Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's A Snow Day!!

DS #1 Jason came up on tuesday night to help out around here! Last night he and I headed out to Applebee's for dinner (Kitchen was still mostly un-user-friendly!) and on the way there, the rain turned to SNOW!!

We sat in Applebee's just looking out the window at the snow coming down and swirling around heavier and heavier and heavier! Before long it started to pile on the cars and the roads..we slowly drove home. He said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I am heading back to SOUTH CAROLINA, this is NUTS!"

So this is what we awoke to on Valentine's Day Morning. It is just LOVELY! And I am sure it will melt by mid day because it is supposed to hit the 50's.

The second picture showing the deck railing is my view from my kitchen window! I've never had a kitchen sink that looked out into a back yard...and I love this so much!

If you look close you can see the dogs playing out in the back yard. This picture was taken from my upper back deck. They are so thrilled! And what is better than two fireplaces going on a snowy cold day? One is in the living room, the one with the wood stove is right here in my quilting room!

Tuesday afternoon I had a surprise visit from Mrs Goodneedle and Quilt Keemosabe! They brought lunch and got to be here while the quilting machine, aka Fiona,had her table assembled, and resumed her rightful place upon it! I had thought I was going to put casters on her to make the table moving easier, but we found out that the casters don't run as well on this berber carpet as plain old "super sliders" moving pads do! So the casters came off, and the sliders are in permanent position under the legs. I should have done this LONG ago!

I have new canvas leaders to put on her roller bars, a new panto pattern cover...and I may even venture out to get her a new table top today so she will look brand spanking new and ready for quilting!

One thing about snow day....since schools for the county are closed today, the quilt ministry group I was going to go sew with at Mrs Goodneedle's church is also out of session for snow day today! I'll look forward to that next week!
This last pic is Jason's truck before he left this morning. Yes, he is headed to warmer climates south!!(I love you so much sonshine! Thanks for coming to help your ole mama! *hugs & kisses*)


  1. What a lovely way for the season to welcome you, with a touch of frost! Such a pretty spot in the country made cozy with 2 warming fires. We are looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful quilts throughout your new home.

  2. OOhh what a wonderful snow!! your house looks so cozy with the fireplaces! Yes you're home Bonnie!

  3. Welcome to NC snow-- here this morning, gone this afternoon! ;)

  4. It was 24 this morning here, projected high of 56...

    Enjoy that beautiful Valentine's Day snowfall ~ the scenes in your photos are so peaceful!

    Take care ~ it WILL all get done!

  5. Your new home looks beautiful - love all that nature outside!!! Glad to hear you are starting to get settled in and get the "important" things unpacked.

  6. Sounds like you are really settling in there. Good for you. Before long you will have your new routine in place.

  7. Oh Bonnie, I am so happy for you that you are enjoying your new home so much! I have prayed for you and your family often ;)

    I'm sure we will see many beautiful quilts draped over your beautiful deck in the comming year! oooough and just thing of the backdrop as the autumn leaves change! Looking forward to reading more about your new home!

    Happy Valentine's and Love from Texas!!! ~bonnie

  8. Oh this looks so great. If anyone is deserving of new digs with TWO fireplaces it is you!

    Happy Valentines Day and Much Joy to you from Florida.

    Joyful Love, *karendianne.

  9. This amount of snow closed the schools there??? O my.

    Your home and property look great. And two fireplaces--lots of ambiance.

  10. Love all the snow photos and I'm glad you're getting settled in. I'm in GA for a few days and tomorrow we close on the Marietta house - yeah! Sunday when I get home we're looking at a townhouse so we may be moving across town - we'll see. I'll be glad to settle back into a place we own that I can do what I want with!

  11. I think the snow is wonderful!!! Glad to hear your are settling in OK.

  12. Isn't moving into a new place fun, I mean really. I thinks it's a blast I get itchy feet just thinking about it, but I think if I found a snake skin like you did in the ceiling I may move right back out. uck...... thanks for keeping use informed with the lovely photos.

  13. Oh I'm so glad you got your machine up and look how happy the dogs are! They love it!

  14. Snow! What a lovely welcome! Serious hot tub envy here.


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