Monday, March 02, 2009

The Great White South??

It started snowing sometime last evening and was still at it when I went to bed. The power blipped off at least 4 times through the evening/night, and miracle of miracles, we have power this morning still.

Our driveway is STEEP, and poor DH had a hard time getting out. As for ME, I'm waiting until closer to 9am and letting things melt a bit. This will also give all the "morning" traffic a time to subside for those going to work etc.....hopefully helping me avoid any traffic accidents that have occurred due to stupid people who don't know how to drive in the snow :c|

Snow Storm March 2009

It really IS beautiful out there....I wish I didn't have to get in a car and drive in it is all!


  1. They may not be stupid, but rather inexperienced. . . .

    Word Verification (for real): logybogi -- seems to be a dance performed at picnics; it is a variation on the hokey pokey?

  2. Thanks for sending the storm up north to NH. We are having 12-16 inches today! Another day, another foot of snow. Seems to be our mantra here in NH this winter. We are buried!

  3. drive carefully - enjoy the snow while you can, I'm sure you do not get it often - that's why we people drive so horribly on snow in the south - we only get it once or twice a winter if even!

  4. It missed us here in Aiken, South Carolina. The kids are happy though because the weatherman scared the school officials into canceling school. So here we are at home with no snow to play in.

  5. I rushed to get up and dressed this morning to go to work (I'm in Rock Hill). There was only one other person here! Usually when it snows, I am the last one in since Dear Hubby teaches and the schools are closed. Makes it hard to get up in the morning when everyone else gets to sleep late. Good luck driving!

  6. Please take it slowly on your drive today. We didn't get any snow...lots of needed rain though.

  7. Ilove the danger and beauty of the winter season. I admit to having wet armpits when I have to travel on snow covered roads. But the smell and the sound of a winter's day with snow falling seems to be healing to me.
    Is your car front wheel drive? If not the load you have in the back will give you good bite on the roads. Please drive carefully. I am sending positive thoughts your way.
    XOXOXO Subee in Northern Indiana

  8. LOVELY photos....stay safe while traveling to your next "gig".

  9. Yep. Everything was frozen solid this morning. I had to bang the bird feeders loose to fill them. I'm seeing birds I've never seen before! I'm especially enjoying the crowd of Bluebirds at the suet. :-)

    I suspect our cars are frozen shut too after all the rain yesterday.

  10. Anonymous4:36 PM EST

    Coming in like a LION....means going out like a LAMB!!
    Safe travels to you!!
    Shelly in Northern NH

  11. Oh how I wish I was visiting my parents in Nashville so I could come visit with you in Franklin! Make sure someone takes you to Stitcher's Garden there in Franklin - right off of I-65 and Hwy 96. Have a safe trip!

  12. I love looking at pictures of snow. It makes me so grateful to be living in South Florida where is was really cold this morning at 47 degrees. (But No Snow!)

  13. ooough so pretty - you really have a winter wonderland. Thanks for bundeling up to walk about and take photos and share here with all of us too far south to enjoy any snow days.

    Love from Texas! & Stay warm!!

  14. So what did the furpeople at your house think of the snow?

    I put some leftover bread out for the birds, and my two cats loved the added traffic in the yard.

  15. I love to watch it snow outside as long as I can stay inside and stitch!

  16. I also hate driving in snow. We had some here in Scotland this morning. It's wet and icy but the sun is shining so it should be gone soon.

    Love your blog.

  17. Isn't it great how the snow just makes things seem all the more quiet! Lovely, I live in Utah, where yes... we get snow! Just haven't gotten it sooo far this week! Although, they say it's coming either tomorrow or Friday.
    Our dog loves it, most of the time! When it's fresh she roots around in it and seems pretty happy. After it's been here a while and she has to make a path each and every time she goes out, I think that she thinks that it's getting old! LoL...
    Hope you had fun! And I'm sure you took even more wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing the ones you took.

  18. Very compliments for your quilt is very very beautiful!! Sabrina, Siena Italy


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