Saturday, July 28, 2018

And the Rest of the Orange Quilt Story!

I shared this lovely Album block quilt in yesterday’s post – on one of the hand-crafted (I have a hard time with the term HAND MADE) bed that Jerry’s great-grandfather made for he and his sister.

That orange caught many an eye, as well as mine!  (My inner cheddar loving child lit up with glee when Lisa and I unpacked these boxes of quilts over 4th of July.)

I have obtained not just these two quilts, but TEN from the collection of Pepper Cory, and I’m excited to have them folded and loved at the end of every bed.  Likely not to be slept under often, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if someone felt like it was a “2-quilt-night” and added that quilt on top of everything else.

I’ll be sharing the other quilts over time.

But this one!  Remember the inscription?


1880 to 1930?

Golden wedding anniversary?

I had email contact yesterday with details found through genealogical research.  There is NO STOPPING a person who loves to dig into genealogy!

From Cheryl:

Good morning Bonnie --
A quick search on Ancestry gave me this info about AA Horner.  I'm sure there's more, just in a time crunch this morning, I can search again later today.  Looks like an interesting family.

Horner 1880 Marriage

2 Dec 1880 Marriage to Mary E Burg in Denton Co, Texas

Horner 1900 Census

1900 US Census in Williamsburg, Franklin Co, Kansas:
Alexander A and Mary E Horner
His occupation was preacher.

Oh, I just found his memorial on Find A Grave:   https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/42836350/alexander-a.-horner

Isn’t this cool??  That fast!  You guys are amazing.  So, now Mrs A.A. Horner has a first name – MARY. 


Denton County Courthouse, Denton TX.

I have been to Denton, TX many times, and instantly flashed back to the beautiful old courthouse on the square – how romantic it would be if they went to get their marriage license there.

But guess what?  The courthouse wasn’t built until 1896.  They’d already been married 16 years by the time it opened!

Also – if you look closely at the marriage certificate – it seems the county clerk was being frugal with the forms and licenses.  The year is printed 187___  as having been used in the 1870s, but it was 1880 when the Horner’s were married and new forms were not in play yet, so the date looks like 187 80. Fun facts!

More from Cheryl -

I've dug up a bit more info on the Horner's.  He was a Methodist Minister in Kansas.  I've found most of the census for the family. 

Tracking Otis G Moore now,  seems his wife's name was Virgal, they also lived in Kansas, but haven't checked the maps yet..  Haven't found if there was a family connection, or just friends.

Once I get a bit more together, I'll print it up & send it in a folder.  Maybe whoever sleeps under that quilt would like to know it's history.

This is just wonderful!  There is one other signature quilt that deserves a post all by itself – I’ll be looking forward to what you can dig up on that, Cheryl!

So – on to the topic of Lola and Dresden. Click to Play - and click the speaker icon in the bottom right if the sound doesn't play: 

Lola has found that she loves the shelves in my stockroom. The higher up the better! She is a sweetheart, and though I haven’t been able to get her to purr yet, she isn’t afraid of me and seems curious as to what I keep doing in the order pulling department.

Dresden on the other hand, will gladly take treats from you, and then without provocation, he starts hissing and spitting and growing and batting.  I’m giving him a wide berth!  A couple quick tickles is okay, until he realizes that he is in a strange place and Jason isn’t around.


But this one – it’s going to be very entertaining in the stock room!

Oh, Lola!

I have not introduced Emmy Lou to them yet, though she has a suspicion that something is going on.  I’m afraid that Dresden will really hurt her.  And she is 18 and an old grannie cat herself.  It’s going to take time.

Jeff headed out to the cabin/retreat house yesterday and took Sadie with him to calm things down around here a bit more.  Sadie is also curious, but she likes cats and isn’t a threat to them.  Dresden, however is likely to swipe her eyes out.  So --  no, it’s just going to take time.

They are safe behind the French doors to the back office-bathroom-stock room. 


This finally happened!

