Monday, November 23, 2015

And Then There Was Some Raleigh Show & Share ---


The Capitol Quilt Guild in Raleigh is a wonderful group with a very huge heart!

Just before my presentation they did a “parade of quilts” around the very large room –so many quilts made and destined to be given to those in need.

These are the quilts just from this past month! 

This happens every month!


All of the agencies and locations that receive these quilts monthly from this fabulous group are truly blessed.

I’ve always thought of quilting as a loving, caring, giving thing and these ladies and gentlemen prove it every month when the donation quilts arrive in droves!

I quickly snuck up on stage when this presentation of the quilts was going on just so I could get a few photos.

I only regret that I couldn’t get a photo of each and every maker and the quilt they had put so much time into!

If you want to know where the heart of the guild is, look to those who are making the donation quilts.


Another angle!

They surrounded the room!


THIS is what it is about!

After my presentation we had a regular Show & Share and I was once again blown away by the hard work of these quilters!


Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II!

Fit for a bed!


With a backing to boot!


And another!  Just as glorious!


Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling, started as a mystery!

Just beautiful!


And a completed Lozenges Leader & Ender Challenge!

Great show of scraps!

And the show & share kept coming.  More from the guild meeting, and two days worth of workshops!  I’ve put it all in a slide show just for you!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Show & Share, Raleigh, NC 2015

Thank you for bringing the quilts to share, ladies!  I know it is extra bulk and weight and one more bag to carry, but I so love seeing it and I so appreciate your hard work!

In real time:

Today is the day my dad comes in from Arizona and our Thanksgiving week begins! Hooray!

Only first I have to go to the dentist and start the process of replacing  a crown.  NOT  Hooray!

I have a grocery list as long as my arm, and need to do all of the shopping for the week in between the dentist, and picking up dad at 6:15pm.

There is a stack of book and ruler orders that need to be filled and dropped at the post office today as well.

It will be a bit crazy, but after picking up dad at the airport – we’ll grab a bite of dinner and make our way up to the cabin where I will be until SATURDAY!

There are a couple of other guests coming tomorrow to join us – my friend Irene and her hubby recently relocated from San Antonio, TX to Louisville, KY due to his job.  They don’t have any family for Turkey Day so I invited them to come join in our cabin activities!  It’s going to be a fun week!

And of course, the release of clue #1 for Allietare on FRIDAY!

So here we are the Monday before Thanksgiving – what’s on your to-do list this week?

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  1. Haven't heard much about Mona. All is well I hope.Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Your day sounds crazy busy. My son and I have dentist appointments today too. Just a cleaning though, woke up to 2" of snow this morning. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and great visit with your family and friends and have time to just relax too. I need to look at your crock pot recipes for something that doesn't have to be touched until ready. My daughter is having potluck at a mall store black friday and won't be able to mess with it. Short quick breaks and crazy shoppers. Have a great day.

  3. You mustn't sleep very much, Bonnie!! The show and tell was beautiful and thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. It's going to be a sewing week for me. I need to learn to say no. Too many last minute customer items need to be done for xmas. My mystery sewing will have to wait until the new year. Have a great Thanksgiving week.
    Upstate NY

  5. I'm trying really I am....to be more excited for Thanksgiving than Mystery release Friday! I've never had guilt feel so good. Thank you Bonnie-Blessed R & R!!!

  6. I'm trying really I am....to be more excited for Thanksgiving than Mystery release Friday! I've never had guilt feel so good. Thank you Bonnie-Blessed R & R!!!

  7. My day is a lot like yours. Three different appointments morning, noon, and afternoon. I, too, have the full length grocery list along with some things for the big day that have to get started, and a couple of errands. Ackkk! So it starts!

  8. Anonymous10:17 AM EST

    No sewing for me this week. I have to pack up the sewing (spare bedroom) room. Oldest son's family is coming, with 3 little busy sets of hands. I must make room for them. But I love it when they come. I will be checking in on the mystery release and sewing by Sunday, I am sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    M. Laseter

  9. Thank you for the quilt show. I love it when you do show and tell. Just wish I lived in the states somethimes so I could come to a Bonnie Class.

  10. Is there anyway that you can let us in on a little secret? The secret is: are we using grey for our first clue? I don't have any grey and hadn't planned on hitting the quilt shop until next week - but I want to stay on top of each of the steps. Thanks Bonnie - you're the bomb and I am so excited for this quilt. I really enjoyed the Grand Hotel quilt - that was absolutely gorgeous once it was made up. Woot! woot! Thanks Bonnie
    Debra Broyles quiltingprettyquilts@cox.net

  11. Wonderful show and share! I have found that the majority of quilters have big hearts--so proud of the Raleigh group. Bonnie, hope all goes very well at the dentist. You have a very busy week but I know it will be filled with the sweetness of friends and family nearby.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

    P.S. Looking forward to the first clue!!

  12. Old quilter3:50 PM EST

    What's with everyone (including me) being at the dentist today ?
    Great photos from the show & share. I love the way your patterns change totally with a different persons choice of fabrics.
    Thank you.

  13. Anonymous7:13 PM EST

    I'm going to have a crazy week too. Moving to a new house over the long weekend. I'm excited but am afraid it's going to mess up my quilt time on the mystery. I'll just have to catch up later

  14. I am with Debra Broyles I think it would be so fun if,Bonnie, you slipped in a small clue about the mystery quilt before Friday. Any little hint perhaps so well hidden that we don't even realize it was given out until Friday
    Anyway thank you Bonnie and have a lovely thanksgiving

  15. My daughter is in from school, so lots of running around going on, lots of shopping-including the groceries-has been completed. Tomorrow she goes in to get her wisdom teeth removed. Then we will focus on lots of quiet activities, family time and good food!
    Oh, did I mention quilting? Can't wait for the first clue!!
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family. Recharge those batteries!

  16. I read the caption under the second photo as "Another Angel" instead of the another angle of the lovely quilters parading around the room. I then realized that my eyes were not playing tricks on me...my brain was telling me what wonderful angels these quilters (and so many more all over the world) are. We are all so blessed to be part of this.

  17. I love your 'show and share' posts! The fronts... the backs... the fabrics... the colors! I just love seeing what other quilters are making. Thank you.

  18. All those quilt are really impressive.And there are such a great amount of them. I understand that quilting is very popular.


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