Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Dreamsicle Funny......

Before I left for Texas, I got an email from Mark Pfeiler of Quilting on the Square in Holton, KS telling me that they were sending me a "special package" in honor of my completing the Dreamsicles quilt.

The WHOLE time I was gone to Texas I wondered if it had come yet, what it was, I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive!

I arrived home Sunday afternoon, and there on the desk was a BOX!! But I was a bit confused, because the brochure didn't say it was from Quilting on the Square, it was from some place in IOWA?! This couldn't be the same box, could it?

I tore into the box with reckless abandon. Inside was a brochure for the place it came from, Fernhill Crafts & Quilts, and it looked really neat! I searched for a note, but there wasn't one, just one word on the store brochure that said simply "ENJOY!"

By this time DH had come round to see what I was getting into. I opened up the little white inner box that was labeled with the gold Fernhill sticker.

There was tissue inside.

Inside of the tissue was something wrapped in saran wrap, and it SURE SMELLED GOOD!

DH took a whiff, and I took a whiff, and he looked at me and said..."I know what that smell is, but I can't place it!" I said...."It's DREAMSICLE!!!" :cD

At this point, I remembered Mark saying he was sending something, and I know Iowa is right near Kansas, so 2+2 came together and I was pretty sure I had it figured out.

All except ONE PART. Now bear with me here.....

I've had packages like this before. I've had colorful chunks of stuff wrapped in cellophane that smelled just EVER so heavenly come my way, and turn out to be.....


So I wrote Mark a big thank you letter, thanking him for the wonderful soap and that I can't wait to get in the shower with it because it smelled so good, etc....and...

His laughing reply was:

"Hate to burst your bubble, but think again! It's NOT SOAP!!"

Oh boy, did I go red in the face. Turns out what I thought was soap was actually:


I didn't know whether to die of embarrassment, or die from laughing my pants off, or both! It's just a dang good thing I didn't take the Dreamsicle Fudge into the shower BEFORE I talked to Mark!!

The Moral Of The Story: Some things that smell really good....ARE EDIBLE! :cD And this one was really really tasty!

Thanks so much Mark, for thinking of me, for celebrating the finish of the Dreamsicle Quilt, for giving me an embarrassing moment that I will not live down for a long long time!

Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, who else can you laugh at?

I think I'll go have another sliver of fudge....


  1. Fudge is ever so much more fun than soap! How wonderful! (I thought it was soap, too - that still would have been cool; I like smelling yummy when I get out of the shower)

  2. From the picture, I thought that you had received some cheddar cheese due to your love of cheddar colored fabric.

    Enjoy your yummy fudge!

  3. OH my,,,I bet it would not have lathered up as good.My friend Marlene and I would meet at that quilt shop. it is very nice!! I love their novelties!

  4. How funny, when I first browsed at the picture I thought cheese. LOL I'm glad it was fudge not soap or cheese. Thanks for the good laugh.

  5. You're never gonna live that down, are you? *L*

    What a great gift!

  6. Too funny!! You would have been a sticky mess! ;o)

  7. Very funny, LOL! At least you didn't eat it thinking it was fudge, and have it end up being soap!

  8. hahaha, my g.f. and I were on a quilty road trip and stopped to shop for shoes. We were getting hungry so while she was paying for her purchase she popped a square of candy in her mouth that was sitting on the counter, but it was SOAP!!! We laughed about that for days.

  9. That is HILARIOUS! I can just imagine you in the shower going, "Wow, this soap doesn't lather very well." Love it! I once ordered pancakes as a kid and was so excited when it came with a big dollop of whipped cream on top. I scopped it up and ate it...only to discover it was whipped butter. Gross. I laughed about that one, too.

  10. Bonnie,

    I think just like the fashion and Home Dec. industry colors come in and out of style. Right now Off White to Tan to Browns are in style. I just living room furniture a couple of weeks ago and it's brown and as I looked around the store there was only neutral colors in the above range.

    Try shopping up north for brown. I can find solid brown in about any Goodwill or Salvation Army Store.

    I like wearing brown so when it's in I buy it. I'm dark haired - well add some gray now - not so dark.

    I'm thinking you don't see as much dark/deep colored brown being more south.

    A lot of times it's mixed with orange but not always.

    You could always put a hollor out for your followers to find certain colors you have a hard time finding.

    I'm up north in Finger Lakes, NY.

    Sue P.

  11. oh Bonnie that IS Funny - from looking at the photo it looked like a big block of cheese to me...

    I've never seen fudge the color of cheese before. YES! Good thing you called your friend Mark.... and oh how funny I'm guessing you are still *giggling* each time you take a bite. ;)

    and so is Mark...

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  12. Too funny and it sounds like something that I would do. I too thought the picture looked like cheese. Can't really imagine Dreamsicle cheese!!
    Just to say thanks for this blog with all you do the time is a gift to us.

  13. I know you won't believe this, but as I was reading carefully, (as you slowly led us all on ...) and said SOAP, I actually could SMELL the soap! Talk about telling a good story!!! LOL

  14. Oh my goodness, that is SOOOOOO funny. I just got this picture of you trying to shower with your dreamsicle fudge! That would have been horrible...PLUS, all those great calories would have gone to waste!

  15. That is good. I wish I was there to SHARE!! I need to order some and have it SHIPPED that sounds WAY too good!

  16. This is what I love about your blog- you tell us stuff that you would only tell a friend! Still hoping you teach in CA someday, and I get to meet you in real life!

  17. Go ahead, lather up with the dreamsicle fudge! Who knows? Perhaps it makes a good exfoliate! What a great story -- thanks for sharing it! :)

  18. Snort!! That is a hoot, Bonnie!!

  19. MMMM, sounds yummy. Half way through the story I thought why would she want to take a bath with a chunk of ...Cheddar Cheese! Too funny that I thought that, but after all, cheddar is one of your signature color choices. Still laughing at me.

    Here it is again Bonnie...no problem and thanks for sharing your adventures :o)


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