I’m piecing a backing for my Diamond Tile quilt.  The scissor fabric is cute, but not quite wide enough.  This cat fabric has been sitting around for a long time, and just a bit of it inserted between the two lengths will be perfect.  There are 3 cats on this fabric.  Representing the week that Lola and Dresden came to join Emmy Lou – willing or not!


Just one question though??

Who used my iron while I was gone??  WHO put WATER in it?!?!?!  I couldn’t figure out why I heard a sloshing sound while pressing this back.  I never put water in irons.  That’s why they live so long.  I just spritz with a spray bottle if I need steam.  This iron is full to the gills, and someone has to answer for it!


This and more is on it’s way to you.

We sold all 36 copies of the new Quick & Easy Block Tool, and more are on their way – so stay tuned for that!  There are some other new things being added to the Quiltville Store as well, I’ll post about things as they arrive.


THIS will be loaded in the machine at some point today.

I’d like to start the machine quilting tonight or tomorrow.

Until then – it’s back to the dining room table for me.

July 28, 2018 at 07_03AM

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Verona, VA.

There are just mornings like this!  Too many directions to go!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.


  1. ...I am not an orange (or cheddar) fan but this quilt is stunning. It was hard to scroll past it. How wonderful you've rec'd background info for it... one of the best parts of old quilts!

  2. Love that cheddar quilt! And what fun learning the history of the owners. I never put water in my irons either. Learned the hard way to just use spray bottles if water is needed. A friend came over to sew with me and put water in my iron. I dumped it out and feel like taping shut the opening:)

    1. Thou shouldst NOT put water in anyone else's iron! It's the cardinal rule! The question remains -- was it Jeff? Or The Hubster?!?

    2. This made me chuckle - I have a husband and 3 grown sons, I am not sure any of them would know that you could even put water in an iron - I made sure that they fell in love with wash and wear jeans and t-shirts. lol

    3. The cat did it to throw blame on one of the new additions to her space.

  3. Even if I wasn't enamored with quilts and quilting, I think I would gravitate to your posts which are filled with all the grace notes of living a full life: tracking down 125 year old signatures on a quilt bequeathed to you; new and old kitty companions in your life; looking for the right person to lay blame on for misuse of tools (water in iron caper), and all the other items you manage to squeeze into your busy, overflowing life of creativity and gratitude. Thanks Bonnie!

  4. Well to say this story of the cheddar quilt peaked my interest is a fact :) I am doing a genealogy check on my father's side of the family Harry Horner and my mothers side being Vivian Ashby. It will be interesting if they are cousins with my dad or grandfather William L. Horner. Love you Bonnie for all the work you do for all of us.

  5. I recognize that cat fabric!! and probably still have bits of it in my scrap stash. Love the story of the orange quilt.... oh oh on the water in the iron or as my grandma would have said "tsk tsk tsk" lol.

  6. I LOVE the butterfly quilt from yesterday's post and have found an excellent printable pattern and tutorial at sewnbyleila.blogspot.com. Just type in 36-Alice Brooks butterfly in the blog search box in the upper left of her blog. Step by step pictures :). Bonnie - your kitty grandbabies are just precious!

  7. I’m sure you have seen the sad cat diaries. It is funny, because it is true. “I have requested 2 belly rubs. Give me 3 and I will bite the @#$& outta you,”


  8. Those furbabies are going to love their new home Bonnie! Just takes them a little time! You are awesome for taking them in.

  9. Hope the iron doesn't quite on you,Bonnie. I used to put water in mine till I found out they burn out so quickly. Good luck on finding the culprit.
    Your quests will settle down. Prayers for Mark.

  10. The cats will take time, but hopefully they'll settle down. There are lots of anti stress remedies for cats, which might help Dresden with his aggression. Just ask,I'm sure a lot of people have gone through this!

  11. I love your updates on the Quiltville Inn! I know how busy you are, so the time you take to share this with us is much appreciated. I love your vintage quilts and the history they represent. Now I’m looking forward to that first “class” at the Quiltville Inn. It’s going to be wonderful.

