Friday, September 23, 2016

Antiquing Therapy!

“When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!” said a funny greeting card I came across once.

I’m not a big shopper.  Not when it comes to shoes [hate it.] clothes [hate it more.] or girly things like handbags or cosmetics [hate it worse.]

But all bets are off if you get me with in 1/2 mile of a favorite antique mall haunt that I haven’t visited in the past 6 months.

There might be NEW goodies to discover!

And such was the case when my errands were finished yesterday.  I dropped off my deposit at the drive up ATM, and Moby took control of Auto-Pilot, taking me around the corner to the Lost in Time Antique Mall in Winston Salem.

I can make a quick do of an antique mall.  My eyes are on rapid search, looking over and under everything in every booth just waiting to land on that one thing that catches my interest.

Now cookie jars are NOT my thing, but this elephant made me smile.  SO CUTE!  And, just like everyone else who has likely walked past this very same cookie jar, I lifted up the lid to peek inside.

WHY do we do that?  It’s not likely that there is anything hidden inside, but I just have to lift lids and peek.  And replace the lid just so, making sure that little elephant doesn’t do some sort of “exorcist” thing with its head on backwards.  Move on, Bonnie….you are in search of sewing stuff.  You know.  Quilts.  Blocks.  Linens. Fabrics. Sewing notions.  Sewing machines. and…


The mothership of thread cabinets!

I loved this.  Until I looked at the price tag. And then MY head did the Linda Blair thing upon seeing that this cabinet is “on sale” for $545.00.  I opened and closed all the drawers, somewhat related to the cookie jar lid activity, and moved on.


There were some cool quilts, though!

I love this bricks in Barn Raising!

I love ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in a Barn Raising lay out.  It made me remember that I didn’t have the binding on my Scrappy Mountain Majesties in Barn Raising layout on yet.  More of that later.


String quilts make my heart sing!!


And sing even louder when I discover another.


And this one too, more hunks and chunks.


Wool comforter.  HEAVY!

I love those red sashings with blue cornerstones even though the blocks are all a variety of colors.  The simplicity in this 25 patch quilt just speaks to me.


I love blue and white graniteware!


Especially next to this blue and yellow quilt.


Blue and yellow again.

Aren’t these sashings interesting with the 1/2 square triangle cornerstones?


This baby didn’t come home.

Too far gone, sweet Minnesota.


Cabinet needs help, but if someone is looking for a White Rotary, this is a pretty one!


Just needs some TLC!


I love the intricate piecing in this one!

The contrast between the intricate blocks, the border treatment complete with mitered corners, and the huge Baptist Fan quilting just makes me want to wrap up in this one.


I want to run to my shirt ginghams and grab the solid cheddar to make that bottom center block!


And my heart cheers for this orphan block extravaganza!


Be still my heart!

Love that chrome yellow border!


The quilt from the original “matchy matchy” quilter.

This quilt was only 2 fabrics and there is a lot of bad fading as you can see.  Fact is, I like it BEST where it has faded because there is more contrast.  Note to self.  Never piece two fabrics in such close value from nearly the same type of flower print fabrics together or they will cancel each other out.

The salvation for this quilt?  Check out the far left row of blocks and find the one that is side-ways.  Perhaps our matchy matchy quilter has a bit of spunk in her after all!  And as I look HARD at the quilt through the more dark areas, all of a sudden I see others that are also side-ways or upside-down. 

CONTRAST!  We need more contrast!


My purchase.

A very fussy cut glass bowl with fluted edges.

It was $12.00 .  I don’t even know WHY I bought it.  I don’t collect clear glassware.  I just liked the shape and the design.  Perhaps it reminded me of quilting detail.  It will hold something.  I’m just not sure what yet.


Binding went on the Scrappy Mountain Majesties in plaid last night.


I missed the seam falling in the corner by THIS MUCH! Whew!

And because I was on such a roll, binding happened on this too:


There will be LOADS of binding flipping happening in Quiltville.


And this is an update on where we stand with book/tool bundle orders.

We are up to date on those who ordered JUST the book.  Those have been going out daily since the books arrived.

I am getting loads of inquiries from those who are anxious for their Bundle Order. Understandable.

I knew this would happen, that emails of inquiry would start flooding in, but they are taking a lot of time to answer.  If you placed an order with me, remember that your order is still in PRE-ORDER status if you ordered the Addicted to Scraps Book  and Essential Triangle Tool together in a BUNDLE, or ordered the ruler separately.


You should have received a notice that your order has been marked “PROCESSING” as has been stated here on the blog, all across social media and in big red letters in the description of the item within the Quiltville Store.  Processing means that your invoice has been printed and your mailing label is ready [as is shown above.] AS SOON AS ESSENTIAL TRIANGLE TOOLS ARRIVE, these orders will begin to go out, being filled in the order in which they came in.  Each box of invoices you see here is in numerical order, and the boxes are dated as to when these purchases came in. Each of these boxes holds approximately 300 invoices.

And you can believe that as soon as tools arrive, I will be doing a mad post about it so that you KNOW that things are starting to flow out of here as fast as possible.

If you ordered the bundle, or the tool separately, and you have not heard anything beyond notification that it is PROCESSING [ie: invoice printed and label made ready] and have not read anything about these being in house, there is no need to email me.  No news is no news.  I hope they will arrive soon, because believe me, I am just as anxious to get these out of here on their way to you as you are!

