Saturday, February 23, 2008

Squishie Blessings!

I think the best part of my day over the past two weeks has been mailbox time! You guys are awesome! So many squishie blessings and house warmings showing up from all of you!

I had to take some time to play with the blocks on the floor yesterday, and I am tickled with what I see! I can hardly wait to start putting these together into memory quilts!

The houses are all fabulous! SO FUN! And I love the red...This is going to be a fun quilt, filled in with crumb blocks and strings....

And look at this huge pile of cornerstone 9 patches! All of the Carolina Crossroads gals have been sending me 9 patches using their own fabrics from their CC quilts...and I am toying with block designs in my mind for this..and all the siggie squares! Oh, you guys are going to keep me busy!

Mail also brought the MOTOR BRUSHES that I am needing for the quilting machine motor. I am hoping to be up and running at regular speed today...vrooom vrooom....

And the quilting life goes on and on and on...

Have a great weekend!


  1. What lovely treasures. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

  2. Whee, those look so much fun together. I love to see how everyone interpreted the houses. And your longarm needing a new motor??? OH NOOOOO!!!! sorry to hear about that.

  3. So glad your mailbox is being warmed up with suishie envelopes. It is so exciting to see my little block on your blog:) I am hoping to whip up a house soon...

    I nominated you for an award, head over to my blog to see...


  4. I meant to say squishie not suishie:) Little Man was helping me...

  5. The house blocks look wonderful and I can see my little 9 patch in your CC pile too!! Will be fun to see what you make with all these goodies :)


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