Monday, September 12, 2016

Cruise Cooking, Behind the Scenes!

On our last “full day at sea”, in between morning and afternoon class sessions, I signed up for a behind the scenes kitchen tour of the Brilliance of the Seas galley and kitchen areas.

I wanted to know just how it is that they do what they do.

Thousands of meals are prepared –for seated dining room breakfast, lunch AND dinner, not to mention the ever busy Windjammer cafe, which has just about every buffet item that you could ever wish for, including decadent desserts.

This galley tour included a luscious lunch afterward so we could enjoy what we had seen being prepared.

The kitchen staff works tirelessly day after day after day, baking bread, making desserts, preparing salads, entrees and appetizers, and the sheer scale of it all left my head spinning.

And I have never seen so much stainless steel in my life.


And in we go!


The world’s biggest dish washer!

Okay, so this isn’t so exciting to look at, but I want you to think about it.  There are NO paper plates of any kind or plastic eating utensils or disposable cups for beverages on this ship.  It’s all washable/reusable.  Even the napkins in the Windjammer are cloth.  Not only does that make dining on board a ship feel really special, but it cuts down on the waste products that a ship would have to deal with.  But having everything be REAL place servings and fabric napkins means a lot of dish washing, and laundry.  And they’ve got it down to a system.


Appetizer stations!

I caught our chef on video describing how many meals and appetizers are prepared each day.  I wish the volume was better, but just listen to what he has to say:

And this is only the appetizers!


Salad prep!


These are the soup pots!

Three different soups a day for 3,000 passengers.  Check out that whisk!


And so many smiles!


Chocolate covered strawberry, anyone?


Hard at it!

It can be hot and steamy and incredibly busy in the galley areas.  Uniforms are changed up to 3 times per shift, just to stay clean and dry and comfortable.


Check out that immersion blender for sauces!


Getting busy in the kitchen with the mixer!


Lunch crowd will be hungry soon!


Breads and rolls are made fresh daily.

Check out this short video clip:

I really have an appreciation for everything these folks do to ensure that we have a good time enjoying every meal.  I have learned there is a difference between simply eating, and DINING.  Yes, dinner takes 2 hours in the DINING ROOM.  But what a great place to sit and chat and relax and enjoy the food that is placed before you.  Each and every dish was beyond delicious and plated so beautifully.  It’s the whole experience, and part of why I love cruising.


Photo by tablemate Melody Cox!

We loved our wait staff Eric and Maricica!

Now that I’ve been home for a while, I’m certainly missing all of the fresh cut up fruit made available daily.  It’s just not the same!

So I am looking forward to our Quiltville Caribbean cruise happening just NEXT MONTH!  I’ll be ready.  I know what goes on behind the scenes.  And all of these folks get a big thumbs up from me for the job they do.

It's Monday morning and I am headed back down home as soon as this posts.  There are more book orders to get out….I'm nearly caught up on those who ordered without the Essential Triangle Tool or bundle, and that makes me feel ever so good!

I’m already hearing from some of you who have received your packages already!  Remember that some people live farther away, and books went out over Thursday, Friday and Saturday so give it a few days if you live a ways away from me.  Packages are being filled in the order in which they were placed and I appreciate your patience!

If you haven't ordered your own copy yet?  Check out all of the quilts in this post HERE. Remember if you order from my website you get a FREE extra pattern for a Wanderlust Table Runner sent to your email free upon purchase of the book or book and Essential Triangle Tool bundle.  And orders over $75.00 ship free using the code FREE75 in the coupon box upon check out.


Scraps left from cutting and kitting up this year’s mystery!

It's been a power cutting weekend, pulling all the fabrics and doing all of the cutting for this year's mystery quilt coming up! This is what's left. And it's now time to slice these leftovers that are less than half a fat quarter down into Scrap Users System widths.

For more information on the Scrap Users System, click the Tips & Techniques tab tab at the top of the blog and learn how to store scraps in usable widths ready for the next scrap quilt down the line.  I know black and white is sneaky, but you’ll know the colors in just over a month!  Whoowhooo!


Last night’s sunset.

I love September sunsets, and this one was lovely. 


Last night’s binding to Stranger Things on Netflix!

I’ve finished 1 1/2 sides, so  a long way to go yet, but it isn’t a deadline thing and I have to admit I’ve been completely pulled in by Stranger Things.  I’m taking it slow, allowing myself only a couple of episodes each time I’m up here to make it last a bit longer.  There are only 8 episodes in the season and we’ve made it through episode 5.  Gotta make it last!

After the post office run I’ll be packing up the trunk show..so excited that Addicted to Scraps quilts get to come with me for the first time!

Tomorrow, Providence, Rhode Island!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Did you ever stop to think? Vintage X quilt found in Texas.

Don’t forget the drawing for Nancy Mahoney’s EQ7 Course Bundle is TONIGHT!  Did you enter HERE?

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

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  1. Great pictures and videos, Bonnie. I'm glad to know what goes on behind the scenes! What a hard-working, dedicated crew the ship has. The two pretty young ladies on your tour were on our pasta-making excursion and were responsible for "cranking" out our delicious pasta! Have a great day.

  2. You are sure right about all that stainless. Enough to sink a ship! Fascinating. Thanks for the behind the scenes tour.

  3. Bonnie - thanks for the kitchen tour, 6000 appetizers alone? Mercy! The kitchen looked very neat, organized and clean, a credit to the staff. Been on cruises and to a ship the food was great.

    Your thought of the day is head-on! Sometimes I can think things don't seem to be happening for any rhyme or reason, yet we know The Lord molds each of us in His special way. Thanks for the excellent reminder :)

    Enjoy your next adventure!

  4. Being Pampered would entice me to go on a Cruise. A week without having to decide what to make for Lunch and Dinner. Sounds Heavenly! Almost wishing I'd ordered the Book alone... Getting antsy here in Washington State. Not that I have time to start something NEW from the Book just yet. Lucky Ladies in Vermont! Have a great trip.

  5. I just got my book. I love love love it. Best quilt book ever. Ellen terry

  6. I loved this post. My son is a chef so I know how hard they work. It is really amazing to see a chef's kitchen in action. They work long hours, lift heavy equipment and food for the love of preparing good food.

  7. Hi Bonnie, we will be sailing on Oct. 2 to St. Thomas and St. Martin on Freedom of the Seas ship. Maybe we will sail past each other? The food is amazing! My biggest problem is right now is whether to buy the drink package. or not! LOL

  8. You never cease to amaze us with the variety of topics, food looks amazing


  9. Thanks for the behind the scenes. That's a lot of food but I'm sure it's delicious.

  10. That looked like a wonderful trip, and thanks for sharing that wonderful kitchen footage! All my best Miss Bonnie! (Angelia's husband)


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