Friday, February 15, 2008

Wontcha Come Sit A Spell??

Here we are on friday! I've been here officially a week now. It was last friday that the moving van pulled out from Irmo, SC....and we headed up to Winston Salem, NC with dogs and cats in tow!

Today was the day I *HAD* to get out. I hit 2pm and just had to get OUT of the house...away from packing, away from unpacking, away from sorting and tossing and trying to find places for things. I've tried to be RUTHLESS with myself on things that we haven't used in a long time...moving house does that to you. You come across pictures, and letters, and remembrances. Some wonderful when you rediscover them, some painful and heart breaking. Unpacking in a new house is a time to put old ghosts to rest.

So today I bravely looked up in the yellow pages where the nearest Office Depot was. There was a package to mail, and it was in a shopping area I hadn't checked out before. Turns out, I won't need to check it out again! *LOL* Other than Office Depot, there wasn't anything I needed there. But pulling out of the parking lot created a challenge, because I couldn't turn LEFT where I wanted to! I had to turn right and negotiate my way to the next U-turn place, and low and behold...there was an ANTIQUE MALL!! (Oh happy day!)

It was just what I needed to do...browse the aisles in solitude, and enjoy things from a by-gone era.

I found TWO of the most perfect ladder back chairs in a booth that was having a sale! I knew right away that I wanted these for my front porch.

I also found two wonderful baskets (not pictured yet....don't know what I'll do with them) and a beat up porcelain chamber pot that I have the notion of sitting a plant inside..but that is for another time!

I came home and put the chairs right where I pictured them on the front porch! I had an old crockery water container filled with eucalyptus in the house, and I brought that out, and a couple pieces of gray graniteware that I have colected over the years. A plant placed in the big one, and two antique quilty throw pillows completed the vignette! The sign above the the chairs reads "Relax...It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!" (That was a hobby lobby find with a coupon!) and the nail to hang it was already there!

I grabbed a 1940's crazy quilt that my aunt had given me that had seen better days. It really is a cutter piece, but I could never bear to cut it...so it is perfect for draping over the porch swing. Two more throw pillows and I have a cozy porch!!

Here are some pics of the kitchen. It was the first room to come together. I'm now working on the master bedroom and shuffling other things that show up there around to where they need to be. Every now and again I come check email, either at my desk in the basement, or at the little desk in the kitchen where I have placed my lap top. At first I wasn't crazy about having that desk there...but now I like it!

After all the unpacking is done, I'll think about what color to paint the kitchen...and then on into the dining room and living room.

Right now the kitchen table and stuff is in the sun room because the dining room walls have been stripped of wallpaper too and all that is going to get DONE before I put furniture in there.

Yep. I need a nap. It's 4:30. I think I'll go take one...the sign is right! It doesn't get much better than this!



  1. Oh Bonnie! It all looks wonderful! I so could come relax with you!

  2. I love your porch Bonnie. I could certainly relax there. Hope you enjoy it.

  3. Wonderful, Bonnie. My heart is singing....But where is that snow? Well, you'll love the porch when it warms up, and I hope your yard is full of wild flowers. I wish I had more energy to go through my house the way you are, and organize! Instead, more things seem to make their way inside!

  4. That looks fabulous, and I couldn't cut that quilt either.
    By the looks of all that snow, that hot tub better be really hot if you are to enjoy it in the near future1 Tracey

  5. Wow, Bonnie, I can't believe your kitchen looks so good after only a week. We've moved 15 times in our married life, and I don't think I've ever come close to a neat kitchen that quickly! Next time I move I'm having you help!

  6. You have officially acquired the nickname, "whirlwind." Not many could have gotten so much done in so little time. I know, I'm an expert in moving! It all looks lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Anonymous7:26 PM EST

    Congratulations on your new home! With that cozy front porch you created, it will be so inviting.

  8. It's so exciting seeing your home come together Bonnie, wish I could stop by for a cuppa!

  9. What a welcoming little area out there with those *new* chairs and quilt! Looks like things are falling into place quite nicely. Hurray!

  10. Your porch looks lovely and relaxing. I am sure you will find lots of joy and comfort sitting out there. Congratulations on your new home.

  11. Happy to share in all your good vibes! Really dig all the great finds and the way you're pulling it together.

    Nesting Love, *karendianne.

  12. Oh...you've got it looking so cozy and home-y already.... I just know you're going to be so happy there. I wanna live there myself already. Of course, I've got a couple of feet of snow to look at...so ...
    Take care...
    Regina in MI

  13. Best wishes in your new home! Love your porch, looks like a great place to relax! :-)

  14. Your kitchen looks terrific and the porch is so inviting! I envy you both a covered front porch and a beautiful landscape to view. I know your weekend will be busy but have "a good'un"!

  15. You really make me laugh. How long with the kitchen stay that unclutterd? and the porch is to die for. You have set up a perfect Southern atmosphere. So much done in such a little time.

  16. The front porch is so inviting. Everything just came together so perfect. The kitchen looks like it will be a joy for cooking.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  17. You sound so happy. An antique mall on your doorstep! We know where you'll be if you go quiet for days on end LOL.

  18. What a wonderful front porch. It looks like the perfect place to sit and do handwork while enjoying being outdoors. I think you are kin to the Energizer Bunny the way you are getting your home put in order after the move.

  19. I could live there! Moving is a huge deal, but it sounds like you are maintaining a good attitude toward all that needs doing. I have a front porch that needs a swing like yours. Probably a quilt to go with it. Enjoy your simplified life, it will settle soon.


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