Sunday, September 04, 2016

Sadie and the Midnight Vet…

This was my girl yesterday.

During our morning hike she was as active as a puppy…her sniffer was in high gear and she was propelled by that wagging tail.  In her element.  Mountains!  Fresh air!  Cool temps!

But something happened, and we noticed it as soon as we got back.

She was crying.  whining.  All kinds of upset, and I couldn’t read the thought bubble above her head to tell me what was going wrong.

She didn’t eat.

She barely slept due to the shaking.

She couldn’t manage stairs.

She wouldn’t go out to pee.

She laid here all day and I got more worried and more worried.

Of course, it’s not only a weekend – it’s a LONG HOLIDAY weekend.

But by7pm I started calling around.  a local vet in Wilkesboro had an emergency number listed on their answering machine for a 24 hour emergency clinic in Boone.  We gingerly loaded her into the car and off we went.


Poor baby girl!

How long did we have to wait to be seen?  That place was HOPPING on a Saturday evening.  We waited long enough that I pulled out the busy bag and started on hexagon fill in corner #4. 9 hexies sewn before we were placed into an exam room and I put it away after that.

It seems my girl has acute muscle pain and perhaps some disc issues between her cervial and thoracic vertebrae.  She is in some serious pain if you try to move her head or neck a certain way, and it seems to be stemming from between her shoulder blades.

We thing she jammed something jumping off the bed, and then the hike made her more sore.  By the time we got home, everything froze up on her.

It seems like old dogs can feel stiff and sore and out of whack just like us old people!

Anti inflammatories, muscle relaxants and pain meds have been prescribed.

We got home about midnight last night.

Here it is after 8am and she is still konked out, which is likely the best place for her to be.  I’m assuming she WILL need to get up and pee at some point as she hasn’t since yesterday mid-morning!

I’m just grateful that it wasn’t something else.


Binding is on, but no hand stitching has commenced!

Miracle of miracles….I had JUST enough of tht teal binding with only a few inches to spare.  Into the 2’’ scrap bin that leftover bit goes.  And wonder of wonders….no seams ended up in ANY corners!


This became a top!

For the next book down the pipeline, no pattern available as patterns don’t happen until the quilt is FINISNED! [in other words, what comes first, the chicken or the egg?!]

I’m not sure if this is going to get borders yet or not.  Likely not.  It feels done to me.

**Update**  Oh the miracle of drugs!  Sadie is nearly back to herself this morning.  I took her on a short walk up and down our street.  She is smelling all the smells, her tail is back to wagging,and she peed 4 times.  Oh happy day!

There will be no long hikes, just short “taking care of business” walks [vet wants to keep her moving some] and we’ll let the meds do their thing.

More sewing for me behind the scenes!

I think I’ve fixed ALL of the posts with photos that didn’t work – so tomorrow I’ll be posting about our day trip to the Isle of Capri which I haven’t tackled yet, I don’t believe!  If there are any “posts back in time” where photos didn’t work could you let me know so I can fix them?

Oh.  And there WILL be a nap this afternoon.

20160904_083327_001 (1)

Chicken Soup ala Crock Pot!

It’s autumn!  Which means it’s SOUP SEASON!  I had all of the fixing on hand, including the remnants of a rotisserie chicken from dinner the other night.  Friday night I cooked the meat off the bones. Yesterday morning I strained the broth from the meat & bones and separated the meat from the bones.  I chilled the broth until this morning so I could remove the fat from the top.  That went into Sadie’s dish to hopefully whet her appetite.  [it worked!]

While everyone slept I chopped onion, carrots, celery and added spices to the pot.  It is just now starting to simmer and smells yummy.  There will be soup for lunch!  I based my recipe from the Chicken Alphabet Soup recipe found under the recipes tab at the top of the blog.  Today I’m adding lentils and split peas, but no noodles.  Doctor it how you want it!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

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Box Kite quilt from my new book release Additcted to Scraps, in preorder status on my webste now!

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Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!

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  1. So happy to hear that Sadie is greatly improved. A visit to your personal vet when you get back home might be a good idea. Did she get "out of shape" while you were cruising?? Like me, if I sit around too long then go for a big long walk, I pay for it later! Good plan to only do little walks! Mary/www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

  2. My old gal has issues with her joints so I made thick foam pads to help her get up and down off the bed and couch.

  3. Glad Sadie is going to be ok, enjoy your weekend.

  4. Glad to hear Sadie is doing better. Our fur babies are such a blessing.

  5. So happy to hear that Sadie is back to herself and feeling much better. Soup looks yummy. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and take care Sadie.