  12. Does the Devil cat treat the Hubster the same? Good for Sadie to get away from cat drama. Love the history found for the cheddar Album Quilt. The stories are my favorite in Genealogy. Thanks for sharing Pepper Cory!

  13. Thank you for sharing in your blog and IG and you tube. LOVE your posts and can't wait to come to Quiltville. Kindred spirits help each other in prayer and thought and sharing lives. Thanks again.

  14. The quote is so me right now. I have all these wonderful plans in my head every day and they just don't happen. Thank you Bonnie for these wonderful blogs you churn out every day. I can't start any kind of day until I read your post. You are so genuine and it is refreshing in today's world. Prayers are coming your way from me for all your family.

  15. Bonnie, thank you. Just, thank you.

  16. And I'm sitting here not getting started!! We lost a well-loved kitty suddently on Wednesday night; I'm still grieving.

    Bonnie, very wise to keep the kitties separated until everyone learns the new smells. Sadie will likely be the easiest to integrate.

  17. Glad to see the kitties are settling in so far. Have Jason check out this place in Portland-the food is divine! https://swisshibiscus.com/

  18. Wow so nice to donate not only books but quilts to your retreat house, a very generous friend indeed. I love hearing about your life the good the worrisome and the sad. Stuff happens to us all sometimes I hold my breath while reading or cross fingers or cry or laugh or shake my head. Mostly I just read and don't comment to your blog I make up suggestions or do this not this in my head but not post then wait to see what you decided to do or what action took place. Most often you do something that I didn't even think of. Now my mind has ideas for the cats and dog but really it's you and your family to figure out and I'll be interested to read how it all plays out
    I do enjoy your blog

  19. So glad to get the update on Lola and Dresden. We've done our share of transitioning due to life changes over the years, and I know that with time, patience, and love for all those involved, it will work out. I can tell the you are thinking of everyone--Sadie, Emmy, and the newcomers--so all will be well because it will just take as long as it takes. And in the meantime it sounds as if Dresden and Lola are settling in to their new spot, and they have each other. I know you have a lot weighing on your heart; I hope you can give yourself a break on this because from where I sit it sounds as if you are doing beautifully.
    And I hope Jason knows that the cats will hold him in their hearts until they see him again. I don't know how pets measure time, but it was our experience that they simply expect the people they love to return. When my sweetheart had to work out of state for several years--yes, years--coming home to visit our beloved dog and cat (and me), it seemed to me that the pets were always delighted to see him, but never shocked. They knew he was coming back, just didn't know when. I know how devoted Jason is to his cats, and that kind of love runs deep.

  20. The cheddar quilt is quite beautiful and looks stunning on the beautiful home made bed, the history of it is fascinating what fun to be able to find out about the person who originally made it.
    Dresden and Lola are beautiful cats and Lola is a sweetheart, Dresden may just prefer men some cats are like that, one of mine is besotted with my hubby and sits on the arm of his chair all evening with him.
    Prayers continue for your brother and you take care
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  21. I love this quilt and its history! Amazing how you were able to track down all this info!

  22. It sounds like a booklet and pattern is in our future on the orange quilt! This type of thing needs to be documented for the future sewists! I would love to do that! Take each quilt, develop a pattern and publish it with the story! Oh, my a new goal developed! And Ancestry is really helpful!

  23. It does take time for cats to acclimate so in good time I'm sure they will all find their place. We took in a kitten in November and she has been overly playful with our resident cat who is quiet and subdued but now harassed on occasion. Sounds like you have a handle on it though. And the iron....whoo boy! I don't use water either. Someone is in BIG trouble! LOL! Thinking of you with all these transitions in your life. Big hugs....

  24. PS Regarding the cat transition...Feliway plug-in might help calm kitty cat nerves. It's a cat pheromone with calming effect, so says my vet. Might be worth a try especially for Dresden.

  25. Bonnie, My daughter is moving to Portland next month. I feel your pain!


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