoughts for your brother. You are amazing to include us fans in such a big part of your life.

  12. Thank you so much for the tip about the Scotch reusable tape. I need to clean off the mess from the foam on one of my machines.
    Enjoy your month of travels and we will keep you and your family in prayers.

  13. Thanks for the surprise Quilt-Cam. Missed part of it, but caught up next day. Luckily I was in the middle of a project & could sew along. Have safe travels. Prayers for your brother & all your family.

  14. Oh I would love to win this light. My sewing room doesn't have the best lighting, nor I the best eyesight. Also the tip for using the Scotch restickable strips is going to come in very handy. I look forward to seeing your blog. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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