  6. So glad Sadie is better! Hugs from MT

  7. So sorry to hear about Sadie's health issues but so glad to see she is on the mend.
    Love the quilt for your next book. Soup looks great also. Thanks, Bonnie, for all you do for quilters around the world!!

  8. We had homemade chicken soup yesterday as well. This morning it was 59 degrees. I love fall! Glad Sadie is better.

  9. So glad to have read this and found the update sharing you pup is feeling better all around this morning! So happy about that for you and for Sadie.. hard to deal with a dog getting older sometimes too!! Thanks for sharing all your do and encouraging all you do! It is a pleasure to be able to peek inside your world and marvel at all you continue to get accomplished each day! :) Kathi

  10. So glad to hear Sadie is doing better and that you will be home for a bit to keep her company! Our fur babies are such a joy but also a concern as they age. I lost my 10 year old shadow a few weeks ago and life without him is hard.

    Love the new top! Beautiful!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    Ellie Lively

  11. Glad Sadie is on the road to recovery...the comment that maybe she got a little out of shape while you were gone and over did it could be a little bit correct but she would probably rather have you with her, so couldn't contain her joy.
    My two feline companions, Charles and the Princess, send healing purrayers for Sadie and hope she is back chasing small critters again soon.
    Anna in IL

  12. So happy to hear that Sadie is improving, pretty scary. Soup smells delish!

  13. Poor baby, glad she's doing much better. I don't know how you manage to get done as much as you do, but wish I had your energy.

  14. Wonderful news. So glad to hear Sadie is on the mend. Enjoy your nap.

  15. Echoing the relief that sweet Sadie is on the mend! Understanding completely how the contents of a 'busy bag' can keep one's mind from thinking too much about "what if?" :-) (A long-time knitter, I carry a sock on the needles at all times.) Blessings for a great rest of the weekend!

  16. I'm so glad Sadie is ok.

  17. I'm so glad Sadie is on the mend! It sucks getting old for dogs and people....

  18. Sounds like Sadie needs a chiropractor... That's how I feel every morning when I get up. A couple of years ago, I stepped off the bed after dusting the ceiling fan, and by the end of the day, I was flat on my back, crying in pain. That lasted almost a month before it healed. Sometimes it doesn't take but the tiniest wrong move. Old age isn't for the weak!!!
    Glad to hear she's doing better.
    I have been reading your older blog posts...started back at the beginning...2005. What a hoot! Your thinking has changed so much. You were going through your m assuage therapy classes at that time, and were stresses and tired and not having a good time. Look at you now, since you are doing what you love....what a world of difference. I look forward to seeing the progressive change to making quilting your career.

  19. So happy for Sadie! My little old pup just had to have 4 teeth pulled. It is terrifying to wait!!! All is well now. Relief for moms and pups...our children. Love love the quilt! Enjoy you holiday with friends and family that you so richly deserve!

  20. I had a beagle with a bad back. After everything healed, the vet suggested Dasuquin with MSM and fish oil. I gave both to him, and it seemed to help. My other dog started limping in the spring, and he wouldn't take the fish oil, but loves the Dasuquin tablets. After 2 months of the supplement, he isn't limping and is acting like a puppy even though he is 13.

    I can't tell you for sure that the Dasuquin is the reason my dog is better or that it would help Sadie, but it might. It is a little expensive, but not as expensive as a vet visit!

    I don't take supplements myself or any vitamins, but I am rethinking after seeing my dog's turn-around.

    Good luck to Sadie!

  21. So happy Sadie's meds are working for her! Mine, sadly aren't today. Hubby left for Sunday school, I hope to join for church service, but need to get some comfort, or I'll be pacing the church aisle! Probably pray for me thinking I'm resisting God! Lol while I jest, too bad we can't read our furbabies when they feel bad.
    I'm excited for your next book! I ordered it, your ruler AND your playing cards! So cute! Can't wait! Enjoy your weekend and praying Sadie rests and heals quickly! ❤

  22. So happy Sadie's meds are working for her! Mine, sadly aren't today. Hubby left for Sunday school, I hope to join for church service, but need to get some comfort, or I'll be pacing the church aisle! Probably pray for me thinking I'm resisting God! Lol while I jest, too bad we can't read our furbabies when they feel bad.
    I'm excited for your next book! I ordered it, your ruler AND your playing cards! So cute! Can't wait! Enjoy your weekend and praying Sadie rests and heals quickly! ❤

  23. Whew! Glad Sadie is getting better! Have a weekend!!!

  24. Glad to hear Sadie is going to be alright....now for another irritating poster....could you please post your sayings on the quilt pictures in black, instead of white. lol, I'm a bit older than you and my eyesight isn't so good anymore. I'm enjoying them but they are so very, very hard to read.

