Sunday, September 18, 2016

Musei Vaticani!

Vatican City.

Just thinking of this place sets my mind to reeling.

While in Vatican City, we were NOT in Italy.  Vatican City is it’s own country!

Vatican City, a city-state surrounded by Rome, Italy, is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. It's home to the Pope and a trove of iconic art and architecture. Its Vatican Museums house ancient Roman sculptures such as the famed “LaocoΓΆn and His Sons” as well as Renaissance frescoes in the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine Chapel, famous for Michelangelo’s ceiling.
We are really touching history here.

But in order to touch the history, you find yourself touching shoulders with SO MANY PEOPLE:


The wall separating Vatican City from Rome.

And walls of people!


The museum has a wonderful collection of art, and you could spend all day just looking at the art.  As for us….we were kind of on a fast track following our fearless leader through the Musem to St Peters and the Sistine Chapel.  Here she is with her ever present ribbons on a stick so we wouldn’t lose her!


Wait!  Wait!  I’ve lost her!  TOO MANY PEOPLE!

It was also about 150 degrees in the museum which has no a/c.  I stopped by every open window I could to catch a breeze:




Mesmerized by the ceilings!


Sometimes the best view is UP!

I would love to go again.  I would love the WHOLE DAY to spend in the museum and really discover what these works of art are.  Who was the artist? Who was the subject?  What was the artist trying to convey?

From the hall of tapestries

Statues and paintings are so important in religious art because they tell a story.  I’m not Catholic myself, but a friend who is explained to me that way back in history, when people couldn’t read [or were not allowed to read and interpret on their own] the bible, the stories were told with statues and paintings showing important scenes.  That helped make all of the statuary and religious art make more sense to me.  As they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words, and since there were no cameras then, icons and statues and paintings told the story so the people could remember.

What is in the slide show is just a mere glimpse.  And the photos aren’t that great because it is hard to shoot around so many bodies.  But you’ll feel like you were there with me…bodies and crowds and stifling heat and all.


Drinking fountain outside the museum to cool off!


This way to the Sistine Chapel.

The Sistine Chapel was amazing.  The ceilings were gorgeous. The floors were even better.  And no photos were allowed.  Understandable.  I went to the gift shop asking if there were books that showed photos of the floors.  NO!  Not clearly enough anyway.  So what is this quilter to do? 

Check the internet!


I found a 3D tour HERE.  Check out the floors, you’ll get a glimpse of what is going on.  And the narration is good, too.  I learned some things I missed during our crowded tour.  It's EMPTY on this site, so easier to see it!


And there are more photos found HERE.  Thank you GOOGLE!  The quilt designs in the floor were beyond amazing and I kept walking around and around and around picking out every familiar unit.  Stars, geese, diamonds, triangles!  I wish I had brought graph paper in....

But then we were following our guide with the be-ribbboned stick, and there wouldn't have been time.  Really.  Check out the link.  These floors were BEAUTIFUL!


Sadie and I are up at the cabin working on something VERY MYSTERIOUS!

And I have some help from these:


Seeing Better, Closer!

When I ordered new glasses a week ago I also placed an order with CraftOptics for a set of telescopes complete with light to help me see closer more clearly while I do handwork and other things I have been struggling with due to my macular condition. [Macular Telangiectasia type 2]

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with eyesight issues as we age. I am so excited about the possibility of resuming my hand quilting thanks to these beautifully and individually made telescopes! They come attached to a pair of glasses complete with my new prescription in them. The telescopes are already mounted and it comes with a light so I can really see what I'm doing! I will be writing about these more after a test run!

I am singing The familiar tune with just a small change to the words: "I can see clearly now the strain is gone!" Thank you, CraftOptics!

PS.  They currently have a $50.00 off coupon on the website when you go to visit.  It’s good through September.  I am so excited about these.

There is a huge difference between dollar-store cheater readers and REAL prescription telescopes to keep me doing what I love best.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Never give up on the person you are becoming!

Vintage Improved 9-patch quilt photo sent in by Sherry and Irene on their travels to Texas.  Thanks, girls – keep them coming!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Thanks Bonnie, for the wonderful slide show. I was lucky enough to go to Rome and the Vatican and your pictures are so much better than mine.
    I'm so looking forward to the mystery this year. Thanks for all you do.

  2. The Vatican Museum has so many artifacts that a portion of them still have not been catalogued. And as you experienced, there is little to no signage so you don't really know what you are looking at as far as origins and time frames. Even today you will read about some new discovery that a scholar has made in the Vatican Library. My sister has seen the Sistine Chapel both before and after the restoration. The overpainting from earlier restorations as well as smoke damage were removed, making the painting very bright. A lot of people didn't like it. I only saw it when it was in its unrestored and dirty condition. Thanks for the slide show. Brought back memories.

  3. Thank you for the memories. Each time we drove up to Roma, it was a different drive home back to Naoles! Lol but each trip, we saw so much each time! I loved walked around the Forum and imagining what it was like to actually live back then!
    Hope your new eyewear helps for years to come! Enjoy your you time at the cabin! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  4. Thank you for the memories. Each time we drove up to Roma, it was a different drive home back to Naoles! Lol but each trip, we saw so much each time! I loved walked around the Forum and imagining what it was like to actually live back then!
    Hope your new eyewear helps for years to come! Enjoy your you time at the cabin! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  5. I saw the chapel in restored condirion, so no comparison. I found the museum to be a mixed experience. I don't do well in crowds and heat, and we had both in October. And as Bonnie noted there wasn't as much about the items as you'd find in other museums, not that you couldhave read it as the pressyre of the lone behind you kept you moving. There were lots of beautiful paintings and sclupture, but in some places, so many similar ones it was ard to focus. The chapel itself was amazing, but so much smaller than i had expected. When l think about, of course it's a chapel, meant to be small and intimate. Overall i enjoyrd the experience

  6. Happy to know you have 'new eyes' in a sense. I am praying for your eye condition to be heal... in the mean time...WEAR THOSE!

    Sadie Jane is in on the mystery of something new... great partner since she is good at withholding secrets from us. :)

    Your min-tour of the Vatican was a treasure, thank you.

  7. Sure looks like a quilt hanging as a back drop in that first picture!!


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  9. I could not believe it when reading your blog this morning that you had the same tour guide as I did the week before. Yes I was on the same ship as you the week before, the Brillance of the Sea on a quilting cruise also with Quiltmania. It just shows how small the world can been!


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