Thursday, August 19, 2010

Greater Kansas City Quilters....

Last week I had the privilege of visiting SEVERAL groups in the Kansas City area. It just so happens that the only workshops were hosted by the Greater Kansas City Quilters! The other guilds were able to join in on the classes, so we've got members from Olathe and Lee's Summit included as well. I just don't know everyone well enough to know where everyone came from or which guild they belong to, but it doesn't matter, because we all had so much FUN!

Of course, this pic is from the Pineapple blossom workshop......the fabrics and colors were great! And you should have seen the yummy salad bar that was set up for lunch with all the fixins....It was a GREAT day! That was the day we had a morning guild presentation, a half day workshop, and then drive over to Olathe to meet with that guild for dinner, and then do THEIR guild meeting...talk about zombie making, but it was SO fun.

We were back the next morning with the Greater Kansas City Quilters for a full day Cathedral Stars workshop. The fabric choices were terrific, and getting to know the ladies better was the best part for me. It's hard to do that with a half day class and the kind of schedule we'd had the day before, but a full day class allows us to slow down a bit and enjoy each other.

Considering how HOT HOT HOT it was outside, it was cool as a cucumber inside and we were happy to be sewing!

I have to confess...everything EVERYTHING they tell you about Kansas City BBQ is absolutely TRUE! Just look at these ribs! (And they were all mine! *LOL*) Actually we could have fed an army...and finger-licking-good really should have been a rib slogan, not a fried chicken one. YUM!! Yes, it is true, there was no starving going on anywhere!

After the Cathedral Stars workshop, we took a little detour....turns out Margaret ended up having surgery when what she really wanted to do was come to the lecture and workshop. So....since she couldn't come to US, we came to HER! It made my day to see her excitement. I know she will be up and getting around soon. From what I hear, she already feels better than she did BEFORE the hip surgery. It was so great meeting you Margaret, you are a terrific lady!

More book signings! Sharon also had cookbooks for her guild for sale....300 of the best to die for recipes. I even bought a book myself. Not that I will cook anything soon....but one can dream, can't one? LOL! Oh, and the project in the hoop? That's Sharon's. She is doing some amazing work on it, and I hope she will show it on her blog when it is done. By this time I had already finished the quilting on Dreamsicles-Creamsicles (I don't know which one it is!!!)and had turned donned my new cape asw "hex-girl".

Sharon's hubby K caught this pic of us before we left for the airport. Can you read what the frame says? "Eat, Sleep, Quilt!" (And not always in that order...;c)) I just love it! This little car put on HUNDREDS of miles driving me to and from everywhere.

If you haven't seen what I travel with....here's a good shot for you! Two 50lb military duffel bags of quilts as checked luggage, my clothes in a carry on, and a laptop bag on my shoulder (which also holds that handwork project) It's quite a load!

Thanks for the warm (and HOT HOT HOT, AFRICA HOT) welcome, KC! I hope it isn't too long until I am able to come back for another visit!


  1. I love that license plat frame...now I need to go hunting through the web to find one...

  2. Anonymous10:31 PM EDT

    those are bigger bags than you had in NC!

  3. Just wondering... what is your vitamin of choice? ;)

  4. Looks like so much fun! With that schedule and luggage, good thing you are in shape!

  5. Hats off to you for visiting the one that couldn't come in the hospital...you Bonnie are one heck of a lady and I know I am not alone in admiring you...not just for your quilting!

  6. Looks like it was so much fun!! ~karen


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