Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's Hot hot hot in KC, MO!

I arrived on Sunday at around 11am, this is after I was SUPPOSED to catch a 6am flight out of Greensboro, arriving at the airport at 4:45am (YAWN!) to be where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there.......only to find that the flight had been delayed Two HOURS!! Oh I could have used that two hours sleep!!

It actually worked out okay though, my connections were closer than originally planned and I got into Kansas City only 45 minutes later than I would have other wise.

I had one really neat experience on the flight. I was sitting in economy plus, in the bulkhead row. This plane was too small for real first class in other words, and the gentleman next to me asked if there were any service men on board. Just about this time a guy in army fatigues comes through the plane door and starts heading down the aisle to his place in the back. The man next to me told the stewardess to tell that man that he wanted to change places with him. He wanted to give him his economy plus seat. I was just really touched. It was the nicest gesture.

Yesterday we met with the Lee's Summit guild for a lecture/trunkshow and we sure had a great time. you should have SEEN the show and tell these ladies brought...I felt like I could just pack up my bags and go home, their work was FABULOUS! I just love that. It inspires me. It's great to be in a room with people who are as compelled to quilt as you are!

last night I finished quilting the Creamsicles quilt! We were watching a murder mystery and I put in the last stitches! WHooT! This has been compeltely stitched while on the road, and it has just been a joy to tell everyone who asks about the blocks and where they came from. It is a happy quilt and I love how I feel when I run my fingers across all the blocks! I'll get it bound when I get home. Sharon has gifted me some perfect orange fabrics that are going to finish it off just PERFECT!

So now..we are on to:

The more than 10 year old hexagon thing I started when still living in Idaho! I had needed a project to travel to Arizona to visit my grandmother in the hospital, not knowing it would soon travel with me to Minnesota for her funeral. I worked on it intermittently because it was always a good travel project, but in between moves and everything else, I really don't think I've touched it in 5 years >_< And it's time!

The "Mother Ship" has 4 of the 6 large points stitched on, The 5th one is ready to add, the last point needs one corner section, and then I'm off and doing some more motifs. I don't know if you can see this or not, but this is the graphpaper I taped together (LONG AGO!) and colored in how I thought I wanted the design to go:

And this looks like a dizzy kitty pic, but I caught Clyde as he was just deciding to get OFF the quilt...he had to come and inspect it too!

Today is going to be a longie...we have a guild meeting this morning and a half day afternoon workshop with the Greater Kansas City Guild, followed by another lecture/trunkshow at another guild in Olathe! Just color me tired by the end of this day. It's the longest one of the week.

Tomorrow I'll be with the Greater Kansas City quilters again for a full day Cathedral Stars workshop.

Thursday it's a lecture Trunkshow with the Night Time Needlers in North Kansas City.

FRIDAY IS MY PHOTO SHOOT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!! (I can so not wait! It's going to be a long hot day for sure) and Saturday I go home.

So if you don' get much from me over the next few days you'll know why!


  1. Congrats on finishing Creamsicles! It looks fresh and yummy. Love the hexie project. Hang in there this week, I'm sure you'll have fun and meet lots of interesting folks and be home before you know it.

  2. Welcome to KC..yes it is HOT here and will be all week. (Why didn't you bring some rain with you??)

    Enjoy your visit.:)

  3. Love the Creamsicle quilt, the colors make my mouth water!

  4. I am so glad you posted a picture of the Dreamsicle quilt. I am ready for my FIRST freehand Baptist Fan project. I was planning on starting in the corner....yet the quilt was telling me to do a different quilting in the border and to start the fans on the center part of the quilt. Stymied, I just waitied for inspriation. And now I see what I need to do. The quilt was RIGHT!
    Have a safe week.

  5. Okay, as usual I need a nap after reading your schedule for the week. Love the orange quilt. I like your hexagons, hope you will finish the project this time cause it is very pretty.
    Stitch on!

  6. Bonnie, it seems you are a cat person. I love how you get your pets involved--as if like me--you have a choice in the decision. I like your Creamsicles quilt.

  7. Anonymous3:28 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, Hope you get some rest, you're making me tired just reading your blog. The creamsicle quilt give orange a whole new meaning! Are you paper-piecing your hexagons and where can I find hexagon paper?

    Have a good trip.
    Gail :)

  8. OK, I am SO going to have to make an orange and white quilt now. That is so yummy!!! Love the hexagon one too (remind me to show you the one I've been dragging around since John started baseball!)

    Email me and let me know if you are going to be back on the 20th...I'm holding a spot at the table for ya!

  9. Bonnie that hexie quilt would look lovely for Christmas....kittys and quilts go so well together.Happy teaching and running around like crazy to you!!

  10. Your hexagon quilt is amazing! I had a neighbor who hand pieced one and I was totally floored by it too. Will you be finishing it the way you originally planned?

  11. Bonnie, I'm so excited for you to come this way, to Texas, so if you think it's HOT up in Kansas just wait. Hope you have a safe trip home and then here. See you on the 19th and 20th.
    Keep Stitchen'

  12. I love the Creamsickle Quilt - and the Hexagon one too! WOW! You have inspired me to hand quilt!

  13. I love your hexagon quilt. I've never seen one in a star shape like that. What size are your hexagons?

  14. Your program last night at the Olathe Guild was one of the best I've ever attended. Congratulations on keeping the audience spellbound and in awe of your awesome quilts! I posted some pictures from last night on my blog if you are interested. Have fun photographing your quilts for the next book here in our great city. I'll be looking for it!

  15. Thanks for sharing the photos of your hexagon project. l just posted on my blog about hexagons that l am currently working on. Not as far along as you, but still heading in the right direction.

  16. Hey, Bonniecakes...love your hand quilting and a big WHOOHOO for your book shoot! I also have a hexie quilt in the works...wonder just...where it is, LOL!

  17. I love coming to your blog to see what you have created! The Creamsicle is beautiful! and how did you get my cat? Mine looks just like that (all black) and the MINUTE I lay something on the floor, he is like velcro! Thinks I put it there just for him! But I love him so I don't get too frustrated with it.


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