  25. Phew - Thanks for the 'edit' and Sadie is starting to feel a lot better :)

  26. So happy to hear Sadie is on the mend. Hope the rest of your weekend is calm and event free.

  27. Sadie's ailment sounds all too familiar. My heart goes out to her! Are you sure that she's not spending too many hours at the sewing machine and computer when you're not looking? That's often what makes my neck/shoulder/thoracic pain flare!
    We've been dealing with Vet issues this week too! My little Mini Doxie girl with the sensitive stomach was so miserable that we decided it was time to visit the Vet last Saturday. These episodes usually last 12 to 18 hours and often start on Sunday evenings before Mama has to go to work the next day. Hmmm... This time it started Friday evening and it was Wednesday before she was acting herself. Meanwhile our older guy who has back and hind leg issues, tried to jump up on the couch with my husband and fell on his rump with a yelp before he could catch him. Thank goodness for the little stash of Rimadyl the Vet dispenses for me to keep on hand for times like this! He's improving, but has been banned from the stairs and has had to listen to us lecture him about trying to jump up on things! As advised by one of our Vets, I have my little ones on Dausequin Chews, which I order online, then cut in half to match their weight, and I add a Krill Oil capsule to their breakfast every morning.

  28. So glad Sadie is on the mend. Yeah, us old girls occasionally have aches and pains. Love the box kite quilt. Loved it so much when you were sewing it on Quilt Cam that I made one. Still needs quilting, but seeing yours reminds me why I loved it so much.

    Both my cats, only 11 years old, are on daily med regimens. And I take fish oil and jount lubricating vitamins. They do help me.

    Maybe a stair next to the bed for Sadie? Given the choice, my cats will use theirs every time.

    Enjoy your nap and keep us updated, and enjoy the rest of your holiday. I am cooking today, too.

    Donna in Tallahassee, one of the few with power right now and thankfully no damage from the hurricane.

  29. Oh my, what a scare. Sorry Sadie was in so much pain, but glad the vet figured out a good solution and you are working around her senior limitations, to allow her to still get out and have fun. Please give her a good pet body massage for me, massaging her hips, lower back, shoulders and knees. I wonder if rice based heat pads work for dogs? Maybe a heat pad/bed for her this coming winter, if she doesn't have one already.


  30. I am glad Sadie is starting to feel better. Your new quilt top is beautiful. I hope you have a lovely day today, you and Sadie both.

  31. POOR SCAMP! Nothing like old age miseries...thankfully this is what she has. Our Dobie/Lab's spine fused, of all things. She tried jumping from the bed of the truck. WOOOOOOOOHHH did she scream. Frightening for her Momma for sure.

    Go slow with Sadie, let her do what she can (monitoring her on the side of caution). BEST MEDS... YOU.

    I like the quilt... kind of a border-nut myself so I would vote to put a border on. Be interesting to see what happens.

    GOD BLESS both you and Sadie on this fine Sunday morning.

  32. So glad Sadie is okay. Sunday is nap day here too. That "just enough" teal and no seams in corners are binding issues worth rejoicing over!!

  33. So happy to see Sadie is resting and on the mend. I have 3 dachshunds which 2 are 8 yrs old. My male has had back problems for 4 years so I understand what Sadie is going through. I give my two older furkids "Phycox" daily and it helps with joint pain and stiffness. It isn't a prescription and I order from either Chewy.com or Amazon.


  34. Good to hear that Sadie is improving - poooor baby! Hope she feels better with each day! It is so hard on us when our furbabies are not well because they are definitely a part of us!

  35. My Biscuit had disc issues in about the same place to the point she was having spasms. One thing the vet recommended was getting her food and water bowl elevated off the floor. We bought a set in a stand and they have worked well. I don't let her jump off the bed any more. The two changes seem to have helped her tremendously. Hope Sadie continues to improve.

  36. So happy to hear that Sadie is doing better! It's so hard when they don't feel well.

  37. I felt that panic and then the relief you must have felt with Sadie. So glad to hear she's not in pain and on the mend. Good news!

