Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Blue Ridge Parkway Kind of Saturday!

The most perfect Saturday afternoon for a motorcycle ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway --

That is how I would describe yesterday to a T!

It had rained late Friday night, and the air was fresh and clean with some lingering puffy clouds.

Everything is so lush and green.  Oh how I love these mountains.

They are not as jagged and rugged and majestic as those I just saw in Alaska, but these Blue Ridge mountains comfort me with their soft rolling slopes and vast long range views.

Looking south east.

Friends Rick & Mona came with us and we  took every opportunity to stop and enjoy the views at the vantage points along the parkway.

It was quite a busy day with many motorcycles out there, and also cyclists --how they handle those steep hills is beyond me!  Which is why I guess you won't find me riding the Blue Ridge Parkway on a bicycle.  But kudos to them..they deserve it!

No, this was our ride:

Cruisin the Parkway!

Our destination?  The Moses H Cone memorial park --the home of the Craft Center, housed in the mansion!

Side view!

About the park:
Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, near Blowing Rock, North Carolina on the Blue Ridge Parkway, preserves the country estate of Moses Cone, a prosperous textile entrepreneur, conservationist, and philanthropist of the Gilded Age.

Can't get back far enough to fit it all in!
Its centerpiece is Flat Top Manor, a gleaming white 20-room, 13,000 square foot mansion built in 1901 in the grand Colonial Revival style.
The Manor is now the home of the Parkway Craft Center, one of five shops of the Southern Highland Craft Guild which features handmade crafts by hundreds of regional artists.

Another view!
Throughout the season, local artists demonstrate crafts such as quilting, embroidery, weaving, pottery, glass-blowing, and woodcarving on the front porch of the Manor. 
We did go into the house -- the bottom level is the craft center, and though no photos were allowed inside, it was REALLY nice.  There were several artisans demoing their crafts in the room off of the front porch --watched a wood carver working his art for a while.  Fascinating!

They also offer tours of the upstairs of the house -you have to make a reservation and both Mona and I agree this is something that must be done!  We want to see this house!

View from the porch looking out!

There are miles and miles of groomed trails out here and Mona and I definitely want to bring Sadie and Beanie for some hiking and exploring time.

This spot off the Blue Ridge Parkway is about a 45 minute drive from the cabin if taking the parkway.  

A bit of color near the house!

Not quite sure what these flowers are, but I love their sherbet color against all of the lush green.

No sewing for me happened yesterday.  Just a lot of pressing and cutting which shall continue today --but still making slow and relaxing progress towards that one last quilt top for the next book!

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Hello Bonnie....Beautiful pics as always..that shrub is a species of Rhododendron..

  2. Love this park. If you get the chance, they have a ranger led sunset hike from the campground nearby to Moses Cone, lovely easy walk and quite memorable.

  3. Love this park. If you get the chance, they have a ranger led sunset hike from the campground nearby to Moses Cone, lovely easy walk and quite memorable.

  4. The Shrub is an Exbury Azalea, a deciduous plant with beautiful colored flowers in the spring. I'm jealous of all the lush green surroundings, out here in CA its all turning to summer brown, we had our peak back in March.

  5. Beautiful! I was raised in the NC mountains and the common name given to that shrub is Flame Azalea.

  6. Beautiful pics! Love the view over the woods and mountains!
    Reminds me on my trip to Shenandoah National Park (VA) in 1999! Long time ago ...
    Greetings from Germany, Heike

  7. LOVE the BRP! We ride the Harley there often. Have managed to see the entire 469 miles over two summers. Shenandoah is on the bucket list. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sandie Rosenthal1:57 AM EDT

    Beautiful. Love the bike, as I too am a rider. I ride the BlueRidge but haven't been here yet. It's now on my list. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Sandie in
    Louisburg, NC


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