Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hello Again!

I guess I'm still enough of a zombie that I can't think of a catchy title phrase for this post. However, the Hello Again part does apply, as I feel like I am going around on a Merry Go Round! (And having a mighty fine time of it too!)

I arrived home from TN and AL on Sunday night after spending time with the Evening Stars Guild in Pelham, which is a suburb of Birmingham. I'd never been to Birmingham before, so it was fun to wander around. You know me and antique malls! Even if I don't buy something, sometimes a photo is just the inspiration I need.

I really REALLY love the "Utility" style quilts best. The ones made not to win awards,but to cover those we love. To be worn out with the using, functional every day quilts.

These pics were taken in an antique mall in downtown Birmingham. Nothing came home with me, but the photos. Compared to others I've found, these were pretty pricey for the kind of quilts they are and the condition they were in. Still, don't you love this improved 9 patch? I love the colors and the splashy dress fabrics, definitely from someone's sewing basket! That yellow just brings in the sunshine, doesn't it?

How about a little string snowball/bowtie cutie pie in an old iron sits bath? Sometimes just looking at the ways quilts are displayed gives me ideas for home too....but I don't know where I would put a sits bath, nor could I fit in this one :cD I love the blue chambray that was used as the background fabric. Definitely an "every day work shirt" type of fabric, it gives a homey feeling to this scrap bag quilt.

This flying geese quilt was my fave find of the day. Very worn, but still wonderfully graphic. I think I see one of these in shirt plaids and stripes in my future! It's a classic!

I will admit to NOT being a lover of the average every day wedding ring quilt in all it's perfection. I made one once...my second bedsized quilt. Hand quilted. I think that was enough to make me NOT like the pattern, but I love this splashy version with it's big "squarish" rings instead of the perfectly round ones. It's got ATTITUDE! I love it when someone uses something other than "muslin" or "white" for the background..some bold IN YOUR FACE color! (like cheddar or red maybe?) It just gets me all excited. This one was made in the 40's. Very fun with the polka dots, lots of bold prints and a great accent of black.

And this one needs no introduction. It was just BEAUTIFUL in unwashed condition. I had to turn the binding over in my hand to check to be sure it wasn't a chinese knock off because it didn't have much quilting in it,but it is all hand pieced and quilted...binding applied by hand. Not a knock off, and never ever washed. Someone's prize. And here it is in an antique mall. *SIGH* That's almost sad, don't you think? I'm not sure what is sadder...for a quilt never to be used, or for family to sell it to strangers. Still, it was graphically lovely with it's traditional solid green and red on cream.

Wouldn't this look awesome on a wall at Christmas time?


  1. ooohh bonnie, lovely antique quilts; especially the christmas-y one....i could take all these home easily; and i agree with you about the flying geese, plaids galore! btw, did you visit Vulcan while in Birmingham? I also went to the 16th St Baptist Church where the four little girls were killed as well....lots of things to see there for sure

  2. You really put some miles in this week! The flying geese are just wonderful...

    BTW I finished the border on my DD! (happy dance....)

  3. I did a Double Wedding Ring once and once is enough.

    I will see you later this month. Yea!!

  4. Very sad indeed. I have to say I often wonder with all the quilts I've made and gifted if some of mine won't end up wrapping a refrigerator
    in a move!
    Love Birmingham, my brother and his wife live there. Lovely town and friendly folks.
    Welcome home Bonnie, thanks for the quilt show. I love you finds :0)

  5. Those are all beautiful quilts and I do love the last one.


  6. oh I love that red and green one I might have bought that one!
    great eye candy this am...
    oh that scrappy one in the bathtub I love too.
    that would be fun to reproduce...
    the flying geese reminds of me of one of you, yes you need to make that one!!!
    can't wait to see your version.
    glad your home safe and sound.. Hopefully sewing away

  7. An unused quilt is sad enough, but to end up in an antique store in that condition is almost a crime!

  8. That red & green quilt is just wonderful...if it were me I'd get to thinking I just had to have it for MY wall...lol

  9. that red and green is gorgeous. always makes me sad to think of what happens to the quilts when we're gone. at least these ended up getting sold to strangers, which is better than becoming furniture pads in moving trucks...

  10. Woaw such beauties bonnie!
    I wish I had antique malls here in France with that kind of quilts...
    I definitely have to come to the States once!
    take care

  11. I love all the antique quilts, but the last one in red and green is stunning, I guess you mean Birmingham in USA not Birmingham in UK where I live, we don't have any antique quilts to look at never mind buy! You are very lucky to be able to see, touch and photograph such lovely quilts. I hope all those I have made for friends and family get worn out with love.

  12. yes, it's a crime...but my Mom took all my grandmothers quilts and tossed them in the GARBAGE! I went looking one day and when I asked where they were she said, "they were old and dirty so I tossed them" ARRGGG!

  13. What wonderful antique quilts! I LOVE the red and green one. I think its sad too that someone's masterpiece is sitting there unused and for sale.

  14. I'm impressed that you were able to resist buying one of those...espcially the red/green!

  15. great quilts...just wanted to say thanks for sharing your patterns on your site - I've had a lot of fun with the spiderweb quilt.

  16. Better for the quilts to wind up at an antique mall than as a cat bed in the barn or in the trash! There's a little local quilt show near here where ladies seem to bring in anything and everything -- a sad number of old quilts had been rescued from dumpsters.

    It's the "cutter" quilts that make me saddest.


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