Sunday, February 17, 2008

Color My World...

How many of you remember that song by Chicago?! It was "THE" slow dance song all through my junior high and high school years....

I'm in love with color in every shade and hue! I spent the afternoon finishing the yardage stash, fondling, culling or keeping, refolding, and putting it away in the cabinets.

How much do our colors and fabrics reveal about us? About you? about Me? about who we like to make quilts for? Are our fabrics reflecting personalities of loved ones as we collect fabric especially for quilts intended for them?

I really can't say I have a favorite color, but as I look through what I've got...it seems the reds and blues are in the lead with green a close third...

The colors I have the smallest amount of? Purple and teal/aqua! I don't know why as I love these colors. I guess they don't scream out to me the way that blue and red do.

I have the remainder of this one cupboard to fill...Solids are also going in this one...

This is the box that holds all the culls....It isn't that I don't like them, I just don't want to STORE them forever anymore. Many of them are less than a yard, and some "ehhhh" print or something that just doesn't feel like me anymore. But I'll use them! They will go into strips, or into backings, or SOMETHING. I'd love to do a challenge where I pair up a "blecchh" fabric with something that I DO like and see if the good fabric makes the bad look better, or visa versa! *LOL*

Of course..yes...fabric DOES tend to look better when it is cut up into small pieces and you can't tell how yuck it is...but this is a BIG box! We'll have to see what happens to it! I'll sort it into color groups, that usually helps..and then go from there!

Tomorrow is 1 week since the moving van dropped everything off. I have found "MOST" things...some things are still a mystery as to where they are. Lots of stuff is still being chucked or free-cycled...and soon this will feel more like home!


  1. Excellent work.
    Thank you

  2. All those pretty stacked and organized fabrics are calling out... "Cut me up, Bonnie"... "use me"... "I want to "become" something, too"... and so it was, as the Queen of Quiltville went about restoring order to the kingdom.

  3. I'm looking forward to see all of the wonderful things you make with the culled fabric. Such possibilities!

  4. Anonymous7:54 PM EST

    Ooooh Bonnie.....looking good! When you are done can you come do mine?

  5. Full Spectrum Quilter!

    Colored by Love, *karendianne.

  6. Congratulations on your move and your fabric organization. I just love fabric -- it makes me happy. LOL! I took a peek at your leader/ender page and am TOTALLY IN LOVE with your quilts. Scrappy makes me happy. They are my favorite types of quilts. Happy quilting! :o)

  7. Funny that. I'm mostly blues and reds with the odd bit of green thrown in. However, the purples, blacks and oranges are catching up fast.

  8. Bonnie you're doing fantastic if you've found most things a week after the van arrived - we've been in here two and a half years and there's still items I think 'I wonder where that thing ever went to!' - so nice to have an excuse to reacquaint yourself with all your fabric again - a real reward for the upheaval of relocation!

  9. Great job Bonnie. You must have a personality like mine. When you move in, you are obsessed with unpacking each and every box and finding a home for everything until it is done. We have moved ten times in our married life including three internationals, and I do it that way each time. I think there is another international move (back to the US) sometime this year so I am not far behind you. Hopefully, I can be as motivate as you.

  10. Looking at your stash...I'd say you like red.

    BTW, Just wanted to thank you for being so inspiring. Just in recent weeks I sorted though all my scraps and trimmed them down using your scrap saver system. Yesterday I had an overwhelming urge to refold my stash and like you I pulled out all the "not large enough"..and "gosh I don't want that in my stash" fabric ready to be added the scrap saver boxes.

    Hope the unpacking continues to go well.

  11. Doesn't it give you a good feeling to see all that wonderful fabric all neatly stacked in the cabinet?Orgainization defintely has its pluses.

  12. To be this far with your unpacking is great. You are a quilter on a mission!

  13. I have stash envy. OK, and maybe cupboard envy...

  14. Your culled fabrics--I always think I'm going to make "car quilts" out of these then something new catches my eye and my good intentions fly out the window! Lol! You sound like you are doing wonderfully with your project.


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