Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Raleigh Day to Play!

The Big Shebang happened yesterday in Raleigh, NC!

24 quilters, machines fabric, notions, and other needful things filled the classroom to capacity and we sewed the last Saturday before Thanksgiving 2015 away!

When I asked the ladies what they would be doing one week from now, they exclaimed “WORKING ON ALLIETARE!!”

Yes, we are that close!  Clue #1 goes live in FIVE days.  Oh boy!

And while there was much mystery talk and speculation, our energy turned to the project at hand:

Texas Tumbleweed from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!
We started out with 4 patch centers for alternate blocks, moved on to mirror image stitch and flip corners ((Oh, that mirror image thing gets people confused at times!)) and were stitching together our alternate blocks by lunch time!

Corner squares marked, in place and ready to stitch!

Pressing matters at the ironing stations!

Stitching away on our day to play!

After a lunch break and some Show and Share we got down to the nitty gritty, pulled out our color and let them play in the main blocks!

Now we’re cooking!

This is when things get fun!

What an awesome day, ladies!

We had a ball!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Texas Tumbleweed, Raleigh NC 2015

I am also happy to say that it felt so good to end my 2015 travel schedule on such a high note with this wonderful group of ladies not-too-far up the road from me.

It was a quick drive home, and I settled right in to doing some more quilting on our Mystery quilt.  Oh, you are going to love this one, and I’m not saying this to bait you.  I’m really excited about it and ready to launch this party next FRIDAY!

On deck today:  Writing clues!  And preparing binding.  And generally getting things ready to leave for the cabin tomorrow evening after picking my dad up at the airport.  And oh, yes.  There is a crown replacement happening, or beginning – tomorrow as well.

And all of the Thanksgiving grocery shopping happens between the dentist and the airport!

No…it’s still a whirlwind…but I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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  1. I hope every second of you winter time off and family time is aglow with pleasure and whatever progress you pursue is the ultimate joy in completion. You are an example of how to share yourself that I consider as a type of mentorship. Thank you Bonnie. Sharyn in Kalama

  2. Yay! We had so much fun. Thank you. :-) Enjoy your time off!!

  3. Love your creative spirit that is shared with so many of us to help bring out our creative spirits, a type of angel for sure. Thank you. I hope you will have some time now to take deep breaths and relax. Such a whirlwind of a life. Looking forward to the new Mystery quilt!! Be well and blessings to you.

  4. Sorry the Crown is on that agenda. Be safe and Have a Great Thanksgiving! We are just as excited for your to share the Mystery, you know. Getting more fabrics together this week in anticipation. Which colors & ruler will we use first??? I wonder...

  5. I'm also excited that the mystery quilt starts Friday. :) Thank you for doing this for us. It is one of the high lights of my year. I hope the crown fitting goes well.

  6. Enjoy your time off. Don't sweat getting a crown replaced, I put up with getting an implant in the last two years. Tell Your Dad Hello from all the Fans, too!

  7. You're such a great team! As for me it is the best way to make quality and beautiful project, working in a team.


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