Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Color Trend Conspiracy!

I was asking for ideas on color choices the other day, posting the question to the Quiltvillechat@yahoogroups.com list, and to the Quiltville fans page on facebook "What three colors are wow to you right now?"

The majority of people, I'd say easily 80% All shouted out Lime Green! Fuscia! Turquoise! Orange! (okay, there are 4, but pick any 3 of those 4 mentioned and you get nearly the same effect! *LOL*)

I have this theory that there is a bunch of brain washing going on!

Especially amongst quilters who frequent TARGET!!!!

You want to know what I mean? Well just take a walk with me through target and see what I'm talking about......there are subliminal messages for quilt themes on EVERY AISLE!

Let's start with the school/office supplies. So, okay, highlighters have always been bright yellow, lime, orange, turquoise. So maybe...they were planting the seeds early on??

I love office supplies....especially when school is about to start! I love to see all the binders and organizers and goodies. Don't you?

This little notebook really wanted to come home with me. See! It's a conspiracy! It's not even FABRIC...it just LOOKS like fabric...it's getting under my skin!

School chalk in bright tropical colors. How come we never had these?! I think the conspiracy is to get the kids USING these colors so the parents become used to them.....it starts LONG before the fabric store!

It goes on to the lotions and deodorants! I still see a tropical theme going on....it's starting to hum a quilt tune to my brain! Orange! Purple! Lime! Fuscia! I can hear it...my fingers are starting to tingle! :cD

Who would have thought a shampoo end cap could have dangerous results for a quilter who is trying to tame her stash? Is this not madness?! It's everywhere I turn!

And this aisle blew my color senses!!

It's in the kitchen aisles! Little does DH know that this has me also contemplating changing the colors in my kitchen. Conspiracy indeed! Target, you are poison to my budget!

Summer dinnerware....I see some gorgeous turquoise lime and yellow (with a bit of raspberry) possibilities here, don't you? Uhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm! I'm feeling myself giving in, I can't hold back much longer!

Good grief! It's in the electronics department....even the CD labels are infiltrating our ability to think of color schemes ourselves. It seems the colors have already been chosen for us. We only THINK we are doing something "NEW AND FRESH!"

I'm running out of words.....are there any OTHER colors in the world other than Orange, Turquoise, Lime, Yellow and Fuscia?! ANY!? By this time I'm starting to feel like what's "New and Hot" is getting really,really OLD!

AAAAUUUUGHHHHH!! Our feminine products have gone to the Tropical Side! Do they think we will buy them more just because they are in these "NEW" cool hot colors? *snicker*

Okay. Lime, Orange, Fuscia, Turquoise on BLACK!! That's one we didn't think of before! We'll really buy into it now! ;c)

I came home exhausted from color sensory overload. It was like there were no colors in the world that existed beyond these tropical colors. I came back to my fabric...looked at what made me feel peaceful and content. Maybe I can tone it down a little. Maybe my next quilt doesn't have to match the shampoo aisle at Target to be considered "NEW"....the fabrics I already have have served me well and will continue to do so. Orange is always a staple around here, but maybe I want to try a different combination this time around.

For the November mystery...I need some warmth, but not HOT HOT HOT. So be ready. I've decided on Chocolate Browns, Raspberry pinks, Green (not bright lime...but you could use it if you want)and a deep red. Neutrals will be my canvas, whites to creams to beiges all the way to a light tan. My eyes like it better. My brain likes it better. It's my quilt.....I'll color it my way, and not feel like I have to follow some trend.....

(But I still think I need to go back and buy that NOTEBOOK I liked!!)


  1. "Eat, Pray, Love" also seems to be inundated with these color choices and advertising for that movie is running rampant at the moment - we are brainwashed all the time - it's "marketing"

  2. Here, here! I sooooo much agree about the color conspiracy!I can enjoy my turquoise shampoo bottle and my pink colored dishwashing liquid....but not in my quilts or home furnishings. Give me my burgundy, navy, beige, brown, and greens!

  3. Mmmm, yes, I'll stick to my favorites, navy, burgandy, forrest green, and cream. Just love those together. And, red, navy and white or cream. Love that patriotic theme, too. I have matured way past the "hot" colors.

  4. the suspense will be building to the point of exploding! Can't wait!

  5. I'm always a sucker for pink and purple -- orange and lime green just don't cut it with me -- I won't bow to pressure! LOL! I do really like your color choices for your November mystery! :)

  6. Very timely post Bonnie.....just a bit late for me though. I found Bic Mark it permanent markers in fabulous colors and HAD to buy a package. :-) After all, it is a color collection. I would have bought the notebook right then!!

  7. That was so fun! Great post!
    Thanks for the smile today!

  8. I think the latin influence is bringing back the citrus colors... ;-) But I think aqua and red are the new hot colors!!! Very retro...and old is the new new!

