Friday, August 13, 2010

Hot, Hot, Africa Hot!!

Quiltgranny Sharon and I were trying to figure out who it was/where it was that this phrase came into our lingo. It's Hot Hot, Africa Hot goes way back into when we first knew each other about 15 years ago. Either it was part of Interquilt, or when we were both part of a group called Electric Threads. Either way, let me tell you, I have found out what Hot Hot Africa Hot really feels like!

Yesterday morning (Since we didn't have to visit the night time needlers for a guild program til last night..which gave us most of the day OFF!) I thought I could beat it by going out for a long walk/jog at 7am. It was already hot....I did 5.25 miles, saw lots of cool things on the way, that were also turning Hot Hot Africa hot!

Partway down the road I crossed an overpass with this little brook running by. It looked so lush down in there I just had to snap a pic!

I kept running in the way that i do.....run a little, walk a little, run a little (okay mostly the down hills) walk a little, and I came upon these two fellas, and they followed me from one end of the fence to the other!

Well of course, we all know the best grass is on the OTHER side of the fence. They were so cute and friendly I couldn't help but rest a bit and give them both some rubs and ear tickles :cD

Isn't this so pretty? AND HILLY!? Just a beautiful morning for a long ribbon of country road.

But within a couple of hours, the heat sensor on the outside of the car read 108!! CAN YOU SEE IT?!? Yep, definitely a cause for HOT HOT AFRICA HOT!!

I did do some shopping damage while out yesterday. The red was 50% off. I needed a big piece for setting some blocks, and this is perfect! The oranges were gifted to me by Sharon and may end up as the binding on Creamsicles. The turquoise and limes? 50% off remnants at Joann's yesterday. I'm such a big spender..lol!

A while later, a nap and a lovely cool pasta salad dinner, made by Sharon's terrific hubby K was just what we needed to hit the road again to visit the Night Time Needlers guild. Look at this sign that saved us the BEST parking spot by the door! This just tickled me. I've never had a designated parking spot before :c)

By the time we were done....it was way past 10pm. Put the car on autopilot home, kick off the shoes, head to bed. Life really has been non stop since I arrived on Sunday!

Today is the BIG DAY for me. I'm being picked up in the next 15 minutes by my editor, Jenifer...and we are going to go do the Photo Shoot for the next book! Still Hot hot Africa Hot.....it's going to be INDOORS! Thank you very much! At least with this heat and humidity it will be easy to get the creases out of the quilts from shipping!

And tomorrow....Dorothy is clicking her heels and saying "There's No Place Like Home!" I'm back to NC by Dinner time!


  1. Sounds like a nice (if hot) run/walk. I love friendly animals when I am out exploring! Regarding your purchases, I was gifted several yards of that lime stripe several years ago, and I love how it keeps popping up in various projects of mine. Have fun at the photo shoot!

  2. Bonnie, sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. I just love reading your blog. I'm walk/running like you--but with San Diego temperatures ooohhhh 68ish this past week. And why shouldn't you have a designated parking space?

  3. It is indeed "Africa Hot" these days. The heat index right now is 106! The dog and I cut our mile walk short this morning b/c it was just too hot...

    I admire your tenacity to keep it up.

  4. I have that lime and will think of you everytime I use bits of it now.~
    Indiana has been that hot too...gasp.
    Glad you'll be home soon.

    Lucy (in IN)

  5. hey Bonnie
    it's from Biloxi Blues with Mathew Broadrick... "it's hot, it's africa hot, I don't think I can stay here if it's going to be this hot" something like that... I love that movie...

  6. I can't believe this heat!
    Let's all remember it when Jan. comes!
    There is no place like home is there?
    Safe travels and thanks for sharing your adventures.

    Happy sewing

  7. Yep, hotter than AFrica here!! I like your walking companions there...

  8. Yes, it has been incredibly hot here in KC. I wish I could have attended one of the guilds, but it just did not work out for my schedule. Maybe next time! Hopefully the next time you come to KC it will be cooler!

  9. It was Matthew Broderick in Biloxi Blues:


    I'm always fascinated by what lines from the movies make it into our lives. "Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!" from LOTR is a classic in our house, lol!

  10. oh, my goodness hot! Run from one cool place to another--that's how to get the excercise. heehee

  11. Your Walk-Run was worth it when you saw the Horses aren't they just beautiful


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