  38. As someone else mentioned "pet to bed stairs"
    We had( gone over the rainbow bridge) chihuahua that over time was no longer able to jump up on the bed so one of us would reach down and "elevate" her up but she really wanted to go down when she wanted and then back up when she wanted we ended up making a ramp system for her of boxes and blankets then bought a pet stair case but for her the home made ramp was best.
    I am glad you were able to get Sadie seen and to figure out her problem and relieve her pain. You are very lucky that she is a good bladder holder if that was me there would have been a lot of cleaning and laundry to do
    I hope she continues to improve and you figure out how many and how long her walks need to be for both of you

  39. Glad Sadie is getting better!

  40. Hope Sadie's feeling better soon!

  41. So very happy that Sadie is feeling better. Enjoy that time at home with your loved ones.
    Your soup sounds delicious!

  42. so sorryto hear Sadie ordeal, I pet sit all the time, happy to hear she is doing better, take care of our four legg people, blessings

  43. I am so sorry that Sadie has had to go through her painful experience but happier that she seems to be on the road to recovery. Here in the UK we have a fabulous vet (Noel Fitzpatrick) who does unimaginable things in repairing problems with animals. He is known as the Supervet and if you ever get a chance to see the television programmes of a similar name, you should make sure you do. In a recent one, he worked on a large dog whose owner had been carrying her around for five weeks because she couldn't walk. Noel worked on the dog's spine and inserted "bionic" parts made on a 3D printer. Within days, the dog was up on her feet and doing a little walking and within weeks, was virtually back to normal. Love to Sadie and fingers crossed for a full recovery.

  44. poor Sadie - I know exactly how she feels. When you get back to town see if you can find a vet who does physical therapy. It should help. I was so afraid it was snake bite when you said it was after walk.

  45. Yup, know how Sadie feels - having resumed our long walks as the weather is cool enough - the muscles are complaining. Ankle pins remind me that they are still there too! Number one son was playing rounders at work (team building) and is also hobbling around. Poor Sadie. Glad she's up and widdling well!

  46. My heart sunk when I saw Sadie and the Midnight Vet but it got back to normal as I read the post. Thank goodness she is OK, I put my fur-baby on ""Flexi-joints" which has glucosamin in it when she was 9 and 2 months later everyone thought I had a new puppy. Obviously without me knowing she had started to have joint problems but the tabs sorted that out as she went over the rainbow bridge at 13 still bouncing about like the wonderful puppy she was. I am sure you give Sadie all that she needs especially quilts which my fur-baby adored, it gives a gentle and soothing heat and cushions against anything. Give Sadie an extra huggle from me, love your quilts which I thank you wholeheartedly for sharing as I am doing 2 leaders and enders at present!

  47. Poor dog! Hope she is feeling better now!

  48. Poor Sadie - hopefully she is on the mend quickly. A friend of mine takes her dog for a chiropractic treatment periodically and it does wonders, so that might help if the drugs don't. Totally love the quilt on the ironing board!!!

  49. So sorry that Sadie was hurting so much. I know you must have been so worried. Am very glad to read that Sadie is doing better. Our Levi has a ulcer in his left eye. After a month of treatment the ulcer is gone but around the eye it is still inflammation. I had to come back so many times and changes in medication I sure hope to get better news or I will take him to a eye specialist.
    Hope and pray Sadie will be back to better health real soon.
    Big kisses for Sadie and happy quilting!!!!

  50. So Sorry that Sadie was in such shape and glad that she is now better. We had to put my Giant Schnauzer on Vetmed pills for his pain during the colder months. Give that girl a hug from me!!!!!!

  51. Poor Sadie. I know just how you feel. I 2 Havanese pups (sisters) and they've both had a few issues as well. Thank goodness for doggy anti-inflammatories. I'm so glad Sadie is feeling better.

  52. Poor Sadie! Glad she is getting better. Hubby's car conked out Friday night, while he was driving to go hiking all weekend. It was finally towed to a dealership, but, since it is a Holiday weekend, no one to look at the car until Tuesday. At least Vet's are available over holiday weekends.

  53. My first dog (a Westie) had disc problems in his neck; our vet suggested giving him a baby vitamin C pill every day since blood work showed that his body was not providing enough vitamin C.

    Once we started doing that he was "fine as wine".

    We were happy that we did not have to start a steroid regime because we try to avoid them if we can for our dogs.

    Glad Sadie is feeling better.

  54. So glad Sadie is doing better by the end of this post. It's so scary when our fury family members feel bad and you don't understand why. Wouldn't be great to be a dog whisperer. mmm then again I might not always want to know what my Lilley is thinking. LOL


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