Monday, March 30, 2009

Slowly Quilting...

Other than getting the backing pieced last week, Not a whole lot has been accomplished here. Hard to say why, other than the fact that you can't quilt when you are running around doing everything else that needs to be done!

Today was no exception. I had it in my mind that I would QUILT ALL DAY but before I could even get started it was after dinner? I thought after kids grew up that I'd have more time.

So I AM quilting along, even if it is not at the fast pace I've been used to. Here are a few pics of the quilting in progress on the Cathedral Stars.

I had fun with this one..it really is even much more FREE than the original one. Since the first one was a donation quilt, I was careful with the 2" strips I chose for it, keeping things in jewel tones, mostly of the predictable tone-on-tone variety, colorful, but not busy, you know? The same with the neutrals in that one. Pretty sedate pattern wise, what I was going for was COLOR.

Well this time I shook it up! I've got lots of novelties and funzies in here, and some funglies too! I was ruthless when I was pulling 2" strips from the bins, using ANYTHING that would work with reckless abandon in this quilt. Take a look at the close up and you will see cats, spools of thread, Quilt Diva fabric and crabs! One of my favorites was a bright lime green fabric that Randy had brought, with SUSHI on it....too funny.

It's more of the "unlikely combinations" that I was referring to last week as well. Some things are just more fun to look at when they are unexpected. They draw your eye, they hold your attention, they make you wonder WHY!

It reminds me of 7th grade choir...can you see me and my giggly girlfriend, Julie McAllister, so TIRED of rehearsing this one piece over and over and over! So in retaliation and exasperation,we, with our sweet angelic faces and voices, sang our hearts out...purposely just SLIGHTLY enough off key to make the teacher wince.

*Hehehe* Honestly, we did do that! It was so hard to keep a straight face, but somehow we did! I'd like to see someone keep a straight face when they find these funny fabrics amongst my well-behaving traditional ones!

Friday I hit the road again....or should I say "Take To The Sky?" I'm flying to Winnipeg, en route to Kenora, Ontario, Canada! Good thing I haven't completely put away my winter wardrobe yet, eh? I understand the cases of books have arrived past the Canadian border, and I'm looking forward to a fun few days in the great north!


  1. Well, its still winter up here, but we're slowly seeing signs of spring. I wish I could see you when you're in Winnipeg and Kenora, but I have family obligations nine hours in the opposite direction. I hope you have fun up here.

  2. Love the quilting!! have a safe fun trip.

  3. I love useing all differnt kinds of fabrics in a quilt. Funny how useing some of those really strange printed fabrics when cut up look so different. Useing different sizes of prints adds so much texture.

    I love your website. It has been quite an insperation for me. Thank you

  4. HI Bonnie,
    Spring is slowly coming to the prairies- I wish you were coming a little closer but I am also sure you will have a great time in Central Canada.
    You are doing lovely quilting on the Cathedral Stars..

  5. I love the quilting on this one, Bonnie. Happy travels, maybe when you return back home you can break out the short sleeves for good! :)

  6. Quilting looks nice as does the quilt.

  7. love the unexpected fabric and the quilting looks great, as always.


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