Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wearing O' The Green...

Well, it's the day AFTER St Patrick's Day, but as I challenged myself a few weeks ago, I was going to sew something GREEN in March. And this is the start of it.

These are the corner units for the blocks in "Jared Takes a Wife", or Blackford's Beauty block as it is traditionally known...a remake of a quilt I gave as a gift because I have to teach it as a class.

When I made the quilt, it was made specifically for someone very involved in music, so the original quilt has a music theme in 2 of the fabrics.

This one....I didn't have to go that route because it isn't being made for anyone in particular, and there wasn't any one focal fabric that I wanted so I could play with it a bit differently.

See those purple rectangles? Those are going to be the star points...there are 8 rectangles of each fabric, 30 fabrics in all...for the 30 blocks of the quilt. I think it will look great, and I had a fun time pawing through my collection of Fat Quarters..and believe it or not, I did come up with 30 different purples to use as the star points.

The star centers will be gold..and that is on the agenda for tomorrow morning..I need to cut a bunch (as in 240!) of neutral 2" squares, and 240 more GOLD squares, to make the star points into star points. I'm going as far as I can on this one even though I know it won't be done before I leave here.

I'll pack it all up in a box along with the rest of my fabrics, etc..and mail them HOME on my way to the airport tomorrow so they will be there waiting for me when I get back from teaching in Olympia.

We have made the most out of every minute. The weather was gorgeous today, snow almost gone, and we have been able to hike and walk the dog every day except for one when the weather was just too bad to be out in it. I'm really glad I had this opportunity to spend the time with friends while cranking on these workshop quilts that have to be done...what a way to combine the two, huh?

You have to see these strawberries!! Aren't they HUGE? They were delicious too...there is nothing like fresh fruit even in the dead of winter (or especially in the dead of winter?) I thought these were so amazing I just had to take a pic of them. They tasted as good as they look!

I'm looking forward to the next few days in Olympia, Washington!


  1. Those strawberries look like tomatoes! Wow!! Safe travels, Bonnie... you do make the most of every, single, minute... that's the truth!

  2. Wow! I've never seen strawberries that big before. One would be great this morning! Have a great day!!

  3. Wow Bonnie, I've never seen such big strawberries, they're making my mouth water!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing this quilt come together for a second time - I love purple right now, I think it may be my new favourite colour.

  4. I love green! It brings Nature inside, when I use green in my art work and decorating. So, I really like your choices of green and purples. Good luck on your class.

  5. WHERE did you get such fabulous (and large) strawberries at this time of year????

  6. B onnie, 30 purple pieces in your stash! Purple!! my favorite color, WOW. Canj't wait to see that quilt finished.

  7. looking forward to seeing what the quilt will be like. Those strawberries are fantastic!

  8. I am thinking I am going to write on my calander for next year- "Made a Green Quilt"!!! that would be fun - and if I am thinking of it now, it will give me ample time to collect the much needed fabrics for it!!

    Oh, you are a insperation for us all!! Traveling the world, taking us along for the ride - we love it!! And the pictures you share, makes me feel like I am right there with you (although the snow ones, all I had to do that day was walk outside, so I reallly didn't want to feel like I was there!! ;-) But did enjoy them anyway -hididng in my warm house!!)

    Have a safe journey!! And try to rest a little 'kay??? :-)

  9. I love, love, love green and violet or purples together. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    I know you're having fun, but the east coast misses you. Hurry home. Have safe journies.

  10. I was excited to see that you are going to be in Olympia for a few days since I am only about an hour away but then remembered that all my kids are here and my two grandkids and I have a small quilt show to put on at our church on Saturday. What a bummer! Maybe another time!

  11. I once counted the purples of fat quarter size or larger in my purple drawer. I had 85, plus a few smaller chunks.

    I am looking forward to Olympia. But we are driving over the pass, and it had better be spring tomorrow!!

  12. WoW.... great looking stawberries!
    Strawberry shortcake sounds kinda good right now! Yummm! A lot of times when you get them that big from the store... they have no flavor at all! Lucky you!
    So, did you take your entire stash of fabric with you? Or are you just sooo organized that you took all the fat quarters with you to cut out? And may I ask why you mailed them home? Just wondering?

  13. Wow you got so much done!
    Your "Jared takes a wife" will be done in no time at all!
    I'm just putting my rows together and it is looking mighty fine ...if I don't say so myself!

    Safe travels.......
    Happy Sewing,

  14. Love the colors! I was very carefully weeding in the garden today trying to not pull out any of the wild violets that have taken root in my backyard...they are so beautiful! Have a great time out west!

  15. I already love your newest creation. Purple, green and gold...colors of Mardi Gras, and LSU! The strawberries....why can't we grow them like that? Lucky traveler!

  16. Oh I just love Green Green... fresh green grass, green fabric, and green batik, jade so good for you making something with green in.
    Those strawberries look really yummy. I hope you have a good time in Olympia.

  17. I LOVE this combination of purples with a rather blue green and then the brown and pink and white shirtings. It's lovely.

  18. Hi Bonnie,

    Funny that you decided to make your star points purple, I've decided to make mine pink (how unusual). The rest of my quilt will be green and white. I found quite a bit of the green. Have fun with those little squares, I'm in the middle of putting those lines on the littel squares. I have five blocks finished, so just 25 more to do. Thanks. Renee

  19. It's Spring Break, and my goal is to finish Double Delight. I have all of those lovely blocks to trim down to 3 1/2 in. I decided to finally bite the bullet and get myself those rulers about which you rave. And, as I'm using the Square junior 'm wondering ... WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG? It's not like they are expensive. I only have half of the fabric cut for the square in squares, so I will also have a chance to use the Easy Angle as well. I can see they are tremendous time savers. I promise myself to listen to you in the future! LOL

  20. I hope you had fun in Olympia Bonnie! We had a great time at the workshop!

  21. Pretty, pretty quilt startings! Love your greens for March. We just had some strawberries too...mmmmm! Be careful and have fun, Bonnie!


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