Sunday, November 08, 2015

Tuk Tuks, Peruvian Style!

From Iquitoa to Indiana Peru you will find one  very popular mode of transportation:

The tuk tuk!

A motorcycle driven carriage that acts as taxi to many in all kind of weather!

Here we are in one after our boat ride on the Amazon following our day in the jungle and our canopy walkway adventure.  The boat dropped us off in one area, the tuk tuks took us to the other side, where we grabbed the next boat back to Ceiba Tops.


Tuk tuk on the streets of Iquitos!

They come in all shapes and sizes with the main vehicle being a motorcycle with a frame built around it.   It reminds me of a motorized rickshaw and it is a convenient way to get around here!

Not only did we see someone trying to get a whole kitchen sink attached to a counter top home on one of these, there was someone else with a kitchen buffet/sideboard loaded on!  Where there is a will ((and a tuk tuk!)) there is a way!

Waving at me while driving by!

Maybe you caught a few of these vehicles that I posted upon our arrival – they were in the slide show!

I also took a video of us driving down a crazy Iquitos street by bus on our way to the airport:

That crazy crazy Iquitos traffic!!

This is Sadie’s cousin Lupita!  Hahaha!

She was at the bus depot where we were waiting to board our bus for the airport!

More tuk tuks and city street scenes from Iquitos in the slide show below.

Click the image if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Peruvian Tuk Tuks! 2015

There are also a couple shots of our gals shopping at an outdoor market in Iquitos!

I know this is a short post –in real time we arrived by train in the town of Machu Picchu yesterday afternoon.  There was time for shopping and resting before dinner, and we were off to bed early as our wake up call came this morning at 4am. Yes.  4am.  Breakfast at 5am, on the bus at 5:30am for our chance to tour the ruins.

I wrote this post ahead last night before going to bed because there wasn’t time to do it this morning!

You have to have tickets to get to the ruins.  Our tickets are EARLY. We are also going early to spend as much time there as our travelers want so we are not rushed.

My only wish would be to see sunrise there, but by the time we get to the top the sun will either have risen, or be hidden by clouds.  They call this whole area the "Cloud Forest" with good reason.  What a magical sound that name is!

It will be a magical experience.

This is the culminating icing on the cake for our entire trip to Peru, from the Amazon river through the jungle to far away towns to high altitude cities like Cusco, and finally here we are in Machu Picchu.

I am extremely grateful and awed with reverence to be in this ancient space.

More to follow --

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  1. hmmm cloud forest...sounds like a mystery quilt name doesn't it? lovely photos...thanks for taking me along on this fascinating trip! anxious for quilt cam on your return to hear lots more!

  2. Enjoying armchair traveling with you. I agree that we work too much and don't enjoy or appreciate what we have in this life.

  3. I am enjoying your travels from my part of the world, thanks for writing your blog, I know how much time it takes. And yes, most of us have so much, and I am very thankful for what I have.

  4. Wonderful blog! Wonderful travel. I enjoyed reading your journey. Thanks fro sharing!


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