The way life has been throwing things lately, they will likely arrive when I am in the middle of our Quiltville Caribbean Cruise!  I leave a week from today!

In the mean time, smile with great anticipation and go sew something!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Sometimes just getting our minds to shut down is the hardest part. No matter what the mind says, the heart knows best.

String Log Cabin quilt from my collection, made in 2006.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. Love your glass dish. It probably needs to hold that staple of quilting life - M&Ms!

  2. It's probably a good thing my Bundle Order isn't here yet. I think I'm going to want to get started on at least one quilt from the book and I have several projects already in progress that really need to get done! Especially the ones for my first grandchild who is due in the middle of December.

  3. I, too, love the cut glass dish. It would be lovely at Christmas holding ribbon candy.

  4. I LOVE it when you go shopping at the antique mall. I love to see the quilts you photograph. The blue and yellow one was my fav this time :0)

  5. I ordered the vundle, but in reality l am not i. A hurry to get it. Yes, l want to read the book and play with the ruler, but yesterday l sat down and made a short list of things that are nearly finished in that an afternoon would get one finished. I don't need to start anything new right now, or even to be tempted to srart a new project. :) My hubby has an eye infection and cannot drive right now, and my kitty had surgery and is wearing a cone, and is isolated in our bedroom to be "quiet" so l'm keeping the other cat also isolated in the basement, and on it goes, l kinow it's just life, but right now l need to sew! I hope it will happen later today.

  6. Bonnie, I am so glad we have the urge to "look inside"! Last time I was in an antique mall I opened up what I thought was a train case because I love those old-timey train cases like my mother and grandmother had. Inside this one, though, was a Featherweight! I am sure you would have known what kind of boxes they come in but I didn't and was delighted to bring it home!

  7. OHH... I just bet Sadie Jane is NOT near those terrible boxes... she is doggie-hoping they go soon.

    Like the clear glass bowl...interesting and maybe could hold pins? Bobbins? Something sewing related... M&Ms...they are sewing related, right?


  8. I have a weakness for pretty glassware also. It is becoming funny now (been married 51 years) because when I find one at an antique shop my husband will look at it and say "I think it has a scratch". I tell him "all the better" then I know it has been used and loved by someone for Sunday dinner or during the holidays. Sometimes you wish that depression glass could talk. We would probably find out where some of those quilts came from. Have a good day.

  9. was wondering about the 2x6 or was it 2x8 ruler you had mentioned a couple of times...is that going to be available at some point....and does this triangle ruler take the place of the easy angle or what? missed that whole description...

  10. Live what you found and need to order you book and ruler. Happy Fall!

  11. I love the glass dish ... it would have intrigued me, too! I have a thing for BOWLS ... mixing bowls ... but have stopped looking at them because I already have too many. As someone said above ... good holder of M&Ms with Almonds ... my FAVORITE!!

  12. Stepping out to the antique mall is my breather also... I don't need to buy anything; sometimes just window shopping is all I need. I do it at the fabric store also.
    Thanks for all you do.

  13. I love the bowl but i would fill it with smarties.

  14. I love the bowl but i would fill it with smarties.

  15. Bonnie, have you named that quilt yet? The one you just put the purpley binding on? The one with the dark neutral string blocks and criss-crossed tracks with the 4-patches on point? I have been totally gaga over that quilt since the day you posted the very first block and waited eagerly for each new glimpse and update. It is the very next quilt on my list. I cannot wait to get started. But I am not a good pattern namer. Pretty, pretty please with fat quarters on top, what have you named this quilt?

  16. Oh my! that White Rotary treadle machine is exactly like the one I first learned to sew on. What I wouldn't give to have that in my sewing room!

  17. Thank you for taking us to the antique store with you again! I LOVE it when you do that. It's almost as good as going myself.

  18. Let's get serious here. That beautiful glass bowl will be the inspiration for a new quilt. We know you too well, Bonnie :)

    Loved today's saying. It is spot on.

  19. Wow! Lots of bundles to be sent. Congratulations on having such a popular launch for your new book. Can't wait to see it.

  20. Hi Bonnie, I enjoyed your post. I am with you on the shopping thing. :) Your picture of the Rotary White machine caught my eye - I have one just like it but without the cabinet. Take care, Kristine

  21. I've gotten so many tips from you that I thought I'd share one of mine. Whenever I have binding to sew on a quilt, I lay the quilt out and place the binding along the edges to make sure a seam does not fall on a corner. If it does, I can move it and check the other 3 corners before sewing it in place. Hope this helps! Chris, a long time reader

  22. Bonnie, I love a new gadget/tool! But could you tell us a bit about your new ruler, please? What does it do differently than all the others out there? Why do I have to have his one? I haven't seen you say anything about it other than you have a new ruler coming. Thanks!

  23. What a beautiful cut glass bowl...good eye Bonnie. How about spools of thread? that would look pretty...My Mr. took a pic of a Singer treadle on someones lawn yesterday, in a tag sale. beautiful cabinet too. I told him to get a price if its still there today.

  24. So true that the biggest challenge is to shut the brain off. Thanks for sharing those antique quicks. So charming.

  25. Wow you found lots of prettys and lots of sewing goodies. I loved the thread cabinet and that quilt with the interesting sashing


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