Saturday, June 13, 2009

Time Out!!

Just enough time out for a pedicure, that is! With DH gone to WV motorcycle riding in Hatfield & McCoy country (and having a grand time of it so I've heard!) and son off with a friend....I've really enjoyed puttering around my house and doing a bit of this a bit of that.

You know, it's amazing how much time it takes to go through all the email. To keep the website updated, to add things to the calendar, plan this trip, that one, contracts back and forth....sometimes it seems to eat up half the day when I thought I could fit so much more into it.

That...and the fact that I find myself drawn back to the computer time and time throughout the day to check for mails, end up reading my friend's blogs...and their friend's blogs....more hours gone. I don't think of them as wasted hours, I just need more of them in the day!

I have spent HOURS re-synching my iphone to my computer....because it was synched to the old one, not this one, and when I went and plugged it in here to add more songs to it....it completely deleted EVERYTHING in the synch. Pffft. I had them all on the computer..I just had to RE-ADD what I wanted and that meant going through everything. And then...heaven forbid you end up with duplicates, so that ate more time getting THOSE off there. Sheesh.

I finished the quilting on the Fungly Fifties. LOVE it. Binding to come...and then pics to follow. I can't wait to wash it. I need to get the funky smells out from whatever trunk it's been stored in all these years. At the same time, I'm hoping nothing disintegrates in the process! I'm thinking laundromat...big machine..need more water than what my front loader does..need to be sure all soap and whatever is fully rinsed out. In my mind...I see it coming fluffy out of the dryer...the quilting stitches sinking into that batting and looking cozy and soft. It's going to be great on the guestroom bed!

Pati sent the nicest comment about my mention in Quilter's Home magazine. She wrote:
I haven't seen you mention it here, but I am reading the June/July issue of Quilter's Home and you are the #1 Designer Website that Mark's Posse reads and the #4 website overall. (pgs 16-20). Congrats!!!

Thanks Pati! I haven't picked up a copy of the magazine yet, but I did thank Mark for the mention when I saw him last weekend! (I'm still laughing when I think of how fun his lecture was..what a hoot!)

It has been the most amazing year, it really has. I also didn't tell you, but I was one of the nominees for the 2009 Teacher of the Year Award from The Professional Quilter. I'm still stunned. I still can't believe it. It was amazing to find my name listed amongst the other nominees:

Linda Ballard, Sue Benner, Laura Cater-Woods, Cindy Erickson, Liz Faminoff, Diane Gaudynski, Peggy Gelbrich, Harriet Hargrave, Dea Heller, Margaret Herndon, Marlene Horning, Rose Hughes, Bonnie Hunter, Ruth McDowell, Cindy Needham, Liuxin Newman, Judy Niemeyer, Cindy Roth, Bev Sievers, Gabrielle Swain, Linda Thielfoldt, Cathy Van Bruggen

Margie Engel was chosen as the teacher of the year and I am SO excited for her! Her applique is fabulous and I love her work. Way to go Margie!

I'm spending the rest of the weekend just enjoying my time....working on bindings...packing the trunk show to fly to Chicago on Monday, cleaning house, loving on my doggies and kitties and dreaming up quilts in my head...

Wishing you a quilty weekend as well!


  1. Big Congrats on the nomination!

    It is so nice to take some time out to do somthing for yourself. My computer has been giveing me fits. IE8 killed our laptop. I am so surprised at how much quilting I am getting done since the computer was down. Blogs suck me in too. I learn new things all the time.

  2. The teacher in me would like to know a definition for the word "fungly". Help me out, please! I know what you mean about getting sucked back to the computer a lot during the day... happens to me, too!

  3. Many congratulations on the nomination, that was brilliant for you.

    As for computers pulling you back, well, I reckon they've got some sort of magnet hidden inside that pulls humans into their forcefield!

  4. I came back to gaze longingly at the wonderful sewing machine again...sigh...
    And then I saw this post - wow! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations!

  5. Yep, I end up spending lots of time on the computer too and while I don't think it's wasted either sometimes I let all my blog reading and group posts stack up while I sew...in fact I've still got lots of catching up to do but I'm going to go piece a few blocks right now!


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