Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snowing Snowing, Sewing Sewing!!

Hello from Sun River, OR!

I was able to arrange a little side trip to my friend Randy's and we have been sewing non-stop! It's a working retreat of sorts...I had two tops that I have to make for class samples, and what better way to do it than retreat in a blizzard!?

Our friend Lori joined us for a couple days as well and we had 3 machines set up at the kitchen table....just a hummin!

My first project was to remake "Cathedral Stars". I have had so many requests for this as a class, but had turned it down because the sample was raffled off and now lives in Germany! 5 days sewing time in Oregon..YEP! I can remake it!

I am also working on "Jared Takes a Wife" in Green, Gold, and Purple....that's my challenge for March Madness, to sew something with the overwhelming collection of green I have.

It has snowed and snowed and snowed..and yesterday Randy and I, and Max the 11 week old golden retriever puppy who now owns Randy....bundled up into snow gear from head to toe and headed out to go hiking through the golf course in 8+ inches of newly fallen snow. It was still coming down hard and heavy while we were hiking..and there were plenty of photo opportunities!

Cathedral Stars top is done...Jared Takes a Wife is under way....and I don't have to be in Olympia Washington until Thursday eve! Will I get it done? Doubtful, but one thing is for certain, I got a lot more done than I would have if I had tried to stay home and do it :c)


  1. Great sewing and safe travel to you on this St. Patrick's Day. I hope the passes realize that spring starts on Friday, becasue i have to drive over one of them to be in Olympia on Saturday.

  2. I love your snow pictures - but I love my 70 degree temps better here in Arkansas :) all the quilts look really pretty like usual!

  3. Too Funny! Our son lives in Portland, Ore. and is coming to Utah to ski on Saturday.
    Well, I hope that your keeping nice and toasty! Then again with that little ball of fur... your probably comfy!
    Love the top... very nice! I'm anxious to see what the other one looks like. I've never heard of that one!
    Be careful! Oh, and did you drive or fly to Oregon?

  4. Oh that looks so beautiful......nice to visit and nice to leave behind!
    Well Jared sure takes a lot of cutting....I just finished my 30 blocks , it was many hours of sewing! Safe travels and Happy sewing,

  5. What beautiful scenery to surround you while you work and play. I can't keep up with your hectic travel schedule... have fun! The puppy is adorable and the quilts are just gorgeous!!

  6. You constantly amaze me! Does your new sewing machine sew at a super-sonic speed?

  7. And I am in Salem Oregon and we had beautiful sunshine today. Of course, it was only a couple of weeks ago that in one single day we had sunshine, rain, snow, and hail. It made for a high intensity experience and a very special rainbow! At least we always have green in abundance.......Happy St. Patrick's Day, Bonnie!

  8. The snow looks very pretty! However, please do not bring it back to NC! LOL! Have a safe trip!

  9. I love the Cathedral Stars quilt and want to make it. I finally started doing my scrap organizing using your system. I know I have a long way to catch up but I'm going to try.
    Thank you also for sharing your winter photos. The snow is always lovely when you don't have to go any where. Cheers!

  10. Your quilt top is so pretty.......and so is all that snow. Just hope it doesn't travel in my direction!! I am always amazed with how much you get done in a short period of time.

  11. the quilt is beautiful - congrats on completing it. again. brrrrrr.

  12. Wow - look at that lot! We've got 22°C, blue skies and sun sun sun. It's nearly T-shirt and shorts weather.

    Ha ha - word verification is untan!

  13. Another gorgeous one! That you can accomplish so much on the road is amazing to me! Hope to see you back at home base soon

  14. Bonnie,
    I love Sun River Oregon! Never been there with that much snow though...it is beautiful! Love the newest Cathedral Star, someday maybe...I just barely started Old Tobacco Road...

  15. Beautiful....quilt and snow.

  16. What a snow!! and what a lovelypup Randy. You're lucky with him.
    Have fun girls!

  17. looks like a fun setup with all the sewing machines set around the big table...and that puppy is ALMOST as gorgeous as Sundance when he was a pup...no biased mom talk here!! LOL

    Lori in VA

  18. Sounds fantastic...enjoy every relaxing minute of sewing with your friends! I am envious!

  19. When you pass Portland, OR I'm sending you a WAVE. Have fun while visiting the Northwest. Please keep the snow in Sun River. We had a 60 degree day today, plus it's my day off, I'm playing outside.
    Love the new quilt.

  20. I love the Cathedral stars quilt and was not lucky enough to win it in the raffle...sniff! I have to make it myself, surely with my own hand-dyed fabrics...one day.
    Congrats for Quilmania & your amazing work!
    Béatrice, France

  21. Sunriver is such a beautiful place, especially in winter! It looks like you had a great time.



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