  9. Walmart assualts my color sense when I walk in the door. All the college supplies, all brights.
    I too love the back to school items.
    Another way I pick colors is to look at multicolored yarns. They all blend so nicely together.
    But your color choice is my favorite!

  10. Whaaahhhhhhh haahaahaaaahaaaa!

    I hate Target.

    ...now I have to go get that notebook too.

  11. Anonymous12:39 PM EDT

    of COURSE it's a conspiracy! It takes about 3 yrs for a new color trend to end up in Target.. and then a few more for quilt fabrics to get it... LOL!

    LOVE it on black... pop pop pop! But REALLY want that kitchen stuff.... love love!

  12. Oh, those are so my colors...I'm a sucker for anything bright! I've not become a fan of the civil war fabrics. But throw out a bright print or batik and I'm all over it!

  13. So do you have your fabrics chosen so we can peek??? I'm curious as to how Raspberry is defined :o)


  14. Exactly! Remember in "The Devil Wears Prada" when the boss lady tells the main character about her blue sweater?!! She tells all about the process. Pretty funny, but kind of creepy! Can we say "subliminal control"??! Eeeek!

    Meanwhile, the part of Earth I can see outside my window today is doing blues, greens and a soft oyster gray (again! OMG!!) with touches of dark red and butterscotch (neighbors laundry that last!) lol

  15. making my piles now. when do we get started?

  16. There is a color counsel that decides what colors we will be wearing next year and the color of the cars we will be driving. But how do they decide I wonder. When will Harvest gold come back lol,
    I still have a harvest gold sink, maybe someday it will be back in style. .

  17. Lime green and turquois were my favorite crayons for as long as I can remember. Still like them...
    Must go to Target and get some wild kitchen stuff!

  18. Anonymous6:36 PM EDT


    want the note book too, it's pretty

    looking forward to seeing your colors

    used to be a "brights" girl, but lean towards CW-ish repros now

  19. Oh yeah a mystery.....be still my heart :0).
    Yes I have done all the mysteries and just have a few left to bind and they'll all be finished too :0).

    Oh happy day.....November will be here in no time.......maybe I can get my sewing room cleaned by then :0)

    Happy Sewing

  20. A mystery in the making with our first hint--the colors, YAY!

  21. Funny about all those colors. I'm just using fabric up that I got 20 years ago with those colors in it. old is new again. I just saw olive green, and that lovely harvest gold in a very expensive knife store at our outlet, all I could think was yuck yuck yuck, hated it the 70's too.

  22. A mystery. I can't wait.

  23. Yes - those colors are all over where I work too...except those colors on the "feminine products"...that's almost as bad as that commercial "have a happy p****d"! LOL!
    I am really looking forward to the new mystery!

  24. I loved your picture of the shampoo isle, and those are the exact colors I saw at J. C. Penneys today - men's dress shirts - bright purple, pink, lime, etc. Beautiful. I like the color combination you chose for your mystery quilt.

  25. I've read about the process of how colour themes are planned by groups of interested parties well ahead of each season and then feed them into the system. I have always resented being visually manipulated in this way. However, no matter how much I am aware of the 'control' and no matter if I don't like the new colour combos when they arrive, I end up liking most of them and buying them. It would seem that my brain can be washed even though I know someone's washing it. Can't stand the 70s avocados that IKEA have had for the last year, though - easy to resist that one!

  26. The 'color overload' issue was eye candy, and interesting, and overwhelming, AND entertaining, but you touched on a subject lightly that I think we should think about. YOU actually do by example.

    EVERYTHING these days is made for throwing away, but those old-timey quilts stay good forever! Even the modern folks like the old-timey quilts. If I make a quilt, I want it to look in style 20 years from now, and 40 years from now. I don't want it to look "like 2010". The 30s look has stayed lovely, and 1880s repro look stays good apparently forever, and many quilts are timeless if given careful fabric considerations. While I don't want to fall too far behind the times, I DO want my quilts, the quilts that took me 6 months to make, to stay reasonably undated.

    I will use the 'modern' fabric colors on kids quilts, because their Mom's usually don't quite understand all this. 8-)))

    Brown and raspberry sounds good to me, with a touch of green? Yep, a good combo. 8-))

  27. This is so funny because Emily and I just finished her school shopping for college this year and the room will be accessoriezed in those teals and purples and blues! With a bit of lime thrown in!

  28. Your post is so funny and so true!

  29. I've been liking turquoise and red lately.

  30. Had to add this: I was on line at the liquor store yesterday after I read this post. Prominently displayed at the cashier were "toots" -some sort of individual packaged shots, I guess. And of course, the colors: raspberry, lime and turquoise!!


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